The new Volvo XC40, 2017

The new Volvo XC40, 2017

With many dyes design XC90, Volvo XC40 future will bet the new SUV of the Swedish brand, where quality and technology will be their hallmark.The new Volvo XC40, 2017

The new generation of Volvo V40 serve to develop a colorful and attractive variant SUV to be called XC40. Thus, in the Swedish firm you want to gamble more serious by crossover and SUV with pretensions and skills jackets, so the future XC40 It will be a more capable and versatile than the current V40 Cross Country alternative.

According to our information, the arrival on the market of Volvo XC40 It is estimated to 2017, Belgium being the country of manufacture.

Volvo has built an excellent reputation with its XC60 and XC90 and wants to use the pull in the most popular segment where Audi Y BMW already they are working on new models, as well Range Rover He has updated its entrenched Evoque. Coming from whom it comes, the future XC40 promises to lead the area of ​​active and passive safety, cutting-edge solutions applied directly taking on the new XC90.

In aesthetic terms, the future Volvo XC40 you can consider as a V40 sobree-high and with a SUV aspect of reinforced, but also you appreciate many similarities with the new XC90. These similar details, the characteristic forms headlight with hammer Thor god Scandinavian.