You want a Hummer H3 for sale? Prices from 11,000 euros

The Hummer H3 is not a car for every day, but it is a good alternative for off-road enthusiasts and for those who want to attract attention. In the secondary market, you can find it at very attractive prices ...

Hummer H3, second-hand 4x4

Hummer H3, second-hand 4x4

Hummer H3, second-hand 4x4

Hummer H3, second-hand 4x4

The Hummer was born military vehicle, but for a few years it became also very popular in major cities in the world where driven by famous people, put on fashion as "utilitarian". He Hummer H3 released in 2005 It offered a similar design to the H1 Y H2, but thanks to a more reasonable size, it was presented as the most practical and usable model of the saga.

although the Hummer H3 had a remarkable commercial success, the economic crisis affected specially General Motors and unfortunately in 2010 I decided to give the brand cerrojazo Hummer. In our country many units arrived and today are quite the Hummer H3 which can be found in the secondhand market. It is a second or third car, a vehicle to drive sporadically, have it on a farm or use it for hunting or camping trips out on weekends.

Hummer H3, some technical details

Clearly, the Hummer H3 is not an all-rounder for everyday, not least because the five-cylinder engine gasoline which it is quite gluttonous encouraged and it is not easy to drop 15 liters / 100 km. Meanwhile, the mechanics offered in versions 3.5 and 3.7 liters with 225 and 245 CV, associated with a five-speed manual transmission or automatic four (for some markets also offered a motor 5.3 V8).

Hummer H3He Hummer H3 has four drive wheels permanently lockable central differential and reductive. Suspensions are independent type in the front, while the rear is formed with a traditional shaft driven rigid leaf springs, while the latter absorbs quite effectively irregularities firm. It is therefore a all rough and rugged terrain as few, which impresses with its extraordinary qualities off-road, although it is true that few units have stepped on the field once and too many that can be found shod with tires of many inch tires ultra low profile, which does not leave to be a real aberration. Of course there are people in this world for all and to taste, colors.

Hummer H3, second hand prices

Currently the supply in the resale market is very wide. In addition, being an impractical car, most often have units available few kilometers. The Hummer H3 first sold in 2005 can be found from € 11,000, While price increases significantly in car with less than 50,000 km and in recent years production may exceed 20,000 €. Little money for making us a myth, a vehicle that has a special charm and it appears, will become piece collection medium term.

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