Kobe Initiation Cup 2018: a new formula racing in Spain

Kobe Initiation Cup 2018: a new formula racing in Spain

Kobe Motor has launched a new sports proposed in Spain, this time focused on the circuits. Born a new formula, initiation Cup for the years 2018, 2019 and 2020.Kobe Initiation Cup 2018: a new formula racing in Spain

Kobe Motor it could be known for many things: for being a concessionaire Toyota in Madrid, but also for having for years for monobrand cup of initiation in the Championship of Spain Earth Rally. Face to 2018 will come one similar formula, but format circuits: the new one Kobe Cup Initiation, which it will also be repeated in 2019 and 2020.

The car will be the same player that participates in the CERT, the Toyota Aygo. In the National Gravel involved 21 units prepared Japanese urban car; for the new Initiation Cup circuit it remains to be seen, but for now we know that trust in consolidators themselves in rallies: ARC, Miramar, EBC, OMP, Braid and Tecnoshock.

He objective New Kobe Initiation Cup is clear: to serve as learning for young drivers (and not so young) in circuit racing, highlighting a great equality among all cars. The championship will five meetings, each consisting of two free practice, qualifying session and two races, these sessions In the same day.

Kobe Motor guarantees maximum equality championship, and a minimal maintenance with the car, street tires to cut costs, without investing in parts, since they who will lead them to careers, personalized attention Y Hospitality for all teams.

He price car it will be of 13,800 euros plus VAT, although there is a special funding formula. He registration fee Initiation Cup for 2018 will be 900 euros. There will be cash prizes in each test for the top three finishers: 1,050, 900 and 700 euros plus VAT and trophy, respectively. He Winner of the season you can enjoy “Semi-official” flyer for next season 2019, while the second and third pilot usually have cash prizes.

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