Mitsubishi ASX 2017: Test and price from less than 16,000 euros

Mitsubishi ASX 2017: Test and price from less than 16,000 euros

Dynamic Shield is the name of the new face of Mitsubishi ASX, a front that this compact SUV about his older brother, the Outlander. Watch for its starting price …

Mitsubishi ASX 2017, our test photos

Mitsubishi ASX 2017, our test photos

Mitsubishi ASX 2017, our test photos

Mitsubishi ASX 2017, our test photos

In 2010 the Mitsubishi ASX came to a segment hatching phase and three years later received its first update. 2017 has started this SUV with new aesthetic touches that focus on the front, where he received what the brand calls Dynamic Shield. With this redesign its face the ASX It is closer to the image of the Mitsubishi Outlander, the SUV larger range of Japanese in Spain, considering the Mitsubishi Montero off-road.

It is characterized by the presence of chrome framing elements both grill consists of three horizontal blades, as the headlights. Other changes are seen in the pilots, with LEDs for the position light and the brake, 18 “wheels for Kaiteki versions of similar design to the Outlander or detail shaped roof antenna shark fin. The new front makes the body of the Mitsubishi ASX is made somewhat longer: 4,30 passes a4,36 m.

Inside, next to a steering wheel piano black trim, and center console; the top end version incorporates cam for driving the gears of the automatic gearbox, changes the browser by adding different screen designs and functions.

Mitsubishi ASX 2017Mitsubishi ASX, three engines, two drives and two changes

The Mitsubishi ASX, other countries RVR or Outlander Sport has a range composed by two diesel engines and one petrol.

Diesel, respective 1.6 and 2.3 114 hp 150 hp, are original PSA and Mitsubishi (internal code 4N14 in brand). The most powerful of them, DI-called 2.2-D, it is shared with Outlander and has a weight testimonial sales to be exclusively linked to automatic, all-wheel drive and the highest level of equipment, Kaiteki, configuration impacts the price; while the more modest power has been on which have been falling as many sales of this model … at least until now.

Because Mitsubishi is another brand that detects the interest gasoline engines It is growing at the expense of diesel and indeed, in the ASX and are more than 6 in 10 sales which are closed with versions 160 MPI. It is therefore essential for offering attractive prices. In the case of combination with less equipped trim level as standard, the Challenge, there are 5,410 euros discount (for funding and promotional offer) on the list price that leave you in 15,900 euros. The petrol engine versions 160 MPI, 117 hp, is also associated with the Motion and Kaiteki levels, always with front wheel drive.

The three finishes are also Diesel which starts with the range, also 1.6 160 DI-D although, in this case, it is also possible to choose the intermediate finishing, Motion, with AWD AWC. This is a system that connects the rear axle to the front automatically if loss of traction occurs therein; but also it allows the driver to select a position in which the torque split between the axles are locked.

Mitsubishi ASXMitsubishi ASX, dynamic behavior

All this range 2017 Mitsubishi ASX, We could drive a Kaiteki version with 114 hp diesel engine and front wheel drive. With the wheels 18 “(with wheels Bridgestone H / P Dueler 225 / 55R18 97H) ASX treads poise also by adjusting its suspension, which control body is appreciated in any curve. However, it suffers from rolling noise very high, even without going very fast. Beside the engine goes unnoticed much more. This 1.6 gives his best to the 3800 rpm, time at which no offset continue forcing the motor and compensated using the change. It is one of the most enjoyable for the driver of the ASX by its precise touch and short path elements.

In a fast driving, in allowing not very powerful engine in a car that does not look very heavy, mainly by secondary roads and in much of the route, with many curves that require restart the engine continuously, the computer travel registered a consumption of 7.5 l / 100 km.

None of the changes made to the Mitsubishi ASX 2017 impact space, so that, at least when mounted on panoramic ceiling -standard in Kaiteki-, which is not practical, useful height is lost. This has never been the best dimension of this model, but this reduction is especially noticeable in the rear seats where an occupant of 1.80 m tall clearly plays with his head on the ceiling. The remaining space dimensions are correct and even has a trunk able for their size, with 420 liters.

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