Ten curiosities in the history of Peugeot

Ten curiosities in the history of Peugeot

As a company and industrial company, Peugeot has over 200 years of history. More than two centuries of life go far, while there may be a number of facts and issues that do not know about the signing of the lion. With you, the ten most outstanding sights of Peugeot.

10 curiosities in the history of Peugeot

10 curiosities in the history of Peugeot

10 curiosities in the history of Peugeot

10 curiosities in the history of Peugeot

1. What is its origin?

The origin of Peugeot dates from 1810 as a family business that became a windmill in which were made tools of various kinds, from saws for plowing up steel tapes Seam and parts clockmaking.

Peugeot curiosities history2) The first car: the Type 1

pRimer Peugeot motor vehicle was the Type 1, whose birth is to be found in 1886. Really was a tricycle, a single cylinder engine in 1890 adopted a four-cylinder engine. This latest version could already reach 25 km / h speed limit. From 1810 to 1886, the company Peugeot played a leading role in the industrial landscape with its coffee grinders, salt shakers, pepper shakers, corsets and sewing machines. With the world of haute couture, Peugeot today no longer has any relationship, although it is linked to haute cuisine, to manufacture custom salt and pepper shakers.

3) The first convertible: Peugeot 401 Eclipse

He first convertible in automotive history bears the stamp of Peugeot, with the presentation at the Paris Motor Show 1934 its technology Eclipse, entonce allowing for folding the roof of the car electrically. The car that was started 401. Since then, several cabrio models, the most popular being the most recent 207 CC and 308 CC.

Peugeot symbol history4) Why is the lion symbol?

Peugeot recorded Lion symbol and their property 1858. The reason: all the symbolism surrounding this cat and its mountains that were made from the origin of the brand: endurance, strength, speed, agility

5) Your current name, its nomenclature

The current name of three numbers in cars Peugeot It dates back to 1929, when Peugeot launched the 201. Since then this tradition continues: the first digit identifies the family vehicle and its size (segment). The third number indicates the generation and currently limited to 8 for most models or 1 for the offer aimed at conquering markets. However, there are exceptions for special vehicles, such as double crossovers with 0 in the middle and sports versions R Y GTI (Including, of course, the RCZ). For its part, the cabrio type vehicle bearing the name CC (coupe-cabriolet) and family letters SW (Station Wagon).

6) Peugeot, a pioneer in sports sponsorship

Today, it is very common car brands are the official sponsors of various disciplines in the sport world. In this area, Peugeot It is also a pioneer, as the Peugeot family founded the football team Sochaux in 1928, it is considering this as the origin of sports sponsorship understood in the modern sense.

Peugeot first electric car7) And your first electric car?

It’s been over 70 years since Peugeot comenzase to experiment with hundred percent electric cars. It was in 1941 when he built the VLV (Urban Light Vehicle), incorporating four batteries connected in series 12V, it had a range of 80 km and reached 30 km / h. This VLV 377 units were produced.

8) four, three and two wheels

Peugeot takes the concept of global mobility at the most varied fields, as currently manufactures and sells vehicles dos wheels (bicycles and scooters), tricycles (the Peugeot Metropolis) and four wheels (its range of cars and industrial vehicles and commercial).

Peugeot piano9) A piano to listen on a comfortable sofa …

Peugeot has a design studio called Design Lab, manager of special projects. The latest and media, include the construction of a Pleyel piano by the specialist to the couch Onyx whose structure is composed of carbon fiber and volcanic stone Volvic.

10) Winner of the first race in history

The race Paris-Rouen It is the first automotive test considered as such, as they have been able to record and verify the historians. It was there in 1894 and the triumph took him Peugeot. Since then, racing successes have occurred in the most varied disciplines such as 24 Hours of Le Mans, the Dakar Rally and the climb to Pikes Peak.