Motorhome or camper, what is the best buy?

Become the owner of a motorhome or camper is an exciting situation, but we must weigh a weighted manner the most suitable vehicle.

¿Camper or motorhome? What I need?

¿Camper or motorhome? What I need?

¿Camper or motorhome? What I need?

¿Camper or motorhome? What I need?

Once you have decided to become owners of a vehicle leisure, either mobile home or camper, should meticulously study the different options offered by the market, as this will avoid ending up buying a vehicle what it does not meet our needs.

Although the list of concepts is undoubtedly very long, we will give an overview of the most basic questions.

¿Camper or motorhome?

The format of the vehicle is important if you need to use it daily, but in return we'll lose interior space and some comfort in the case of small camper, but we will win speed, maneuverability and lower consumption.

If we opt for a mobile home, we must ask many travel to choose the version that best fits either nasturtium, profiled or integral and the need to mobilize chairs and bicycles during the trip.

RV typesThe first allows overnight to seven occupants, Having a double bed over the cab, another just by transforming the sofas and coffee table, which will add one, two or three bunk beds in the rear area or another double.

The Profiled current and comprehensive, with a lower consumption by improved aerodynamics, They can offer the same distribution as nasturtiums to have a bed that is glued on the ceiling of the room and lowered overnight.

The interior layout It offers many alternatives as we can imagine, with lounge and kitchen in L, shower and toilet together or separate, different sized refrigerator, Rotating cabin seats, all in a vehicle up to 7.5 meters long, with a 3 MMA, 5 tons that can be driven with card type B.

Interesting to have a garage in the rear area it will allow us to transport bikes, bike, child seats or other large object.

When choosing an engine, camper from new generation Mechanical offer between 130 to the 165-170 hp, with intermediate alternatives 150 and 155 hp.