What is the average price of a new car in Spain?

The effects of the crisis continue to be felt in Spain. One of its highlights is the type of new car we acquire the Spanish and how much we pay for it.What is the average price of a new car in Spain?

They betting allowed. And almost certainly none of us would be correct to question how much we pay for our Spanish new car.

Data from the Tax Agency on registrations in Spain between January and September this year give us the figure: the Spaniards paid an average of 16,688 euros for each new car registered in that period. In that amount it includes IEDMT, (Special tax certain means of transport) commonly known as registration tax.

Another striking data extracted from the database of the tax authorities is that the 77.7 percent cars (no less than 673,226 units) registered in the first nine months of 2016 They not have to pay the registration tax. This is because, on average, declared CO2 emissions were 107 g / km. Remember that cars emitting less than 120 g / km of CO2 are exempt from paying this tax.

If we add to that group of cars do not pay registration tax that of those found in the second section of the tax, those which emit between 120 and 160 g / km CO2, would reach 96.2 percent of total sales in the period. 866. These were 534 units in total between January and September 2016.

Average price of petrol and diesel car

If we analyze the data provided by the Tax Agency of the Ministry of Finance, 61 percent cars registered in Spain in the first months of the year, a total of 533,000 units, Diesel engine bore. He half price of those passenger cars Diesel was 18,659 euros. In 80 percent of the total paid no tax.

Average price car in Spain 2016

Also a high percentage (74 percent), but not as much as diesel, was that of cars with gasoline engine they did not pay VRT to be approved with less than 120 g / km of CO2. The average price paid for cars with gasoline engine was 13,532 euros.

If we look at the sections of the tax, the highest average price we found between gasoline powered cars that emit more than 200 g / km: are cars with more powerful engines. They were only about 5,000 in the first nine months of this year. The average amount paid by them was 31,286 euros.

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