Nicolas Hamilton: When cerebral palsy does not stop you being a pilot (video)

'Inspired to drive - The Nicolas Hamilton story' ( 'Inspired to drive the story of Nicolas Hamilton' in Castilian) is a short counts the history of the brother of the famous Formula 1 driver. Nicolas She was born with cerebral palsy It is affecting half of his body, which at first made him believe he would never get to be a pilot. During years He settled for cars driving simulators, showing that it was really good. Until one day He decided to take the leap and drive real cars. And certainly not do anything wrong.

Nicolas Hamilton has made his ability to blend the simulation with real life experiences of their profession: He is currently a consultant at Slightly Mad Studios, where their contribution is vital when shaping the physical and the system driving cars of the game.

An inspiring story that proves once again that the limits exist only in our minds. Do not miss the short.

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