Toyota Prius 2016: analyze it after driving

Toyota Prius 2016: analyze it after driving

If you like the Toyota Prius current generation 3, the fourth-generation Prius will love it. If you did not like, he tries to drive it and tell me.

Toyota Prius IV, our test photos

Toyota Prius IV, our test photos

Toyota Prius IV, our test photos

Toyota Prius IV, our test photos

I am sorry. I have put in front of the nostrils the New Toyota Prius sectioned so he could see all their secrets, but without proper guidance I could only see a car like any other. In fact, the only thing that caught my attention did not seem so much secrecy, because it was the profusion of isolating material and that the components are never in sight seemed smaller than usual.

This is not a normal way to start a Driving test a car, but it is the Toyota Prius It is not a normal car. To the street, this Toyota Prius IV is the renewal of the car that rewrote the hybrid car. Toyota this new Prius is the car that reinvents Toyota. Why they do not put numbers to this generation, but continually refer to Prius as the Prius tnga. Or what is the same, the first of the new Toyota Toyota. That’s why I dislike having it in front, the naked, and see nothing exceptional.

Toyota Prius IV testToyota Prius, leading the way

The reality is that there is nothing to see from the tnga technical platform. Is a philosophy, I explain in the engineering, in the production. Try to do everything better, to save money … to reinvest in improving the next generation. They began to stop in 2011, and there seems to be just words. In fact I had never encountered something like that, my dinner companion Osamu Sawanobori was there taking notes … because he was responsible for the restyling of the Prius that has just been released!

So, before entering how will the new Toyota Prius, you may already have read of other colleagues, I will put on record. tnga talk about get cars with improved consumption by 25 percent, with a providing 15 percent better, with lower center of gravity and improved performance. And what is written in a project, in Japan, is sacred. So you know what will bring the Prius. Do not look at the numbers, because they are cold, hard to understand. The gasoline engine is less powerful than before, but it does not matter. In a hybrid we are talking about adding apples and oranges, when the question of the number is not important, but if we get whet the appetite with which we have eaten. That’s the Prius, 3 l / 100 km approved with basic tires, but in Spain will be 3.3 l / 100 km because of generous 17-inch tires. They are the ones who come here, because there will only be a facility in Spain, the highest available, packed with safety features and comfort. Diesel in full crisis, the hybrid chest out. Surely in Japan are satisfied with this trade policy in Europe, they do not want big sales, that would leave the Prius hybrids emerge tnga. He Toyota Prius tnga it only shows in which inspiration and it will all variants you want to imagine. It is the platform size C, but there will be smaller, B and A, also larger for the rear-wheel drive, but always with that philosophy to manufacture and design more head than before. So the price does not seem particularly economical, they have told us 29,990 euros at launch.

Is the new Toyota Prius nice?

The controversy is served. In Japan, where It has been the best selling car in its launch month, He loves. In the rest of the world, a variety of opinions. My I not seduce me, but I understand the tastes of other countries and other drivers. If he Toyota Prius You want to draw a line for all Toyota future, must have a clear personality. If you want to be distinguished at first glance like Prius, it has to be “weird”. If you also want to serve as a source of inspiration to make the Toyota Mirai an icon –It is the first hydrogen car ToyotaPrius image and Mirai have to be an air. Mirai it means future in Japanese and although teams design They were different, it seems normal for an employee, however designer who is, be inspired by what his company calls “the future”.

Toyota Prius IV Interior 2016Everything that comes now on Fourth generation Toyota Prius, surely you do not expect. The compactness He has allowed the bonnet forward windshield and give great visibility and airy feel to the driver. He driving position, with its low steering wheel invites a relaxed position. The address it feels more natural than before, more accurate, with a return that was lacking before. Should improve the central point on the highway, but perhaps today was the prevailing wind. All this is a matter of electronic programming, ie the personality chief engineer, who also likes to drive.

Has much isolated the engine, which combined with higher performance electric motor, Get the accelerations are not as accentuated the classic effect of much noise and little chicha. On the contrary, because also when you walk … raring gains speed. An intermediate gear ratio in the electric motor you can also get promoted only as power up 115 km / h. You can, but it is not efficient. The efficient is the combination of both engines and that’s what we have perfected in the Toyota Prius, that according to the scheme of the screen, switching between operating modes as well as the profile of the highway.

He chassis it feels good. Filter all, undulations, retarders and even surprise, he likes to flow between curves. No, it is no longer ecologist car, you can even amuse. Missing more retention, even in B, driving on a winding road, but say it in Sport mode, the driver just learning -evaluando the g- forces and modulating the regenerative braking and electrical response to the output of the curve. However, it takes hours of use, is not enough that you give the car a few kilometers. What it does well is the transition between mechanical and electrical brake, which goes unnoticed.

Broad front, broad behind, with a much larger trunk because they have reduced the NiMH battery until you can place it under the rear bench seat … also they get practical excel. It is normal, if they wanted it to be the reference in your own home. Perhaps not much is sold with fixed prices, but Toyota It is not essential, but lead the way with the Prius. Although what it means to sell a lot is relative, because the 3.6 million Prius what roll around the world other manufacturers themselves would say that is a high-volume car.

He had to get the Fourth generation he Toyota Prius to convince almost everyone here. Has weak points, but who does not have something to improve your personality? By the way, if the mantra of the chief engineer was looking at the Prius joy of driving, vision expert responsible for combustion and also future programmer robots- Prius -ingeniero mechanical interaction is HMI. You may not see the giant Tesla ipad a dashboard, but not because they have not tried. It is not going and it turns out Play Station and company see Toyota, their sales volumes, as a small business? Surely in Toyota -again- they find their own ways.

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