Toyota GT86 Second hand sale from 15,000 euros!

Toyota GT86 Second hand sale from 15,000 euros!

If you like sports cars fun to drive, you should know that from just over 15,000 euros can find a second-hand Toyota GT86.

Toyota GT86 for sale in photos

Toyota GT86 for sale in photos

Toyota GT86 for sale in photos

Toyota GT86 for sale in photos

He Toyota GT86 reached the market in 2011. With this model the Japanese firm sought recover the concept of classical mechanics sporty configuration, front engine and rear drive, represented for many years by the legendary AE86.

He GT86 He born therefore as small coupe 2 + 2 Toyota built in collaboration with Subaru and the same approach developed under the BRZ, a sport that can be considered a clone of the GT86, since it is basically the same car.

Among other things, it noted that the motor that encourages this sport is a 2 liters atmospheric bóxer developed by Subaru for the advertised 200 hp at 7,000 rpm and maximum torque of 20.90 mkg between 6,400 and 6,600 rpm. It is therefore an engine with a sporty mood and quite sharp in his response.

Toyota GT86 2011-2016For the gearbox Two possibilities were offered; manual or automatic torque converter, both with six relations, While it is true that the latter does not fit too with the personality of this coupe. And it should not forget that this is a car designed to enjoy sporty driving classic style and it has mechanical limited slip differential and tires quite fair for the times dimensions. The goal, getting a behavior very progressive and predictable limit, which results in driving pleasure. A two-seater specially designed for visitors and circuit assiduously, a scenario where this sport is in its sauce.

Toyota GT86: second-hand prices

although offer at market Second hand is quite limited, given its limited dissemination, you can find cars at very good price and with few kilometers on the scoreboard; search units is also feasible in other European markets where supply is much higher. From € 15,000 no cars for sale, but the best preserved units can reach 20,000 €.

Toyota GT86 2011-2016Toyota GT86 2011-2016: the most frequent problems

– He boxer engine 2 liters It is very robust, well maintained is almost eternal. A common problem, especially in the first units was an unstable idling Y some hitches. The solution is to reprogram the software.

The gearbox is also very reliable, but if the treatment has been demanding, with assiduous visits circuit, It is easy for synchronized are wearied.

– The finishes are of high quality and the inside failures are rare, except passenger windows in some units has some problems.

– If the dampers are wearied and it is time to change them, there are different alternatives in the market, but the truth is that the series offer an almost perfect compromise without compromising comfort. Something similar can be said of the tires, the Primacy HP shoeing have a little sport setting, but if they are mounted compounds with more grip, it is at the cost of progressivity to the limit.

Toyota GT86: 2017 update

A few months ago, Toyota slightly updated its GT86 sports. At exterior design receives a new front bumper, air intakes and more great optical and wheels new bill. From the technical point of view, the main difference is the new morons and adjustments suspensions. More information about the 2017 Toyota GT86.

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