Renault Talisman Better than the Volkswagen Passat?

Renault Talisman Better than the Volkswagen Passat?

The new Renault Talisman, which at year end replaces the Renault Laguna, aims high: the Volkswagen Passat Can he the leader of the category of saloons?

Renault Talisman against Volkswagen Passat

Renault Talisman against Volkswagen Passat

Renault Talisman against Volkswagen Passat

Renault Talisman against Volkswagen Passat

The category of family saloons It is very lively: do nothing but get news. The last to appear is the Renault Talisman, which will go on sale in Spain before the end of 2015. There are cars in this type of vehicle with remarkable success, the Opel Insignia, Audi A4 or Mercedes Class C. But sales list the first one is the Volkswagen Passat . To him point from the French brand. We look at the strengths of each. The duel promises hard and equalized.

Volkswagen Passat and Renault Talisman: available engines

Renault Talisman against Volkswagen PassatThe Volkswagen Passat offers five engines, two Diesel and three petrol with nine power levels. Among the former, 1.6 TDi 120 hp for the most basic versions and 2.0TDi, with powers of 150, 190 and 240 hp for the most equipped. With regard to those gasoline, he 1.4 TSi It is available with 125 or 150 hp. The next step is the 1.8 TSi 180 hp and maintains top, the 2.0 TSi 220 or 280 hp.

For its part, the Renault Talisman also provides a range of three engines and five powers, all four cylinders. Two will be gasoline 1.6 TcE, with 150 to 200 hp. he Diesel 1.6 dCi top end 160 hp; below we find a 1.6 dCi 130 hp and 1.5 dCi 110 hp in which change can be manual or automatic six-speed.

Four-wheel steering or four wheel drive?

Volkswagen PassatAs differentiator Renault Talisman incorporates in some versions the system four-wheel steering 4Control. This, which was already present in some versions of Renault Laguna and Renault Laguna Coupé and now reaches also associated with a system piloted damping. Renault says that the combination of these two systems is only found in this model.

Meanwhile, in the Alltrack variant Volkswagen Passat We find the possibility of mounting Four-wheel drive 4Motion. This variant also has a different appearance from the rest of the range, with bumper and grill specific, skid and flared wheel.

Now we need to get behind the wheel of the Renault Talisman and check all the dynamism that promises this system steering / suspension, gives what is promised on paper. In any case, AWD the Passat is more designed for drivers who go to ground or frequently or live in meteorology committed zones rather than towards pure dynamism.

Finishes and versions of Volkswagen Passat and Renault Talisman

the Renault Talisman has five trim levels. They called Life, Zen, Business, Intense and Initiale Paris. He Life, which is the most basic, it is the black dashboard and seats; the steering wheel is leather. Zen, the next level of finish, no different qualities above but uses more clear and warm colors. completion Business It has additional elements that reveal the brand in the international presentation of the model. In finishing Intens, leather and fabric for the seats and door panels are combined; although you can request a choice "leather Riviera" dark brown also for the dashboard. Call completion Initiale Paris, only the most powerful engines, has the steering wheel and seats with electric adjustment and massage, heating and wraparound leather headrests "Nappa full bloom". The side windows are laminated to as Renault, lower noise level inside.

Renault TalismanFor his part, Volkswagen Passat It is available in four endings: Edition, Bluemotion, Advance and Sport. Edition, the most basic, and includes multifunction steering wheel with leather and cruise control speed. For its part, the Bluemotion It has specific equipment for fuel economy: Aerodynamic attachments and start / stop function. In finishing Advance in addition to the above three-zone Climatronic climate control, rain sensor and automatic lights. In the upper end Sport, and heated seats appear and upholstered in leather and Alcantara.

Who wins in boot: Volkswagen Passat or Renault Talisman?

Here the winner is clearly the Renault Talisman. French model for the brand announces capacity 608 liters. In the case of Volkswagen Passat, in the trunk has saloon 586 liters.

In versions of familiar body Volkswagen Passat increases the capacity up to 650 liters. The Renault Talisman not exceed this time and 608 liters of the sedan stays in the same

Renault Talisman against Volkswagen Passat: its exterior design

This section is the most committed of all because here it appeals more to the taste of each driver that measurable parameters. Renault has sought to distance itself from its Laguna model has been rupturista. It has created a powerful car exterior design and conveys quality. Yet it has managed to give a unique personality, especially in the rear where your headlights contribute to give an image of strength and technology.

In the case of Volkswagen Passat brand you have chosen in this last generation, as has happened with previous, being little rupturista with the previous version in terms of design. A formula that has worked but, as in this case, leaves the model a bit outdated. Comparing the rear of both cars is where most of this difference is noticeable.

My opinion

After missing years in this category the Renault Talisman gets hard to try to gain a foothold at the summit. Compared on paper, the French model is going to get very difficult for the Volkswagen Passat, not forgetting the number two in sales, Opel Insignia. He German clearly wins in the range of engines available, including hybrid inclusoun (GTE). But in the other sections, in my opinion, the Renault Talisman treats you to you. Now we just need to know the most important: how much the Renault Talisman and how promotional campaign will react Volkswagen Passat pair do not lose your sales.

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