Mercedes GLC vs Volvo XC60: What SUV is better?

Mercedes GLC vs Volvo XC60: What SUV is better?

The new Volvo XC60 again put the bar very high SUV among media. Opposite one of the best: the Mercedes GLC. Comfort, space, performance ... two great models!

Volvo XC60 vs Mercedes GLC: large SUV duel

Volvo XC60 vs Mercedes GLC: large SUV duel

Volvo XC60 vs Mercedes GLC: large SUV duel

Volvo XC60 vs Mercedes GLC: large SUV duel

¿Volvo XC60 and Mercedes GLC? Difficult, very difficult decision. The two SUV could well show off your name in the honor roll category, certainly they offer a level of behavior, termination and exceptional refinement. While development GLC derived from Mercedes C Class Estate (the family), Volvo has party platform XC90 superior for this new model, selling brand and grows Now 5 cm from the previous edition.

We have no doubt that success is assured in both SUV, for there left to chance any way, paying particular attention today in the treatment of the occupants, both for the quality of the component elements, such as the amount of comfort-oriented equipment included in its standard equipment. Nothing better then today to see what each offers to start drawing conclusions.

The last to arrive: Volvo XC60

The arrival of this completely new edition of the Volvo XC60, much more carefully and with a focus even more premium, you will put on the ropes undoubtedly German manufacturers, especially to X3, it takes longer on the market but has already shown us this past week its new generation: click here to know all the information. But we could before and face the XC60 alongside the Mercedes GLC, yes not comparable with two power versions: had to take advantage of the coming-Swedish SUV, which was only available with the variant Diesel stop range, the D5 235 HP AWD.

Volvo XC60 vs Mercedes GLCThat is to say, the Volvo XC60 it will too soon since the launch this month of July with a D4 variant 190 hp. For its part, the access version the range, D3 150 hp front-wheel drive, You will have to wait longer to Spring 2018. All with 2-liter four-cylinder. If Mercedes, as we noted, we got to this version 200d 4Matic: It has 2.2 liters and 170 hp. In addition, it offers a 250d, also with the same architecture and 204 hp, leaving as the top end 350d V6, 258 hp.

So they are inside

An internal configuration, Mercedes GLC seems a bit more austere, but it really is not. In fact, the controls are duplicated on-screen controls and táctil- -no, while the Volvo XC60 brings together almost all of its functions on the touch surface 9 inches. He interior space is more limited in the GLC, because of their origin Class C rear-wheel drive, although cargo volume of the trunk is higher: Announces 550 liters compared to 505 the Volvo XC60. In any case, both are spacious and Mercedes must be recognized that has very usable forms and a large entrance gate. Under the floor another hidden cargo space, very practical, with an additional 140 liters.

In terms of behavior, Volvo XC60 and Mercedes GLC have the qualification without doubt outstanding. The GLC provides a very good tread and excellent accuracy in paths, although we must clarify that in our little tour with both the Volvo XC60, already equipped with air suspension and 20-inch wheels, It is shown somewhat drier in areas with strong deteriorated.

Mercedes GLCBy providing power and logically the XC60 D5 stands out from the GLC with spectacular figures, while the 170 hp of the Mercedes are very willful. Stresses system semiautonomous driving Volvo, capable of driving on highway almost alone. Definitely, comfort and feel of driving in both, but in the GLC it is missing a little more pizzazz. The XC60 overflows power and precision. Size and performance are ideal for all types of use.

The duel in three key


GLC Mercedes 220D 4 Matic: This is not a bargain, but the quality offered this SUV is excellent. Includes a good standard equipment, with adjustable suspension, full headlights led intelligent cruise speed control, etc. This version of 48,575 euros.

Volvo XC60 D5 AWDMore expensive than its rival, but enjoys a huge technological burden, quality materials, exquisite finish ... The real alternative would be among the GLC 250d (from 50,600 euros) and 350d (from 60,975). This Volvo of 56,535 euros.

Life on board

GLC Mercedes 220D 4 MaticVery comfortable overall and with an excellent finish. Screen and multimedia features with Touch Pad system, easy and convenient.

Volvo XC60 D5 AWDVery comfortable, quiet and plenty of space on all seats for occupants. The interior design conveys relax.


GLC Mercedes 220D 4 MaticVery good, it is agile, comfortable and feels very accurate. Suspension settings do not reach the level of the air, but significantly modify the behavior.

Volvo XC60 D5 AWD: Superb with air suspension is at the highest level segment. Very precise paths, agile and easy to drive.

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