Cars for remembrance: Fiat Uno Turbo (full original test)

Number one? Can. In the category of GTi certainly he highlighted in the 80s’ the Fiat Uno Turbo: technical sophistication, practicality, efficiency … We reproduce the original test.

Fiat Uno Turbo, a sports mythical 80s

Fiat Uno Turbo, a sports mythical 80s

Fiat Uno Turbo, a sports mythical 80s

Fiat Uno Turbo, a sports mythical 80s

There are documents which are now part and certainly the automotive history. And the proof that we bring today’s Fiat Uno Turbo i.e., with your photo session included, is not just heritage and our editorial today Motorpress Iberian and magazines CAR MOTORWAY, but overall motor racing in Spain. For the car, so he represented in his time … and by who writes, Of course. So today we leave the directly full text of the original test published in March 1986. You enjoy it as much as us.

“On the occasion of its Brazilian presentation, there was an obvious question regarding the Fiat Uno TurboWhy the complication of a turbocharged and intercooled 1300 when 1,600 Bialbero is already giving the same 105 hp? All it added, both the volume and the weight would be equivalent. And the answer was honest: the above is true, and even 1,600 he could get more power injection. But the favorable decision was made 1,300 turbo precisely because they wanted it to be the standard bearer of the Fiat technology, the demonstration of what is known in Turin, can and want to do.

And this is demonstrated much better, undoubtedly with Fiat Uno Turbo sophistication that grafting engine 105 TC. By comparison to the discrete (even too, for certain tastes) appearance in not stand out more than the wheels and tailgate plastic one-piece incorporating a discrete upper wing, the remarkable One Turbo is in mechanical and especially in your engine. Four gas shock absorbers and four disc brakes, ventilated front, is not very common, but not as an engine of only 1.3 liters at which brings together the following: Single overhead cylinder head commanded belt, oil cooler bypass with thermostatic on Microplex programmed injection electronic control sensor detonation and, above all, supercharging with a turbo water-cooled housing, with intercooler and a sophisticated system to maintain the high compressor turns on retentions by air recirculation. Lacking a 4-valve cylinder head, no longer knows what else could you ask for.

The Fiat Uno Turbo and its rivals

There is another notable aspect in the Fiat Uno Turbo i.e, and is its price. Fiat’s effort in this area has been remarkable, and in the case of an import car, has managed to put almost equal footing with the more or less equivalent domestic products, and no less than just cheaper than half a million Peugeot 205 GTI, also import, which together with the Renault R5 GT Turbo, It is its most direct rival, specifications and delivery.

Fiat Uno TurboWorth, before entering the trial of the car itself, framing its commercial position well, because we know the many questions posed to the potential buyer among the wide range of small sports we have today in the market. Leaving aside the exorbitant price Peugeot 205 GTI, in an environment of 160,000 ptas., we have no less than 5 cars relatively assimilable. From the bottom, the newly renovated Ford Fiesta XR-2, .: 1,215,000 ptas offered by a nice engine but with very long developments; excellent brake system and pneumatic suspension and slightly hard and dry. then comes on 1,280,000 Ptas., the freshly baked Peugeot 205 GTX: Less equipped in tires and brakes (but with alloy wheels) and a motor rocker 94 CV and some veteran; in exchange, closed and short relationship, and excellent stability of 205, while the front is not the same IWG. Almost evenly matched in the area of ​​1,330,000 ptas., Are the Citroën Visa GTi and Renault R5 Turbo. The main attraction Citroen offers precious injection engine 1,6 identical to the 205 GTI, and the proper gear wheels, tires and brakes; on the negative, a body 4-door sporty little, a trunk throttled by the spare wheel and unfavorable aerodynamics.

Undoubtedly, it is the Renault 5 GT Turbo he natural and logical rival Fiat Uno Turbo in the Spanish market; not only by having both turbocharged engines, but because their level of performance and equipment are very direct comparable. 10,000 hard even separate the price of each other, and one partly offset this difference with power windows, his chronometer and more full instrumentation, not to mention feeding injection carburetor instead. Output, the tie seems clear, and along the test will continuous benchmarking, because we know that this is what is waiting for the reader, and we will not disappoint.

Fiat Uno Turbo: up

We begin as usual by the road holding and the Fiat Uno Turbo here brand points. Footwear identically (both Steel Wheels as tires) to the 5 GT, has a suspension we dare describe as very slightly more comfortable; but the difference is not here. Cornering performance is absolutely normal for a front-wheel drive, with very little understeer, and with a tendency to oversteer when suddenly lifts his foot in the middle of a curve, which serves to place if a little past is gone; in short, logical and normal behavior of a car with its mechanical implementation, and no surprises. All this, of course, within the upper limits that apply to your team wheels and a well damped and with little body roll.

Fiat Uno Turbo EngineThe Brakes are excellent, but here again we will find advantage over the 5 GT; scheme and design are similar, and the feeling that the one slows more certainly is due to a matter of ratio of diameters between pump and bowlers, quality of pills or, and this already have more interest, the tires One allow better ventilation, as we saw in the lengthy descent of Haza del Lino to Orgiva, where the pedal and the pressure kept down as to start the descent, while the 5 GT, while the car was still holding back well, and demanded more pressure and the pedal down a little more.

But where the difference lies it is in the direction, or more accurately, in the front, but through the steering wheel, which warns. The One direction is slightly faster: With equal steering wheel rotation becomes less meters, and exactly the same proportion, dare we say it is slightly heavier action in the maneuvers and curves. But here the difference is just because no one in any of these parasitic reactions caused by the torque are the cross direction and even the directional stability of the 5 GT. The Uno Turbo is driven exactly like a one normal, only with more power, but this poses no problem starts perfectly in line, much gas is given, and once sharp turn, supported and giving gas It has the logical return wheel of their chain direction, their wide tires and its high power, but always constant without abrupt variations. And in a straight line, you can take your hands off the wheel and to release gas and abruptly, without altering the address.

As for driving, the driving position is perfectly suitable for medium sizes and the relative distances between the various control elements, perfect. The seat includes well, although not as much as 5 GT, and the left foot can be well supported. Auxiliary controls can be a bit strange at first, until they take the air. Visibility is excellent in all situations, and the lighting equipment and cleaning abuts.

In terms of comfort, we have said that suspension and seats are fine, along the lines of a sports car; must also review the amplitude of the rear seats, albeit less interest than in a car more familiar approach. And in this area should also mention the bulky trunk, though since it was not appreciated. Air conditioning, as in every one, is excellent and you can play with hot and cold air independently inside the car until the heat level and the distribution desired. The noise level is very acceptable, and more pronounced noise source, in our view, are the mirrors, which could be more profiled, given the speed that the car reached.

Fiat Uno Turbo engine

And let’s now on mechanics and their practical results. He engine performance is beyond reproach: Start the first, cold and smooth behavior. Speaking of cold, say going dead left over from radiators, although it is true that we have tested in January / February; but the water temperature never reached 85 degrees (normal, 80 fair) and oil usually usually be between 70 and 75; only on freeway going very quickly he came to touch 90 degrees.

The elasticity of the engine is very good: Less than 2,000 rpm, the turbo starts and send overpressure and below 2,500 rpm and torque have almost full. However, partly thanks to the injection and partly to the appropriate choice of turbo pleasant is the speed of response, almost comparable to that of a naturally aspirated engine, without ever hitting that kick classical or pull turbocharged engines . For smooth and quick throttle response, marks a significant advantage over its rival, the 5 GT.

Conversely, in transmission falls behind. While not bad, the transmission control is smaller than the Renault: it is harder sometimes less accurate and gives less confidence in the changes; the fact is that the 5 GT was perfect, except the knob that looks like the work of a madman, while the One has a better designed lever, but forwarding works worse.

Features Fiat Uno TurboFiat Uno Turbo: performance

And joint action out engine and transmission performance. One plays with the developments always shorter and more open, especially in 1st and 2nd, relying on the superior elasticity of your engine change; Instead, top, where raw power is what counts, has jumped more closed 4th and 5th. Speaking of power, the thing is clear: 5 GT will take at least 10 CV Catalog (Between our test units it had rather 12 hp). At equal weight, this is not substance in greater differences in benefit developments, and better aerodynamics One, which dominates recoveries and pull 2nd, almost equal in speed, and yields in pure acceleration, which is the power what counts.

Then is another aspect: the consumption indicative of engine performance. Here the One, despite its short developments, sassy mode prevails, stressing the superiority of injection over the carburetor. And that’s all. As usual car use and quick but relaxed and economical driving, the Uno Turbo is higher; provision for those who want above all, changing management and conducting pilot type, the 5 GT is your car. “

Faced with this document we can only say two words: thank you, Arthur.

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