Tiguan TDI Bi-240: the most powerful diesel compact SUV

VW Tiguan test first, which just received the VW Passat its most powerful diesel engine, 240 horsepower twin-turbocharged, all-wheel drive and seven-speed automatic transmission.

Volkswagen Tiguan 2.0 TDI 240: the most powerful Tiguan

Volkswagen Tiguan 2.0 TDI 240: the most powerful Tiguan

Volkswagen Tiguan 2.0 TDI 240: the most powerful Tiguan

Volkswagen Tiguan 2.0 TDI 240: the most powerful Tiguan

are not yet available prices VW Tiguan 2.0 TDI 240 at the newly renovated configurator Volkwagen (I guess that will have a long life, because from it the germ of all mobility services, electrification is already access Car-Net, or sharing the future) car. However, if you believe in the German Cartesian character, bet because is around 46,000 euros. In the case of the unity of the photos, a Tiguan with R-Line, 2,000 euros finish add to it (2,900 if you also want equipment R-Line interior) and, of course, the 420 euros of 20-inch wheels, that they are key to the Tiguan look more compact and what is more balanced in its aesthetics. I continue with the prices, because the precious require that tires have also chosen option sports suspension (195 euros) or adaptive damping with selection of drive profiles (1,080 euros).

The most powerful engine of the VW Tiguan

Forget the image, which is just that, because the practicality and capacity of the VW Tiguan he has left muscle. A lot of muscle. The VW Tiguan uses the 2.0 TDI four cylinder Passat and thus reaches 240 horsepower, with minimal changes to the engine Passat, concerning calibration injection because the Tiguan provides increased drag the Passat and weighs plus. Has two turbos, which despite the Bi-TDI name really it is not a biturbo, because they operate sequentially. A small turbo is responsible for pushing at low revs, for not feel any delay stepping on very low turns. The modifications to the engine 190 hp 2.0 TDI are deep, and compacted complex mazes for cooling the intake air. They explain that it is heated at top speed above 200 degrees and still manage to stop just 30 degrees above ambient. Come on, "except in Spain in the summer, we could achieve our goal and get the maximum power"He joked one of its leaders.

VW Tiguan: clean gases takes place

The maximum currently Diesel is widespread in their gas to make it clean. Cleaning systems Exhaust 2.0 Bi-TDI are huge, compacted and "bonded" the engine to save space. Even so, there is no room for the battery and have led to the rear of the car, under the boot floor. The delayed placed as you can imagine "for rebalance weights between front and rear axle -240 hp engine is heavy, with so many aditamentos-"But no space to accommodate a spare wheel identical other (to compensate carries self-sealing tire) and limits the use for carrying luggage.

To combat NOx SCR system based care urea, which was refueled from a nozzle mouth with fuel, with a deposit of twelve liters. In normal use they announce that It will take about 6,700 km between fill-ups and the user can fill. What we heard many manufacturers refueling stretch up will match them with maintenance periods ended, something some industry voices understood that it was only possible if gas cleaning was not done to the best of their abilities.

Bi-TDI Volkswagen 2.0 TDI: blow pressure 3.8 bar

Everything is linked in an engine, the through cleaning systems, exhaust gases lose a lot of pressure and it takes a very high intake pressure. Further, "200 hp engines will see many, but for the last 40 horses need to use that second turbo"Says an official of engines. They also need an entry of that very direct air in the cylinder head, short, with little whirlwind, to support the large volume of air without restrictions; we mean that the stock also has nothing to do with employing the 2.0 TDI 190 hp. Nor moving parts, for stiffening to withstand 200 bar pressure combustion are achieved, more high pressure injectors operating at 2500 bar, plus a liquid cooling EGR (recirculation of the exhaust), which works with the small turbo (when it enters the large turbo work, no cooling of these returned exhaust, enough only to "entering many").

Set of the two turbos engine VW 2.0 Bi-TDI

The strictest idle two turbos would be turning soft, but do you see a consumption of 0.8 l / h or 1.1 l / h with the connected air conditioning. Do not panic, because consumption is moving less high than this suggests. We explain that as it accelerates and gets to work alone the first of the turbos and idle is designed so that almost does not exist, that’s why they made the stop-start system. Albeit with the pressures of this engine 2.0 TDI 240, however Bluemotion that is, segmentation and internal frictions are not those of a 1.6 or a 2.0 the "conventional". Rolling smooth, normal rhythm, Eco mode, we signed a one-traffic route 7 l / 100km. It does not feel "pull" also connected one to bring the rear wheels (because architecture only comes with 4Motion AWD), although Yes you could hear the rear transmission on hold If you were attentive. He mandatory seven-speed automatic transmission It is everything you expect from a soft DSG and you can feel a minimum delay to start overtaking. In normal mode or sport, the engine response is immediate, powerful and consistent. Impossible to do evil with 500 Nm of torque (51 mkg). No it emphasizes both pure acceleration He’s a mean, because signature 6.5 seconds in the 0-100 km / h-, given weighing 1,795 kilos in vacuo.

Where power is left to see it is when you leave the motorway around Munich airport (we are in Germany) and 200 km / h still you have a good reserve of acceleration under the pedal. Near 228 km / h announcing tip, noise is still present, is very well insulated and you can talk without raising his voice. At least this suspension with optional adaptive damping shows a very high poise and comforts, very settled and confident. Not feel her huge wheels that are excessive. In some bumpy gravel road that ran by our tour comfort it was also present, despite the wrong tires for this use. This livelier consumption rate rose above 11 l / 100km and brakes for the classic 200-120 sudden as usual in Germany without problems, it is what they are designed. To loiter, and then to the park, you realize that you also got along the progressive direction, for 230 euros, facilitates urban life.

VW TDI 240 Tiguan finished R-Line

VW Tiguan, acoustic space

Is so well used interior space, since the battery invalidates much space under the trunk, It’s almost "obliged" opt for the new sound system from Danish Dynaudio. What do you have to do? Well, wherever he would spare wheel placed the subwoofer. The engine sound Tiguan 2.0 TDI 240 need not cover her, hardly even hear it and it sounds good, despite being Diesel. However, already entered into certain price level, 800 euros This team does not seem crazy. Carries an amplifier channel so that with only 400 watts gets a vivid sound impression for the driver. It is recognized easily by the center speaker on the dashboard. And you shake your legs without distortion if you choose the music or the appropriate equalization.

The optional Dynaudio team provides 400 watts per channel amplifier but

Dynaudio are the same as brought high fidelity to the car (16 years in V60) which then began to supply Volkswagen VW in Phaeton or Bugatti Veyron. Come on, you should listen to try, if only to know where it is and the level of audio in a compact SUV.

Volkswagen Tiguan, an almost round SUV

It puts more difficult to fault the VW Tiguan their weight, their own packaging. Consumption is what you would expect from a 240 hp diesel engine … or a little less, because we are in the territory where previously only moved V6 engines. Both run both gauzes, but without exponential increases by increasing the rate or the number of occupants. He second weak point is the price, because VW also proposes extra pay separate climate control for the rear seats, roof rails, side airbags, tire pressure control, LED headlights (more dynamic wizard choice thereof), box digital instruments, integrated router with inductive charging mobile, driving assistant jam, and so on that invite "how you will not take".

Volkswagen Tiguan: SUV online

Up to this point, a man car, "easy" to understand. However, with the Tiguan new steps in the world of "Internet connected car" already they started with the Up and electric Golf. Volkswagen called Car-Net, the connection of the car with its user and the rest of the world; Come on, the future of the automobile. Philosophically it comes to power compatible and use those applications in the car world of mobile telephony , sometimes with continuous updates, with consolidated (And very static) automotive world, you buy as a package almost, closed.

VW Tiguan control from mobile

With "app-connect" You can connect the latest smartphones through platforms Apple and Android or via a cable through compatible applications Mirror Link. Still has many limitations, but full security guarantees for all applications that work.

With "guide & Inform" Improved navigation features derived from the internet in real time (from Google Earth or Street View to online updates, import from PC destinations or routes, etc). What would you do with your mobile phone, yes … but directly on the screen of the car, with its controls without providing your digital data because Volkswagen mask is used (or so I understand).

With "security & service" direct communication between the vehicle and the network is set Volkswagen, is customer service, emergency call, plan maintenance … but also establish remote controls on the car, from its status (open, fuel available) to alert if the car leaves a demarcation, a speed, a certain hours, etc. The latter, possible from a PC or mobile.

The problem will now convince the buyer a VW Tiguan that you receive "app-connect" with his car, but the other services are extra -prices "no release" ranging between 275 and 480 euros and, moreover, that The license will expire at 3 or 10 years, depending on what services. Subscriptions to television work well, but there is no car culture. To start with, with optional equipment Infotainment Tiguan, three-year subscription to the online services Car-Net is free.

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