Test: BMW 220i, pure passion

The second generation of compact coupe BMW maintains its philosophy, with that aesthetic nod to the past that makes him a different model, highlighting the passion that defined the sportiest versions.

Test: BMW 220i, pure passion

Test: BMW 220i, pure passion

Test: BMW 220i, pure passion

Test: BMW 220i, pure passion

The second generation BMW compact coupe It has grown in size, but it keeps its identity that make you a unique model in the market against cars of this type of size and segment with rivaling. This third volume of short subject not all fall from the ceiling, two doors with frameless windows and an elongated front hood rear define his personality as reflected in the previous model. A nod to another era in which the passion defined the sportiest versions.

BMW 220iuses the same platform as the current 1 Series, seven centimeters long (three cm more wheelbase) and two wider at its body over its predecessor, increasing the living space significantly, and luggage capacity, but without giving up his philosophy, or the dynamic label announcing his style. The wheel arches are more prominent to accommodate respective shafts, four centimeters wider, stylizing your image. A step forward to make it more functional and usable, which manifests slightly in the dimensions of the passenger compartment and a trunk 20 liters more capable.

From 184 hp

The current 1 Series takes the engine range, giving up the basic variants, the 1.6 both petrol and diesel. So, engines access to the range will be two separate two liters, 143 hp and 184 hp if diesel variants, and the same amount of power Finally, the gasoline tested here. It is just to sell the 228i with 245 hp on the same block, leaving spearheading the exclusive M235i 6-cylinder and 326 hp, which is now also available with all-wheel drive. All twin-scroll turbo, direct injection, with variable trees double-VANOS cams and Valvetronic distribution system.

2.0 engine with TwinPower Turbo technology, is the result of policy modular engine brand the maximum sharing parts and components between different blocks used in the range, including diesel variants. A high performance engine, in our dyno it showed a figure much higher than the official, reaching 193 hp, well above the 180 HP announced and at a higher rate, while the torque figure slightly exceeds the announced.

Offers delivery more linear power from lower revs than the 1.6 that uses the Series 1, more "full", although with a similar feel, and that pushes superior performance. Plus, consumption is lower half liter per 100 km. Great for travel, but also to defend ourselves in urban traffic. The tested version It is the most economical acquisition, with a 6-speed manual transmission instead of the automatic 8 relations, optional, which means an extra outlay of 2,500 euros.

Balance comfort-equipment

BMW 220iSeries 2 has identical architecture suspensions saloon, McPherson independent front and behind deformable parallelogram, with the possibility of mounting a sportier train, morons harder. Series, features custom setting, with three operating modes: Comfort, Sport and EcoPro Sport + besides if you choose a number of optional elements equipment-, acting on different parameters to adapt driving at all times. Something more alive reactions 1 Series, It offers precise steering and brakes to respond by touch and intensity, resulting very agile in areas of curves and, playing with the gears to take the high engine turns, takes advantage of balancing weights and drive to the rear wheels so that they open the path to our will, especially if we leave the traction control in the intermediate so It frees them just enough to find a different line and find sensations if the situation permits. With a very solid feel to compress the suspension, breaking comfort on firm slightly irregular and lighter in extension, extended support on more open roads does not offer that perfect balance that lets you search lines drawn naturally, forcing slight movements of the steering wheel to seek regular support. But in any case, it transmits absolute confidence, and it is suitable for all levels of management, with the full support of electronic aids that control any rational excess.


BMW 220iConfigured as 2 + 2, the larger outer size of the new coupe and the wheelbase is noted in the inner space, but the gain is not significant. The body, however, is now 5 mm lower, but gained in interior height, even 1 cm behind. The rear seats remain limited for two adults exceeding 1.75 m high at this level, and legroom is not generous. Are suitable for children, even if they are "grown up" and the displacement of the front seats and the breadth of the door leave ample room for access to be comfortable enough. The front seats themselves are spacious, and the driving position is optimal for any size, with seats that hold back well and are comfortable.

There are obvious changes in the dashboard design, but even so, it seems we are in the last car on your little stylistic break. All controls are within easy reach, with MMI simplifying management functions with a well placed screen to access information. Reading the watches is not, however, the ideal, with graduated speedometer to 260 km / h, so that the numbers are too variegated, given the size, for optimal reading. The wide center console pushes the pedals slightly to the left to the driver, but you get used smoothly and a pleasure to find a well-positioned brake and accelerator and the ideal size for the toe-heel maneuver in this manual version. Also for purists, tracking counting on a hand brake lever and acting only on the rear wheels, it is welcome, although it occupies more space than an electric button.

BMW 220iThe trunk has won 20 liters to 395 liters volume, which it is not bad, and the manhole is now something bigger than its predecessor, although still limited. The rear support can optionally be folded in three independent halves (40/20/40).

Three finishing lines

The standard equipment is ungenerous for a car of its price. Only the climate control, rain sensor and lights, leather steering wheel and gear knob and 17 "wheels, cover the expectations of a car of its price and positioning, plus safety equipment, with 8 airbags. Even the folding system of mirrors, center armrest and cupholders are optional. The three finishing lines Modern, Sport and M package, launch promotion (990 €), They include distinctive elements that give a different, more distinctive, refined or sporty atmosphere. But for the vast collection offer including the list of options, you have to pay as usual in the brand. In addition to items that can be purchased individually, it offers numerous packs: security systems as the Driving Assistant (616 €); visibility (2155 €); bi-xenon headlamps (1,115 €), telephone or navigation (from 356 to 2551 €); Customization (M Sport package) ...

A BMW product for anyone who wants a different coupé with a very strong personality, but functional and very usable with this engine, excellent performance, nice performance and moderate consumption. A different car, an alternative to the usual concept coupe.