The new Opel will arrive until 2018

The new Opel will arrive until 2018

Opel launched since the summer and until 2018 many new cars that will renew its entire range. In its dealers, in addition, there will be models in new segments.

Future models Opel: SUV and sedans

Future models Opel: SUV and sedans

Future models Opel: SUV and sedans

Future models Opel: SUV and sedans

The Opel Zafira Tourer is renewed in summer 2016

The future of Opel Zafira has two parts. The first chapter has an almost imminent appearance with the redesign of the current Opel ZafiraTourer. This will incorporate a new front, new grille and daytime running lights boomerang-shaped. So follow the style of the latest generation Opel Astra. will also come new engines has released the current European Car of the Year. The most notable user benefit will be a decrease in fuel consumption compared to the current generation. A second part will come in 2018 with the arrival of an SUV variant, which will expand the information below.

New Opel Zafira Tourer

Opel Mokka X, on sale in autumn 2016

The Opel Mokka from autumn Opel Mokka will be called X. change A lot about everything inside. The new dashboard appears on touchscreens seven or eight inches (depending on versions) and, thanks to features that are operated from them, the number of buttons is reduced. Outside the most prominent change is in the front, with the new grille that already incorporate other models of the brand as the new Astra.

He multimedia system Connects IntelliLink smartphone with Mokka X through carplay Apple or Android Auto applications. In addition, you can also incorporate Opel OnStar with WI-FI 4G and assisted navigation.

Regarding engines, it highlights the incorporation of the new 1.4-liter turbo petrol 150 hp. It may be attached to an automatic transmission 6 speed and overall system adaptive traction.

The new Mokka X incorporates LED lighting system AFL that “provide the best possible visibility without dazzling other drivers”, says the brand. Something like always go on long.

New Opel Mokka X

Opel Ampera-e. On sale at the end of 2016

He witty (and expensive) Ampera where combining a heat engine as a generator that provided electricity to move the car did not have the expected success in Europe. This four-seater saloon and 4.5 m long stopped sold last January, It is replaced by the new Ampera-e.

This new Opel Ampera-e is a car smaller than the previous. body minivan, measures just under 4.2 meters and can accommodate up to five seats. Is fully electric and has a theoretical range of 320 km on a single charge. Furthermore, Opel ensures that a charging time in a conventional plug can be scrolled 40 kilometers.

Regarding prices there is nothing announced by the brand. In the US, where it is sold as Chevrolet Bolt EV, it costs about $ 38,000, that subtract public subsidies.

Ampera E

Opel Meriva, again in the spring of 2017

The Figueruelas factory in Zaragoza takes months preparing for manufacture the new Meriva. Time to optimize plant is being superior because it as well HE fabricate Models for the PSA (Peugeot and Citroen).

The big news of the future Opel Meriva is that will not have the controversial rear doors opening in the opposite direction the march as it takes the model on sale today. In that aspect it will be a more conventional model. But not others, such as that there will be a variant with an aspect purely SUV. It is not known whether this also be called Meriva and will add a “name” to differentiate it (eg Rocks, as in the small Opel Adam) or, on the contrary, will choose a name for her. In the case of PSA model in just over a couple of years, looking SUV could replace the current Peugeot 2008, while the more ‘traditional’ exterior handle to relieve the Citroën C3 Picasso.

This family of modular models share platform and also engines. Most of them will be three-cylinder and start / stop.

New Opel Meriva 2017

The new Opel Insignia arrives in autumn 2017

The Opel Insignia has been one of the revulsivos brand. In 2008, when he appeared on the market Opel needed a product that would make forget some bugs that dragged the Opel Vectra. They created the Insignia and he managed to overcome sales.

In 2013 came a major redesign of the model and also and more importantly, with new engines it made it more efficient. For him next year expected arrival new Insignia.

The new Insignia will, as has happened with the next-generation Astra, much lighter. Some sources say that the most equipped version will be at least 200 lighter than the current equivalent kilos. Result: better dynamics and lower consumption.

The size outdoor grow in about 10 centimeters. So will the wheelbase. States both factors will result in a better interior space. But the car look even bigger because its exterior design will be sharper. As well plus Elegant. Yes, the version more "traditional" will disappear and alone it may acquire in five doors (As seen in our computer generated image appears four) and family SportsTourer.

The driving will be headed by a widescreen TFT customizable (Larger than some current versions) that will act as a watch box. In addition, the On-Star system 4G WIFI in the car and on-line services) will have new features.

New Opel Insignia 2017

Opel Zafira SUV for 2018

The second chapter of the future of Opel Zafira will be written in response to the wishes of the market, ie in SUV format. It remains to be seen if the big SUV brand, which is also a kind of substitute for all-terrain Antara, Zafira will be called ‘plus something’ to differentiate it from current Tourer or will own name. Anyway, the car will share platform 2- -Epsilon the future Insignia (So ​​will other models of General Motors worldwide: Cadillac, Chevrolet, Buick or Holden) and both would be manufactured at the same plant in Russelsheim (Germany).

The design team, led by Mark Adams, has opted for a interior jaw drop more than one: a large central display will be the linchpin of the whole interior. Yes, they have not forgotten the functional side and the trunk will be a third row of folding seats.

New Opel ZafiraSUV 2018

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