How much body repair and paint the car in Spain?

How much body repair and paint the car in Spain?

We’re in luck. The average cost of body repairs and car painting have become cheaper by more than 6 percent in one year, about 55 euros on average. We tell you what regions is cheaper to fix your car dents.How much body repair and paint the car in Spain?

Body repair car paint Spain stands at around 821 euros, while in 2015 it was 877 euros, ie, which has fallen 6.35 percent in a year, according to data collected by GT Motive. In return, It is increasing the activity of the automotive aftermarket, due to improved economic indicators, increased use of the car and the average mileage and the rise in claims. In addition, the advanced age of the Spanish park vehicles continues to weigh on the evolution of the Spanish bill paid when passing through the workshop.

Nevertheless, very striking differences between provinces, so that even reach triple bill depending on where the repair is made. Tops the list of most expensive regions of Madrid, with an average price of 1457.48 euros, shocking figure when compared with the cheapest city, Ceuta where the average cost is 443.47 euros. The capital will continue to Melilla (1,220.46 euros), A Coruña (1,145.99 euros), Soria (1,144.35 euros), Lleida (1,029.70 euros) and Pontevedra (1,000.23 euros).

At the opposite end it is, as we have seen, Ceuta, followed by Sevilla (692.76 euros), Guadalajara (694.80 euros), Cádiz (705.38 euros) and Granada (705.89 euros).

Electromechanical repairs further down

The average amount of electro-mechanical repairs also down compared to 2015 8.31 percent to settle at 323.10 euros. In case of Ceuta It’s funny because although it has the lowest price in body repair and painting, It is the City with the highest price in mechanical arrangements, with an average cost of 906.09 euros. Followed Melilla (684.77 euros), Teruel (661.83 euros), Huesca (518.06 euros) and Ourense (504.86 euros).

The cheapest city in terms of electromechanics is Álava (306.26 euros), enjoying a fall of 7.11 percent in the bill with respect to 2015. It is followed by Albacete (329.08 euros), Jaén (351.21 euros), Huelva (356.81 euros ) and Granada (361.35 euros) and the lowest for a mechanical repair workshop provinces.

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