Comparison: Ford Focus 1.6 TDCI 115 vs 110 Mégane 1.5 dCi

The Mégane Renault, one of the best selling models in our market receives a rival of care, the renewed Ford Focus, whose pricing is extremely aggressive and equipment.

Comparison: Ford Focus 1.6 TDCI 115 Titanium vs Renault Mégane 1.5 dCi 110 Limited

Comparison: Ford Focus 1.6 TDCI 115 Titanium vs Renault Mégane 1.5 dCi 110 Limited

Comparison: Ford Focus 1.6 TDCI 115 Titanium vs Renault Mégane 1.5 dCi 110 Limited

Comparison: Ford Focus 1.6 TDCI 115 Titanium vs Renault Mégane 1.5 dCi 110 Limited

It is clear that in the new Focus most notably, at first glance, is the front rejuvenated, sleeker and reminds us unfailingly as brand image, Aston Martin. However, the best of this new delivery model is more hidden oval, farthest from the first glance. Following the hearing, inside it is seen quickly that the central screen and has a decent size, exactly 8 inches.

In addition, they changed the design and size of the controls on the steering wheel before impractical. Now, they are better deployed but are too small and are positioned so close together that it is easy to err on the pressure and also require too much attention to the remote view of the road. And far from what the eyes can see easily, now Focus uses thicker carpets, thicker side windows and a pointed insulation of the engine compartment with the clear objective of reducing the noise level that exists in the passenger compartment.

renewed Focus

It was because of our perception, the Focus has been changing the perceived touch on your driving through a series of mechanical performances. It has increased the rigidity of the front axle, increasing the lateral resistance of the bushings in the suspension by varying the setting of the dampers and revising suspension geometry. This, coupled with a recalibration of the electric assist steering model gives the oval half a touch saloon, leaving the driver a clear taste to Mondeo. And we do not exaggerate, because we had both cars almost simultaneously.

In addition, also it has an elaborate system of connectivity an advanced voice control, allowing act on the audio, navigation, air conditioning and mobile phone. As most exclusive offer, has a semi-automatic parking system must handle -even online treadle and battery. And only with these elements, the Mégane differences are more than notable, though there are many more in the portfolio of Ford for the Focus. Our French veteran live his last months between us, perhaps even a dozen, but his long range shot prevents this platform electronic update that, certainly, will incorporate his replacement.


Even so, This Limited version of Mégane still fight hard. It is true that your presentation can not match the visual quality of the Focus Titanium, but maintains a good touch. Their equipment, though generous, is not at the same level despite prices so similar, demonstrating that Ford aggressive trade policy is more intense in its compact renovated. Elaborating on this topic, Focus has a very interesting option Come zero cost coming from series-, which are optical groups bi-xenon adaptive, guarantors excellent night vision effectiveness.

Driving, we have only found one but as regards the comfort of Ford. The front backrests generate excessive pressure on the high back though, as married repeating, each body behaves differently against a seating configuration. Nevertheless, in the front seats of our anatomy Mégane fits perfectly and found no hassle. Livability is very even between both, an advantage for Renault rear headroom and better space there for the legs of the occupants in the Ford. As in most such saloons, approval for five seats is more theoretical than real, unless the three users of the rear bench are people wiry body. The main advantage of Renault made Palencia is in the trunk, with an additional 50 liters, they always come in handy in this type of family cars.

two Gauls

In this confrontation between French and German-American, there is a traitor. This is the built-in this Focus, PSA source, or engine, French and bred. Very similar, almost identical powers, accelerations reflect this equality almost a tenth. However, when recovering or it is forward, the longest transmission developments in the Mégane are felt, and clearly, so the Focus is demonstrated more agile in the top two gears. This technical decision does not lead to drastic advantages in consuming fuel, chapter in which both move to excellent level. Models of this size and weight -the Focus goes up beyond the 1,300 kilograms with full- deposit, with spending figures that even demean the 5 l / 100 km in mixed use, between city and highway, They show up where it is coming on consumption optimization without technological eccentricities or unusual materials. Despite this similarity in fuel costs, the difference in the size of the deposit, on behalf of Renault makes its autonomy is significantly higher, almost 150 km, they always come in handy when finishing a long journey it is without making an annoying extra stop.

The frame Focus has always been among the best in its class since the appearance of this model, and its conflict with the Golf for the lead in this field it has suggested discussions between experts and amateurs for a few years. In its new definition, the Focus adds yet another ingredient in the heat of this confrontation, Transitional Enhanced Stability, which anticipates the performance of stability to eliminate even that scare altering the heart rate us "swallow us a curve". This is to maintain the highest dynamic capabilities without altering the comfort of driving. The Mégane offers a more classical also effective, torsion beam rear, and also fine-tuning architecture but. Both can trace any road farfetched, but the Focus digests it more elegance. In a pooled analysis, the Focus plays its tricks of modern technology and excellent architecture to be superior to willful and Mégane forever grateful.