M-30 in Madrid, knows where their radars are

M-30 in Madrid, knows where their radars are

Where are the fixed radars Madrid M-30? Here’s a list to avoid getting ticketed. Remember: these days the speed to 70 km / h and new mobile radars are fining you is limited.M-30 in Madrid, knows where their radars are

The M-30 It is one of the way from Madrid Capital more fine and these days is news for his speed restriction of 70 km / h with the objective of reduce the contaminant levels from nitrogen dioxide (NO2). To the fixed radars new phones that have come into operation to control every driver is traveling with the new speed limit temporary bind.

The fixed radars already in the M-30 from Madrid these days do not change their threshold functioning and in most cases (except for those located in the tunnels, where they have always fined over 70 km / h) Remain scheduled to penalize a top speed to 90 km / h.

From the City of Madrid It could progress are four mobile radars located in the M-30 and the Access those that will strictly control the provisional limit of 70 km / h. From the city council it has not detailed the exact point where they can be located these mobile radars, since municipal police are authorized to change his location over hours.

The M-30 It is one of the way what more raises for coffers City of Madrid. According to official statistics, from January to May 2015 11.176.000 euros was raised only in the M-30, which brought 108,481 of the 159,657 total complaints.

Remember that mobility agents also they feature mobile radars which typically installed on a tripod that handle manually. Some typical places are usually placed are in the Extremadura road (A-5), up to headquarters Camp or Batán, or at the entrance on the highway Toledo (A-42) versus tanatorio south.

Then here’s a list of fixed radars M-30. Remember, you must move at 70 km / h These days, although these radars are scheduled to jump to more than 90 km / h. If you break the new temporary speed limit, only mobile radars whose location is unknown you can punish.

List of fixed radars M-30 Madrid.

– M30 Entry The A-1. Sales P.K. sense Bridge 0.500

– Underpass Costa Rica. Sense Principe de Vergara

– M-30 link O’Donnell. A sense Norte Pte. Sales P.K. 7,800

– Tunnel bypass, North A Sense Pte. Sales (Méndez Álvaro-Avda. Del Mediterraneo)

– Tunnel, C / Embajadores input from the M-40

– M-30 Tunnel entrance, From South Nudo Towards Pte. Of French

– M-30 tunnel, Nudo Sur Sense – Pte the French, (Gta Legazpi -.. Pº Sta Maria De La Cabeza).

– Tunnel bypass, direction A-3 A Pte French, (GTA Legazpi -. Paseo Maria De Sta Head.) -. Tunnel bypass, direction A-3 A Pte French, (Link Paseo Maria De Sta Head.).

– Tunnel M-30 A-3 A Sense Pte of the French (Paseo Maria De Sta Head -.. GTA pyramids.).

– M-30 tunnel, Pte Sense of the French -. A3 (Pte San Isidro -. Gta Marqués De Vadillo.)

– M-30 tunnel, Sense South Node A Pte. Of the French, (Last Exit Virgen Del Puerto)

– Tunnel Avda. De Portugal, Sentido M-30

– Tunnel entrance Marques De Monistrol, P.K. 19,060

– M-30 – Marques De Monistrol, Pte Sense of the French (Pte Del Rey -.. Pte French). P.K. 19,800

– M30 Sense Avda ILLUSTRATION. (Ctra Del Pardo -.. Avda ILLUSTRATION) P.K. 25,700

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