SUVs known Suzuki: Jimny, Vitara and S-Cross

Suzuki, a brand with a great tradition in the SUV world today offers three SUV models in its range: a real Jimny, Vitara modern and compact renovated S-Cross.

So the SUV range Suzuki: Jimny, Vitara and S-Cross

So the SUV range Suzuki: Jimny, Vitara and S-Cross

So the SUV range Suzuki: Jimny, Vitara and S-Cross

So the SUV range Suzuki: Jimny, Vitara and S-Cross

Suzuki talk about, especially in our country, certainly speak traditionally off-road driving. We speak of a leading brand in its genes driving off asphalt, providing historically able to respond optimally models when the road is complicated and a value interesting.

Currently, Suzuki has three products that make up its SUV range in our market. The main novelty, arrived a few months ago, is the compact Suzuki S-Cross. Completely renovated outside and inside, this third generation now shows a much more attractive package, with more personality, more SUV than ever, sporting a more upright grille large, with lots of presence and interiors where the leap in quality is more than evident.

Suzuki S-Cross

No change in length, Suzuki S-Cross (This link you have their test) follows measuring 4.30 meters, but it contributes to reinforcing its image more campera its height to the ground, now 18 centimeters, thanks to new tires and higher suspensions. Highlights include the two new petrol engines Boosterjet They are reaching the range, Three cylinder 1.0 with 111 hp and the 1.4 four-cylinder and 140 hp also rides his little brother, the Suzuki Vitara.

Both are exempt from payment of registration tax to homologate CO2 emissions below 120 g / km. In Diesel Suzuki S-Cross continues to offer the efficient engine 1.6 120 hp. It is a car designed for asphalt to dirt roads, but the truth is that it covers very well the record in these cases.

PowerFrom 111 to 140 hp
average consumptionFrom 5.0 l / 100 km
versions4x2 and 4x4
Length4.30 meters
Trunk430 liters of

Suzuki Vitara

Suzuki VitaraA step down in size is placed the Suzuki Vitara a born in 1998 as terrain model, which is now in its Fourth generation (Appeared last year) and has managed to reinvent itself and adapt to changing times. His best assets are found in its engines shortly "gastones", Especially Diesel mentioned 1.6 120 hp, in its maneuverability in town and good behavior on unpaved tracks, especially with 4x4 versions. 

The Suzuki Grand Vitara (this link you will find the test) also offers great strength out of asphalt without consideration for the comfort and effectiveness of its good road. In addition to the Diesel engine, it has two petrol engines: A 1.6 also with 120 hp and the last 140 hp 1.4 Boosterjet power.

Power120 to 140 hp
average consumptionFrom 4.0 l / 100 km
versions4x2 and 4x4
Length4.17 meters
Trunk375 liters

Suzuki Jimny

Suzuki JimnyFinally, in the range of Suzuki Figure incombustible Jimny, the smallNo more authentic SUV with tractionOn and comprehensive offering great off-road qualities. Also one of the best value for money that can be found today in the market.

Unalterable past few years, the AWD Suzuki Jimny, low weight, their rigid and their axes excellent levels TT make it a real specialist "off-road". It is offered with a single engine, the 1.3 petrol 85 hp.

Power85 CV
average consumptionFrom 7.1 l / 100 km
Length3.54 meters
Trunk113 liters

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