Dacia Sandero vs Seat Ibiza: Utility Bestsellers

Dacia Sandero vs Seat Ibiza: Utility Bestsellers

Dacia Sandero and Seat Ibiza have been top utility sales over the past year, leading a segment trading higher. Why they are so successful? We analyze them.

Dacia Sandero vs Seat Ibiza: Wooden leaders

Dacia Sandero vs Seat Ibiza: Wooden leaders

Dacia Sandero vs Seat Ibiza: Wooden leaders

Dacia Sandero vs Seat Ibiza: Wooden leaders

There is no doubt: Dacia Sandero and Seat Ibiza are two very safe values. Able both to satisfy their customers smugly, especially when you consider what you expect each of them with each car have been clearly utility selling cars in Spain over the past year, also representing the second segment increased number of registrations hoarded. And, with 235,036 units, utilities are increasingly closer to the category of compact, numbering 269,590.

He undisputed leader, among them is one more year Seat Ibiza, which she won the first place in 2001, from which you continuously dominated the leaderboard. Amazing. Behind, with 25,338 units compared to 31,418 of Ibiza, it is situated a surprising Dacia Sandero, model with lower hearth, but in times of crisis has managed to win over many customers with their Product label “low cost”. And from Dacia also ensure that it has been even absolute leader for the past three years in the private channel…. not only as first choice for tight budgets, but also as a third or fourth car with high-income families: for children, service …

In the history of cumulative sales, Dacia Sandero grows the giant steps, from 38th in 2012 to 8th in 2012, 6th place in 2013, 4th in 2014 and 2nd and last 2015. Before him, Seat Ibiza analysis speaks to a much wider choice, with 5-door body, 3 doors called SC and ST family. 6 also petrol engines and Diesel 3, which may also have manual 5 or 6 speed or automatic double clutch driven DSG 7 gears. The Dacia Sandero has only one body, 5-door, In addition to 5 engine and 5-speed manual gearbox. And, before the Dacia, the Seat Ibiza boasts having already served 32 years, four generations behind and the great honor of being the first product developed as an independent company Seat. touch view which offers either inside and outside.

Dacia Sandero vs Seat Ibiza: Behavior

At a good pace. So we can define the Dacia Sandero first of behavior. Stands out above all its ease of use, but transmits sensations veteran car design, without the ride quality of some of its rivals, and with a front and a direction in which missing greater accuracy guide. It is also noisier, without being overly than rivals will folding in price, but with dCi diesel engine 90 HP consumption is surprisingly low: only 4.8 l / 100 km on average.

Dacia SanderoDacia Sandero front, the Seat Ibiza is undoubtedly reference among his kind. For dynamism is one of the best category, with an outstanding balance between comfort and efficiency. Also always the possibility of doing so yet sportier with specific versions FR, in option adjustable Bilstein dampers have two phases, or the very special Seat Ibiza Cupra 192 hp. Gasoline engines are much more satisfactory than the 1.4 TDI three-cylinder, rough to the touch, little power at low engine speeds and remarkable noisiness.

Dacia Sandero vs Seat Ibiza: Interior

now entering to assess its interior, he Dacia Sandero It receives us with simple materials, all coated hard plastic, but well assembled and finished. Ergonomics is good and easy to find a comfortable driving position, although its steering wheel is adjustable in height only. There are many sources Renault controls both current models as pasts. Its best asset is the habitability, with a width rear seats that allow accommodate three occupants without many strictures as other models in this segment. Its trunk with 370 liters not only ensures high capacity per volume, but also by their shapes.

Since 2013 all Dacia Sandero come standard with ESP, but sor equipment is pretty basic. Interior light is limited to a single ceiling, the mirrors of the visors do not have cover, and when refueling is necessary to use the key to open the cap. You can have cruise control, air conditioning or browser elements to look for in the list of options even in the most equipped Laureate.

Seat IbizaWith regard to Seat Ibiza, after the last update we find a clear improvement of materials, a dash of soft plastic in its upper region. The seats are comfortable and well collect the body, especially the sports of the FR versions, which hardly noticeable fatigue after many kilometers. Not easy to find the best driving position, but when given with it proposes good ergonomics and comfort. For space welcomes four adults comfortably, with a limit of about 1.85 meters tall for the rear seats and luggage compartment with 350 liters, It is ahead of some top compact.

Last updated Seat Ibiza, in addition to the arrival of new driving aids, such as automatic braking after a collision or fatigue detector, he meant the introduction of a new system besides infotainment. The Reference Plus has moncromática 5.5-inch touch screen, but optionally can opt for a 6.5 “color with function” Mirror Link “and connectivity to Android and Apple Car Auto Play.

Dacia Sandero

The best: especially its price, but also a great roominess and luggage capacity. Version called crossover more attractive, plus three other finishes Stepway.

Worst: Only manual gearbox, little chance of equipment and low technology, and wobbly seats.

Seat Ibiza

The best: Wide range, with five finishes that add various packages. Great performance and good trunk capacity.

WorstNo crossover version with poor response at low engine speeds and refinement in the 1.4 TDI.

RANGE Dacia Sandero

Sandero 1.2 75 bhp petrol

From 8,430 euros

Sandero TCE 90 hp 0.9 petrol

From 10,530 euros

Sandero dCi 75 hp 1.5 Diesel

From 10,330 euros

Sandero 1.5 dCi 90 HP Diesel

From 11,530 euros

Sandero 0.9 LPG 90 hp TCE

From 10,730 euros


Ibiza 1.0 75hp petrol

From 12,590 euros

90 hp Ibiza 1.2 TSI petrol

From 13,040 euros

Ibiza 1.0 TSI 95 hp petrol

From 13,440 euros

Ibiza 1.0 TSI 110 hp petrol

From 16,080 euros

Ibiza 1.4 TSI 150 hp petrol ACT

From 18,880 euros

Ibiza 1.8 TSI 192 hp petrol

From 21,400 euros

Ibiza 1.4 TDI 75 hp Diesel

From 14,750 euros

Ibiza 1.4 TDI 90 hp Diesel

From 15,200 euros

Ibiza 1.4 TDI 105 HP Diesel

from 17,840

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