Ford Kuga 2015 Ford Kuga vs 2017: Looking for differences

Ford Kuga 2015 Ford Kuga vs 2017: Looking for differences

The second generation of the Ford Kuga receives an update and can be booked and has significant cosmetic changes inside and outside.Ford Kuga 2015 Ford Kuga vs 2017: Looking for differences

Much closer to the Ford Edge and Ford EcoSport, Ford Kuga 2017 this takes many of the visual references to his brothers brand. We make it easy to find the aesthetic differences that exist before and after this’restyling‘.

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Changes in the rear lights of Kuga 2017

The taillights of the new Ford Kuga look design new invoice forms with a general higher and less elongated in shape model 2015.

Changes in the front of the Ford Kuga 2017

On the front, we find a clear approach to his older brother Ford Edge and his younger brother Ford EcoSport, with his great trapezoidal grille and presiding over another grid smaller remaining in the bottom of the front and having a cover with honeycomb forms.

Changes in the back of the Ford Kuga 2017

Changes inside the Ford Kuga 2017

The new Ford Kuga loses many of the buttons on the center console, from which the infotainment system handled. These functions are now in the hands of a touch screen larger. He hand brake It is another of the novelties, which has gone from manual electric.

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