Buying Guide: What Renault Kadjar choose?

Buying Guide: What Renault Kadjar choose?

It is one of the surprises of the year. The alliance with Nissan allows the Renault Kadjar use all the technical content of Qashqai to be a super SUV sales. Which version is better?

What Renault Kadjar buy? We analyze its range

What Renault Kadjar buy? We analyze its range

What Renault Kadjar buy? We analyze its range

What Renault Kadjar buy? We analyze its range

If someone you trust has previously successfully completed the way you pursue, it is normal that take advantage of their expertise to achieve the goal, always with the ability to add your personal touch to this adventure. Therefore, knowing the future of the Nissan Qashqai (if you click on the link you will see all their prices and range) in recent years, it seemed that Renault drawer stand in the A similar SUV market seamless, able to convince a broad spectrum of users. In fact, 60 percent of the parts that are not visible in the Renault Kadjar (the link also all their prices and range) They are exactly alike the Japanese model.

renault kadjarHe renault kadjar, we have already been able to test, use the Multipurpose platform CMF C / D of the alliance Renault / Nissan, it has also given rise to new Renault Espace or Rneualt Talisman. Its image abroad continues the design line that started in the last generation Clio, outlining other features that have generated the new family identity models brand gala.

Renault kadjar: variety and technology

The Renault range Kadjar It is based on three engines, two gearboxes, two types of traction and four finishes, to configure up to 16 versions that can meet the different needs of different types of drivers. In addition, the Renault Kadjar can have a complete package of electronic driving aids, most of them configurable or disconnectable from the R-Link 2 system. The assisted emergency braking is standard in all versions. remains active between 30 and 140 km / h in order to alert the driver if a collision and even helps you slow down, but not able to stop the car alone. The regulator and speed limiter selects, more easily than in other manufacturers’ systems, a fixed speed limit or do not want to spend.

And for those who do not know, it is worth remembering that a so interesting model as the Renault Kadjar HE produced in the factory the French brand has in Palencia, for what have been upgraded with new facilities drawing tools, robots 250 new plate a light booth paint, has expanded the assembly and have doubled hours staff training. Now, it’s time to Renault Kadjar analyze the section after section.

Rate your car for freeRenault kadjar: equipment

On equipment, Renault Kadjar seeks to satisfy a broad commercial spectrum. There are four finishes available in its range. He Life is simpler, available with TCe engines 130 hp petrol and 110 hp dCi Diesel. It then places the Intens that contribute bizone, four electric windows, Bluetooth, USB, voice recognition, cruise control, light and rain sensors, 17 “wheels and hands-free key. In addition to incorporating some cosmetic changes, Renault Kadjar X-Mod go out for equipped with traction control optimized Extended Grip. The Zen Kadjar They are unmarked with Infotainment system with browser R-Link 2, parking sensors on both bumpers, chrome roof bars and darkened rear windows.

In the two highest Renault Kadjar versions are also standard the alert involuntary change lanes, which it is activated from 70 km / h when passing a continuous or discontinuous line without having set the intermittent; signal recognition, It is indicating the maximum speed of the track and if we are surpassing; Y dead angle detector, that warns us of possible vehicles that we have not noticed by the blind spot. In addition, optionally, a parking assistance online and battery, in which the driver only acts on the pedals is offered as the direction moves alone; reversing camera very good quality and hill start assistance.

If no demands a great technological burden, nor thoughts often run on low grip areas, the Intens finish It represents a great choice for staffing ratio / price.

Renault dCi KadjarRenault kadjar: Life on board

He Renault interior Kadjar aptly combines tough plastic with other soft, giving it a good quality feel. No luxurious materials, but they are solvent and well finished off. At the controls protrudes through an excellent ergonomics, with some very comfortable seating also they hold the body well.

Against its rivals, the Renault Kadjar yes It not noted for habitability, but neither it is missing more space. Back, as usual in the series, three occupants are accommodated with scarcities; the transmission tunnel just annoying in the foot but the center seat does not offer the same comfort, although a great center armrest with cup holders. Are enough slots to make objects along the compartment.

He Renault Kadjar trunk offers 475 liters real capacity according to our measurements, ranking in the average category, with a moveable floor in two planes to compartmentalize the load, vary its height and create a flat possible to fold the rear seat surface. Backrests are folded with great comfort from a shooter located in the trunk itself. In short, if you do not seek the widest in its class SUV, the Renault Kadjar can be a good choice: the space is right.

Renault dimensions Kadjar

Long wide high

4.45 / 1.84 / 1.61 meters

Battle – pathways

2.65 to 1.56 / 1.54 meters

front./back width.

144/138 cm

front./back height.

94-99 / 96 cm

Space legs back

76 cm


475 liters

Renault kadjar: dynamism

Already underway, Renault kadjar stands out for its great balance, because it combines a successful commitment in its comfort and cushioning between contents flipflops its body. Their reactions are always safe and once exceeded the limit, it is easy to correct the trajectory, but to be one of the lightest models in its category It does not show great agility. Torsional the rear axle, in versions with all-wheel drive is replaced by a multilink able to draw more closely uneven terrain, which earns precision and comfort. The electric steering is precise and brakes, while not bright, provide a good touch.

Its off-road capability is strongly influenced by its low ground clearance, from only 16 cm, and also because of its limited angle of attack, despite having a large suspension travel that help circulate quite comfortably hilly areas. All-wheel drive is only available with the 1.6 dCi 130 hp, but in the front-wheel drive with X-Mod finish included M + S tire (Who defend themselves with some dignity in mud and snow without being specialists) and traction control optimized called Extended Grip, improving the response to sliding surfaces. If you are looking for, therefore, an SUV with some versatility all terrain should focus on only one of these last two options.

Renault engines KadjarRenault kadjar: engines

As for Renault engines Kadjar in gasoline the only option available is a 1.2 TCe with 130 hp overhanging its progressivity and elasticity. provides further refinement that diesels, but they offer greater pleasure to use because of its superior torque figure. Just this one available with manual 6 speed Y front-wheel drive, although in the future there will be an automatic; although unconfirmed, it seems to be the dual clutch EDC.

already Diesel, Renault’s offer starts with Kadjar 1.5 dCi 110 hp, that can be combined with both the six-speed manual transmission, for 1500 euros, with automatic dual clutch driven EDC. Always front-wheel drive. It is a mechanical rather saving and correct performance, not shine in agility if you travel with the whole family and their luggage.

The other member Diesel is the 1.6 dCi 130 hp, a drive not only more powerful, especially more refined and with a lower noise level, it really becomes the recommended range to be the most complete. At the moment only offered with a manual gearbox, although in the future there will be an automatic with torque converter, and is the only one that offers a choice of front and all-wheel drive; this 2,200 euros.

Prices Renault Kadjar *

Engine / finish





TCe 130

20,250 €

21,700 €

23,700 €

24,400 €

dCi 110

22,250 €

23,500 €

25,500 €

dCi 110 EDC

25,000 €

25,900 €

dCi 130

25,000 €

27,000 €

25,900 €

dCi 130 4×4

29,200 €

28,100 €

(*) Current discount of 1,600 euros manufacturer already included.

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