GLA Mercedes 200D: test the SUV with all measurements

GLA Mercedes 200D: test the SUV with all measurements

The GLA is one of the star models of Mercedes and just renewed. With great design and a great personality, we try and measure this new SUV in diesel version of 136 hp.

We tested the new Mercedes GLA 200d, Great SUV!

We tested the new Mercedes GLA 200d, Great SUV!

We tested the new Mercedes GLA 200d, Great SUV!

We tested the new Mercedes GLA 200d, Great SUV!

When he arrived in the 2013 as variant SUV Class A, many viewed as another compact Mercedes GLA use, defined, yes, a distinctive design. Today, still features its silhouette and coupe on a slightly raised platform They take you to see a model stereotypes outside the market.

He Mercedes GLA is 8 centimeters higher than a Class A, but it’s still 10 cm lower (1,49 meters total) than a Audi Q3, for example. You can even have it in a optional sport suspension, 15 millimeters reducing the height to make it more "compact" still; also opt for a suspension "off road", with which you raise in this case 30 mm height standard and, therefore, the ground clearance, but still remains below the average of the compact SUV.

GLA Mercedes 200D: sensations

Therefore, driving the Mercedes GLA has its own definition, very particular. You look at a driving feel that takes you, see and touch a lot of sportsmanship and quality… at a height not much greater than in a conventional compact. By design, shapes and light also gives you that extra space that relates to a body SUV. In front, the enthusiastic driver will be integrated almost like a sports coupe. As such, seats, steering wheel, bottom bracket (optional AMG elements of line, like you see in the pictures), watches box … everything takes you to enjoy a excellent presentation, ergonomics and feel of driving.

Mercedes GLABehind the script in the new Mercedes GLA it is similar. The seat has a very definite bench as 2 + 1 places, with hard and raised central portion. The rear pillars and sports front seatbacks also "penalizes" space back there, regardless of what the meter says.

SPACE Mercedes GLA 200d 7G-DCT
front width 139 cm
rear width 133 cm
front height 88-95 cm
rear height 92 cm
Legroom 72 cm
Trunk 340 liters

And moving, do not feel the Mercedes GLA 200d carry a "bulky" SUV, but rather a dynamic compact. Pisa firm, It is directed curved very naturally and soon you transmits all the confidence to drive fast on all types of paths. You receive lot center feel and stability linear and curve after a minimum rolling, guided are quick and easy. You do not look or feel in a car "spectacular".

He Mercedes GLA is thus an agile SUV balanced reactions and does not hide round back if you force the march between curves. Electronics intervenes covertly, inducing and / or correcting their behavior when cornering. Proof of good manners is their ability and way to curb, in outstanding and very settled distances. Based on options, and also including all-wheel drive, you can make the GLA a capable SUV off-road, but as it comes standard this GLA 200d, you have a solid foundation for rolling on roads with a certain nonchalance not to touch the underside and not feel like you beat him on more or less large potholes.

GLA Mercedes 200DGLA Mercedes 200d Engine and performance

Still present in the new Mercedes Diesel GLA block 2.1 liter, waiting for the ultramodern aluminum engine 2.0 released by the new E-Class comes to the next generation and GLA. Not therefore keep this 2.1d is a demerit, not at all, in view of the results. In any case, it may seem "much engine" for his high displacement for only 136 hp (Audi and BMW offer 150PS from two separate 2.0 liter), but beyond the volume and weight of the engine (higher than an equivalent 1.6 Diesel), pushes at low speeds to the authority of a 2 liters and consumes as 1.6 .

Consumption city 6.6 l / 100 km
Consumption Highway 4.8 l / 100 km
average consumption 5,5 l / 100 km

Compared to other engines 1.6 Diesel similar power, this 2.1d Mercedes has first exceptional speed. Delivery is full and progressive from idle in the GLA, scale without abrupt changes, with a very consistent acceleration throughout its range of rotation. No need to scan the upper area to offer everything that gives him. Their maximum values ​​come soon, therefore, that in real life 2,500 rpm are enough to meet handsomely.

associated dual clutch 7 7G-DCT gears, changes in quick succession in the Mercedes GLA 200d and experience its 7th gear is fully operational before 1500 rpm. On the road, just over 2,000 rpm to run at 120 km / h and has sufficient resources to gain speed without downshifting. They are CV "pecherones"Which allow much relief cruise and consequently see half of consumption in road exceptionally low.

The combination is also attractive for other numbers and sensations. Their consistent push from idle entails rapid acceleration, to feel the Mercedes GLA solvent in every situation. The 7G-DCT is convenient to use (the lever is positioned behind the wheel) offers high comfort and intervenes in their good performance and consumption. Have a ECO mode (as well as Comfort and Sport) Which disengages when we accelerate to take advantage of the inertia of the car and also an individual mode, where we can set the change as manual sequential and direct us gear changes from the steering wheel paddles.

BENEFITS Mercedes GLA 200d 7G-DCT
Acel. 0-100 km / h 8.79 s
Acel. 0-1000 meters 30.6 s
Overtaking 80-120 km / h 6.56 s
Loudness 100 km / h 68.0 dB
Loudness 120 km / h 69.0 dB
Braking from 140 km / h 70.1 m
Weight scale 1,576 kg

Mercedes GLA: new technology

With the renewal of the new Mercedes GLA was the time also to incorporate new technologies and enrich the equipment. The SUV opens chambers projecting a Aerial and peripheral vision Car and hands-free access and starting. With this option, the cover trunk has electric drive, with handsfree passing the foot below the bumper. They also get the fLED rings replacing the double xenon. Such lamps incorporates standard equipment and capacity, quality and lighting functions are excellent.

GLA Mercedes 7G-DCTUltimately, the new Mercedes GLA plays with a distinctive style SUV format, enough to see and also feel as a compact sports court. And that door is inward also: an SUV more emotional than functional, of high quality, technology and great performance.

DISCOUNTED RATES (APRIL 2017) Mercedes GLA 200d 7G-DCT (from 36,000 euros)

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