Video: we interview the stars of 'Jewels on wheels'

Video: we interview the stars of ‘Jewels on wheels’

China Edd and Mike Brewer visited our country to promote ‘The Day Motor’ in Discovery Max. And we could not miss the opportunity to speak with both …Video: we interview the stars of 'Jewels on wheels'

Boys ‘Jewels on wheels’ They have been in Madrid and, of course, we had to talk to them. At an event held in Mulafest, where channel Discovery MAX presented ‘The Day Motor’ expert ‘trader’ Mike Brewer and mechanical genius Edd China They passed our cameras.

Wrapped up by dozens of fans, they gave us a few minutes and answered some questions. What was the car that have brought more money? or what car would dream of carrying the program? are some of the secrets that have been revealed to us the two Britons. And also Spain lovers confessed … What do you like best about our country? All this and much more, you’ll find it in this interview.