Comparison: BMW 218d Active Tourer vs VW Golf 2.0 TDI Sportsvan

Comparison: BMW 218d Active Tourer vs VW Golf 2.0 TDI Sportsvan

Lookalike in which, like it or not, we face an even unbridgeable difference image and weight of its brands, which probably will distinguish two types of customers: those who lead an Active Tourer and those who will use a Sportsvan.

Comparison: BMW 218d Active Tourer - VW Golf TDi 2.0 Sportsvan, quantity and quality

Comparison: BMW 218d Active Tourer - VW Golf TDi 2.0 Sportsvan, quantity and quality

Comparison: BMW 218d Active Tourer - VW Golf TDi 2.0 Sportsvan, quantity and quality

Comparison: BMW 218d Active Tourer - VW Golf TDi 2.0 Sportsvan, quantity and quality

Live surrounded by compact sedans in different formats and SUVs within their own brands and, in the case of VW, even as a true MPV Touran. But it is clear that they are not more: within VW, Sportsvan is a leader in compactness / functionality, while BMW rationalizes price / versatility. In reality we are faced with two drops of water in one of the few categories in which Audi does not come into play, as you know, Mercedes has renewed its Class B, but in turn, specializing in different fields, one in the of user; the other, in the client brand. How one another on how much.


BMW 218d Active Tourer - VW Golf TDi 2.0 SportsvanBoth cars have merit because, saving lacking individual rear seats, They offer possibilities of interior space and cargo capacity similar to a minivan truth of similar size, with the advantage of a ride height lower than should result in good behavior tourism. BMW theoretically strong point. I understand that no need to go into technical details of its new front-drive architecture in which BMW seems to continue to use first-class components. That is not seen, but it feels: Patching impeccable quality and, for good and for bad, car feel more, in proportions that a Sportsvan that no lacks poise. Steamroller touch highway and open road for BMW, but with superior feeling of inertia and kilos when the path leaves be broad and rectum where the car VW operates with better overall balance. And it's not precisely what it lacks agility to Active Tourer, but fluency, forcing you to make well where and when to turn, and when and how much to accelerate.

The Sportsvan is quite simply a Golf. Puro balance, also guide your train forward and better digested 2.0 TDi power that 2 of the Series 18D, with obvious electronic participation in their behavior by the hand of a Performance Control and stability control also appear to be involved in containing the pitching of the body by applying a slight action on the brakes in certain circumstances, some straight: to overcome a board expansion, for example, you may feel a slight but disconcerting brake on progress. On its rear also lies that some lack of clarity of reactions initially amplitude of body movements; then, because aims to influence certain rotatability.

BMW motor

BMW 218d Active Tourer - VW Golf TDi 2.0 SportsvanBoth engines are superb and make lightning fast two separate cars, although BMW livelier feel the reactions to the accelerator, probably as a result of some developments of change somewhat shorter and closed that have improved the already excellent records Sportsvan recovery. But also for its acoustics and overall feeling I prefer the BMW, as well as the 2.0 TDi long developments to move from low revs, but with much more "chsipa" Once you get over the medium regime intends to scale up beyond 4,000 rpm. The restart Stop&Start is quite thinner than the BMW with its traditional architecture, Although VW manages to pass almost unnoticed. And on gearboxes, the new BMW for this architecture has a distinctly faster and sportier handling than other books in the house, but with an interlock in their first relationship that you get to do doubt that the teeth are properly intermeshing. Normalita the VW, it is not one to crave use, but hardly a march fails. For the brakes, but flawless the reaction of the chassis pisotón emergency, the VW offer from the first second best mordant, dosing and higher strength fruit certainly a team of major proportions.

Environment first in the BMW, both appearance and quality design and materials, though specialty VW not in form but in function, starting from the outside by a roof line extending to facilitate access, and then, within, countless great little details that today is out of hand the Activer Tourer. And measurements of a cover with sliding rear seats -13 cm path versus VW-18, cubicamos one trunk of between 360 and 430 liters the second row at both ends, figures to which should be added 93 liters of a surface beneath the floor, by design of the cap, must be counted it as independent: identical solution has VW, but cover the can locate in the bottom and bring in the vehicle when the BMW, for its dimensions, you should leave at home. From 440 to 575 liters is the total usable volume of a Sportsvan which also offers no longer centimeters in the rear seats, but better solutions carried out for transport. For example, the lid covering the luggage Active Tourer is too short and leave a fairly large gap between the seat, even when they are in their rearmost position; possible regulations back back are or excessively exaggerated vertical or inclined; and design of the bench, the central square is a mere anecdote. In return, the tailgate is electric and bronzed backs to hit a button ... electric mechanism, although the differential in favor of VW remains the price likeness of engine and equipment; equipment for equal price.

In a nutshell

BMW 218d Active Tourer - VW Golf TDi 2.0 SportsvanAcceleration: Two pair. Lightning fast two identical acceleration capability while the BMW engine response seems somewhat stronger, as evidenced by its resilience.

Frenada: Larger discs and pads that seem to respond better in the cold Sportsvan the BMW team. Constant deceleration capacity in both, with exemplary stability throughout the exercise.

Sonority: High noise levels from 140 km / h because of the friction of the air: at that speed the noise is higher than in current Passat 3 Series or mechanical equality, but at 160 km / h.

overtaking: Many strength and elasticity in both engines to make them turn into long to just over 1,600 laps marches. For development, the Active Tourer takes the lead, although both offer exceptional recovery capability.

Power and torque: Good among the good. Too bad not being able "read" engine performance by BMW, although live shows to retain its usual capacity to raise more and better lap, while VW bets on a flatter response.

cONSUMPTION: In tables. Large volume engines and power to move bulky body. Exceptional numbers on the road, but only good average value by adding the city.

Dimensions and weight: VW Get more into the Sportsvan, not only in centimeters, but ease of use or those details that make a minivan minivan. Identical, both the weight to be moved as the percentage of kilos per axle.