BMW X1 xDrive 20d vs Ateca Seat 2.0 TDI DSG: What SUV is better?

Star version of the new Seat Ateca teaches muscle and quality to feel like a big premium product. We measure their strength against the BMW X1.

Ateca Seat and BMW X1 xDrive 4Drive: Meeting in the SUV segment

Ateca Seat and BMW X1 xDrive 4Drive: Meeting in the SUV segment

Ateca Seat and BMW X1 xDrive 4Drive: Meeting in the SUV segment

Ateca Seat and BMW X1 xDrive 4Drive: Meeting in the SUV segment

Through the front door has reached the new Seat Ateca to our market, and that the temporary withdrawal (until April 2017) versions TDI 150 hp 4×2, for failing to comply with the Exhaust emissions approval who they had previously calculated Engineers Seat, It has been deteriorating its image. But is not the case versions TDI 190 hp (Have a complemental system cleaning the exhaust gases with AdBlue), Or the all-wheel drive (also with AdBlue), Combination mechanics associated with the automatic dual clutch 7-speed DSG, It has been chosen by Seat -for now to set this great Ateca top end.

This version 2.0 TDI 190 hp 4Drive DSG has also tucked under a only finish, XCellence, involving a complete equipment series (up includes full-LED headlights). Its careful and comprehensive presentation, which adds a great mechanics, and proper functioning of the whole, make this version one SUV elevated view, for which you have to pay close 37,000 euros.

Ateca Seat

Against this background, the brand image of BMW X1 and the residual value involved justifies the price of just over € 40,000 this 190 hp version Xdrive 20d Automatic, but you’ll pay a few thousand euros more to equalize as far as possible the equipment Ateca and a few more (and then we get by € 50,000, as the unit tested), To become a component premium or exclusiveness clearly differentiating the product Ateca, to provide you that value added that he presupposes a BMW.

BMW X1 xDrive 20d aut. & Ateca Seat 2.0 TDI DSG 4Drive: from within

When you sit in the Ateca, you find a Very nice car and care – and especially broadest all their practices and technical solutions. The perceived quality It is very good and until you passed further refinement managing your lever DSG, the large and long and loud shifts automatic X1, Moreover, fantastic performance. The new X1 has lost part of the technical uniqueness of the previous model, of longitudinal engine Y rear-wheel drive versions 4×2, by the traditional generalist approach, as in the Ateca, from transverse engine Y front-wheel drive of the basic versions. And in this process does not appear edgy shift lever joystick yes offer Series 1 engine, still, longitudinal. In any case, BMW range shown in their configuration options. And if you decide on the Finish M Sport, the variable damping and the sport seats, as the unit tested, then appreciate that quality, level and philosophy to which the Ateca You can not reach.


BMW X1 xDrive 20d aut. Ateca vs Seat 2.0 TDI DSG 4Drive: up

Dynamically, Ateca Y X1 are two cars that pass you a quality rolling. He Ateca Seat, very balanced firmness and comfort, highlighted by the progressiveness of their reactions and simplicity and security that you bring all your moves. And the BMW X1, by reactivity chassis, with an address that streamlines much front end response but also feel very well established straight. In this case, damping electronic control (Varies its response according to the parameters of gait and driving the selected program) allows the BMW take fewer commitments, although the commitment made by the Ateca very balanced.

He Seat Ateca has a great cornering and electronics shown for covertly participatory tiralíneas retraced. He BMW X1 it feels more Live movements and very effective, but also electronic aids or induces corrections when you feel them more. This script is perceived in all its dynamics. Braking distances even with partners, BMW It offers a more reactive response pedal. Overall, the traction guarantees both one efficacy and safety gear they equal in all fields, but always with the feeling of being the X1 a car more dynamic exciting and plus "neutral" in every sense the Ateca.

BMW X1 & Seat Ateca

BMW X1 xDrive 20d aut. & Ateca Seat 2.0 TDI DSG 4Drive: 190 hp Diesel

In their engines you will not find big differences, especially when it comes to appreciate what pushes each other. Both offer answer very full from very low regime, which results in a huge driveability and reliability. In any case, acoustics 2.0 TDi of Ateca is not always uniform and, in specific circumstances, emits less clean sound, more Diesel lifetime, then again feel so refined as BMW 2.0d. Both of them two liters Diesel They combine with individual automatic changes also very nice and solvents.

He BMW sum a gear, a 8th that does not add more development than 7th of Ateca, but it serves to stagger the rest of marches somewhat differently. In any case, both manage the changes torn and transitions quickly and smoothly. The two changes have driving programs "echo", that disengaging the engine when decelerated, scroll through moments "sailing". Two changes also allow manual gear selection, or from the lever cam pulse or from the steering wheel, processes that arise very quickly and smoothly. Plus efficient It is shown the Ateca in city, certainly making good its lower weight. And best shown the BMW X1 road.

In other respects purely functional, he X1 It also takes advantage of his infinite option list to offer a Sliding rear bench, which allows it to offer even more luggage than Ateca, which in turn it has more legroom for rear passengers. The X1 takes other solutions BMW Active Tourer MPV, such as aircraft type retractable tray in the rear seats. To move around the central screen has a more precise physical control of use in motion, touch screen Seat. In general, you can make BMW X1 a more complete car and significantly best product, but the question is what much good offering serial he Ateca.

Ateca Seat & BMW X1

BMW X1 vs Ateca Seat. Technical Data Center Highway

BMW X1 xDrive 2.0d aut.

4Drive Ateca Seat 2.0 TDI DSG


4,439 m

4,363 m


1,598 m

1,601 m


1,821 m

1,841 m


400/495 liters

450 liters


1,702 kg

1,615 kg

Acel. 0-50 km / h

2,61 s

2,28 s

Acel. 0-100 km / h

7.81 s

7.63 s

Acel. 400 m.

15,7 s

15,5 s

Acel. 1000 m.

29.0 s

29,2 s

Recup. 20-50 km / h

2.0 s

1.9 s

Recup. 60-120 km / h

8.0 s

8.0 s

Recup. 80-120 km / h

5.79 s

5.89 s

urb consumption.

7.2 l / 100 km

6.5 l / 100 km

carter consumption.

5,5 l / 100 km

6.0 l / 100 km

average consumption

6.2 l / 100 km

6.2 l / 100 km


983 km

887 km

Braking 50 km / h

9,4 m

9,7 m

Braking 100 km / h

39 m

39 m

Braking 140 km / h

73.7 m

73.0 m

front./back height.

93-100 / 95 cm

98-104 / 101 cm

front./back width.

141 cm / 142 cm

144-139 cm

Space legs behind.

61-74 cm

80 cm

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