Audi A3 2016: prices and driving impressions

Audi A3 2016: prices and driving impressions

This generation of Audi A3 born in 2012 will play its first renovation. Many young big changes that do nothing but reinforce its dominance.

We tested the new Audi A3

We tested the new Audi A3

We tested the new Audi A3

We tested the new Audi A3

We are told that Audi A3 2016 has not I need to change anything at the structural level, but actually now the smallest engines in the range –1.6 TDI and 1.0 TFSI– mounted on the rear axle suspension more "simple" He admits how many MQB architecture, a torsional axis the VW Golf himself has left archidemostrado that should not overshadow the quality of these two basic chassis A3. What changes is your skin more logically more modern and expressive thanks to its new grille, to lighthouses bi-xenon technology standardizes standard throughout the range and also can be of optional LED or LED Matrix, while the rear and include OLEDs. Also comes an important technological burden on board this new phase, either through the Virtual Cockpit control box, either through new security, as lane keeping assistant improved predictive pedestrian protection or assistant driving jams Audi Traffic Jam Assist, with autonomy to accelerate, brake and steer the A3 without touching the steering wheel up to 65 km / h. also appear two new equipment lines that allow a greater degree of internal and external customization, called Desing and Sport Edition, with a premium of 700 euros from the basic finish.

In the New Audi A3 2016 you find more news from gasoline engines, which featured a new three-cylinder unit, comes the delicious Ultra 2.0 TFSI 190 hp which he premiered A4 -cyclohexyl Miller and improved performance 10 hp propeller Audi S3, now with 310 hp, model in which, in addition, It emphasizes the sporting character and dynamic performance improves integrating specific control multiplate clutch in and stability, all, transfer of experience with Audi TT-S. In addition, previous transmissions S-Tronic 6-speed giving way to a new 7 relationships retaining its two oil bath clutches, while motors under 25 mkg torque continue using the S-Tronic with dry clutches. Among the diesel engines, perhaps the most characteristic is that Audi continues to use the original version of 184 hp 2.0 TDi engine, instead of 190 hp using other models of the brand. Here’s more information and performance data and consumption of the new range, so it plays catch, and, at the wheel of these new A3.

Audi A3 2016It was the 1.0 TFSI our focus, engine we could try in Sportback body and automatic S-Tronic. Both this engine as the 1.6 TDi are the only one They can not mount optional variable direction, so it can not be the factor that has made me feel an address somewhat firmer support than she remembered in recent Audi A3 the current range I’ve driven –I confirm that they have not touched their parameters-. With less than 1,200 kilos, this A3 1.0 TFSi hits record low weight They are contributing not feel underpowered for anything this small unit or even under the freedom it gives you to try on German roads. But his greatest virtue is its superb elasticity, maintaining fourth and fifth ratio at very low speeds without showing that classic arrhythmia engine with its architecture and its Constant pushability to near 6,000 rpm, in which the automatic change leaves no squeeze more engine. Replaces the previous 1.2 TFSI 110 hp which it improved 4 tenths average consumption, reducing the level of CO2 emissions to 104 g / km, equaling the acceleration from 0 to 100 km / h but while improving top speed. Correct access unit gasoline although when communicating prices 1.4 TFSI / 150 -maintains disconnect the system will have to take cylinders- accounts. Compared to 1.6 TDi / 110, the 1.0 TFSI plays with a difference of just 500 euros.

Audi A3 2016: prices for Spain

Audi A3 3-door 1.0 TFSi: 24,540 euros

Audi S3 quattro S-Tronic: 46,400 euros

Audi A3 Sportback 1.0 TFSI: 25,950 euros

Audi Sportback g-tron: 27,400 euros

S3 Sportback quattro S Audi-Tronic: 47,800 euros

Audi A3 Sportback 1.6 TDi: 26,400 euros

Audi A3 1.0 TFSI Sedan: 26,650 euros

Audi S3 quattro S-Tronic Sedan: 48,500 euros

Audi S3 Cabrio quattro S-Tronic: 55,400 euros

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