Honda Civic Type R 2007-2010: a sporting second-hand love

The Honda Civic Type R third generation was sold between 2007 and 2010. It is a good time to look at the second hand market one of these sports. He Honda Civic Type R in his first three generations, It has become a cult sports car It is enjoying a remarkable fame and reputation. It …

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Fines put more vans and trucks

DGT begins a new special campaign to monitor trucks and vans. Speeding and problems with documentation, customary fines between the first and not the only ones. The vans and trucks are again under scrutiny Traffic with the new special surveillance campaign that the DGT carried out until February 21. In the same campaign conducted a …

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Does it return the Toyota Celica? Yes please!

Sparking rumors continue about Toyota and its future family of sports. Will he return the legendary Celica? The future, for the moment, is uncertain in this regard. There is no doubt that many we would be delighted that Toyota revives one of its legendary sports, one that for 35 years made history on our roads. …

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10 top super sports cars of the 90s

The decade of the 90s of last century left us many cars unrepeatable. We collect those who are, for us, the top 10 sports 90. McLaren F1 Since 1992 until 1998 McLaren Cars remained in production McLaren F1, one of the sports cars most spectacular of all time. The prototype design was carried out by …

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Audi cars of Real Madrid players for the new season

Real Madrid football players already enjoy their cars Audi for the 2015/2016 campaign. The chosen another year has been the large SUV of Audi, the Q7. He Audi sponsorship agreement and Real Madrid go ahead a year, which the players and coaching staff of the club merengue receive for each new season the Audi car …

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Ford Focus RS MK1 and MK2: second-hand sporting interesting

The Ford Focus RS first and second generation have already become prized collectibles, with a quote that seems to be increasing. For Ford, the acronym RS represent sportiness and dynamism at the highest level. The new Ford Focus RS is a good example of this and the same is true of its predecessors, the Ford …

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Lamborghini shows an SUV to colonize Mars

Lamborghini has unveiled a futuristic terrain for discovering all the secrets of Mars. Strength and versatility are its main features. Lamborghini has pointed to the space race. Mars as big goal to achieve in the future, the Italian firm has designed supercar an SUV with which to lead the conquest of the red planet. A …

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VW Golf: 40-year history, we review his best moments

One of the best-selling cars in automotive history, and most of the Volkswagen brand’s anniversary in this 2014. The Golf is 40 years and take this opportunity to congratulate and review what has been its glorious history, distributed over four decades, seven generations and many awards. Long live the Golf! In May 1974 It began …

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