2017 Ford Fiesta: Interior based on the experiences of people

The interior of the new generation Ford Fiesta has been created based on how people live with their cars and how they use the interior space daily.

New Ford Fiesta, interior design

New Ford Fiesta, interior design

New Ford Fiesta, interior design

New Ford Fiesta, interior design

The new generation Ford Fiesta has a designed interior that began even before the empezase pencil drawing on paper. Designers and a group of sociologists have devoted thousands of hours assess how people interact with your car. For this they use the advanced eye-tracking software and the traditional “feedback” user.

With this system, Ford has been collecting valuable data on how users live with their cars and how they use the space inside their vehicles daily, allowing designers create different characters for each variant of Fiesta RESULTING with designs attractive to a wide range of customer profiles.

The smell upon entering the car, touching surfaces or the sound of the door closing … all these experiences and interactions have enabled designers to shape these Key elements of the interior of the new generation Ford Fiesta.

Inside Ford Fiesta 2017Ford Fiesta: user-centered design

The result is a logical interior design, ergonomic, emotional and user-centered. Thus, the new inner philosophy promotes Use of controls management easier. Distribution and location of the center screen is more visually appealing, intuitive, with minimalist buttons and controls, and is more near the line of sight of the driver. The steering wheel also has fewer controls.

The number of buttons on the center console is reduced to 50 percent with respect to the current Ford Fiesta and many controls connectivity, as the new generation SYNC 3 and entertainment have relocated to a eight-inch touch screen, tablet type, color. Both the instrument console and the central display have been placed so that it can be see the information clearly a single glance.

Ford Fiesta 2017Ford Fiesta: customization packages

Users increasingly demand more car to taste. The new personalization packs Ford Fiesta reflect the values ​​and preferences of users, and range from the thread color seat to a variety of finishes.

You can choose elements center facia and front passenger’s door handles and mirror cover, which they are available in Race Red, Yellow, Bohai Bay Menta, Deep Impact Blue and Copper Chrome. “There are many details and elements of quality improvement in the design of the new generation of the Ford Fiesta that users will notice naturally,” according to Amko Leenarts, director of Ford Global Interior Design. “Our goal was to create several for the Fiesta that would make people would notice them personalities.”

The New Generation Ford Fiesta It includes the elegant Titanium party, he Line ST-party sports air, Vignale party high end, the crossover Active holiday (Or Party "SUV) and Fiesta ST most powerful and high performance.