Ateca Seat: so see your designer, Mesonero-Romanos

Ateca Seat: so see your designer, Mesonero-Romanos

Ateca Seat’s father, Alejandro Mesonero-Romanos, exclusively tells us how and what you want to convey the new medium SUV Seat.Ateca Seat: so see your designer, Mesonero-Romanos

In terms of design, “the new Seat Seat Ateca is ahead, with those Typical lines that seem to draw a design on X “, as he explains the director of design Seat Alejandro Mesonero-Romanos. He It serves frontal air connecting with family we know in Seat Ibiza and Seat Leon, while it is Very SUV behind. Interestingly hood with relief U on your plate to achieve differentiation from their brothers, while acute on the side line running from front to back view brand let us remember that this abrupt cut veneer, the biggest by a manufacturer, inaugurated Seat within the Volkswagen Group and then have incorporated other brands of the group, like a bet on the steps of cuadradotes wheel -curioso the new Tiguan Vokswagen have them round, when the previous generation had more square, as the new SUV Seat-.

Together it seeks to win the new Seat Ateca cache, and that on the side turns to chrome outlining the glass surface, As aesthetic brings dynamism embedded in the rearview mirror plate with a diamond-coated forms less than his brother, the Seat Leon. very personal rear, with diamond-coated optics also in ways and S Seat back very Ateca separate denomination, while the fee is included in the gate and not in the bumper.

In its interior, although the dashboard is new-style, image and much to remember Seat Leon -the wheel is such that the the compacto-, with driver-oriented center console. Simply has increased 12,5 centimeters height driving position and, in the words of head of design at Seat, Alejandro Mesonero-Romanos, “We have not wanted to make big changes because the interior design of the Seat León want to capitalize Seat design in meaning. We have worked mainly for Ateca Seat color, looking differentiation, with, for example, a blue or brown tones that enrich the offer from the elegance. There is also a job to do the scorecard and the most powerful and robust center console, looking for a kind of 3D effect and relying more on the chrome “.

Ateca Seat: exterior design

Talking and exterior design with Mesonero-Romanos, “while the Seat León conveys a more fluid language in Ateca Seat, we find more robustness straightest“. He finished asking the chief executive on Seat design you choose us your favorite car view: “Three back four certainly, but the side is also downright attractive. In the side view are the perfect proportions, elegantly but robustness“.

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