Michelin and Goodyear: Who has the biggest tire?

Michelin and Goodyear are struggling to offer the world’s largest tire. More than 5 tons, more than four meters in diameter, 63 inches rim … are just some of the data size of these two circular moles.

Larger tires Michelin and Goodyear

Larger tires Michelin and Goodyear

Larger tires Michelin and Goodyear

Larger tires Michelin and Goodyear

Michelin and Goodyear, two manufacturers tires world’s most popular, enemies and rivals any battle also offer The world’s giant tire. So are the Michelin XDR and the Goodyear RM-4A +.

He Michelin XDR has been designed specifically for the world’s largest truck: Caterpillar 797. With measures 59 / 80R63, this bestial tire Michelin XDR weighs about 5,600 kg, measures something more than four meters in diameter, It has a rim 63 inches (The size of a giant paella pan where they could eat some other people inside Valencia) and is able to withstand a load of 120,000 kg. Amazing…

Michelin XDR tire Caterpillar 797According to data provided by Michelin, each XDR tire of the Caterpillar 797 It is produced in 16 hours, plus another 20 hours for the compound to take strength, toughness and strength. It has a pressure of 7 kg and it takes about 20 minutes to inflate about their correct pressure. By the way, multiple assays and tests this XDR tire They are performed in the Michelin experience center in Almería, with a set of 40 test tracks in the Cabo de Gata.

As high as an African elephant

So they sell the heads of Goodyear its giant tire RM-4A + with identical measures the Michelin XDR, ie, 59 / 80R63. This gum mastodónticas also mounted tire dimensions 63 inches, measure 4.02 m diameter, weighs about 5,400 kg and it is capable of carrying a 100,000 kg at speeds up to 50 km / h.

In the bowels of Goodyear RM-4A + converge highly resistant materials, namely a steel shell and a special compound for the tread called CycleMax, interleaved with grooves centerline to improve stability and ease further heating. This ‘Goliath’ is manufactured at the plant Goodyer in Topeka, Kansas (U.S).

Michelin, winner ‘by the hair’

Its more mass (5.600 kg compared to 5400 kg) and higher load capacity (120 tons from 100 tons) given as to points winner XDR Michelin tire. Although equal measures -59 / 80R63-, XDR tire appears to have a slightly composite earning firmness and resistance against Goodyear also bestial.