Mokka X, X and Grandland Crossland X: the SUV range of Opel in 2017

X range Opel 2017X range Opel 2017X range Opel 2017X range Opel 2017

Under the base of the Opel Mokka, the manufacturer jutted with Opel Mokka X in the segment urban SUV, crossover or, as becoming known, CUV. This new model is already fresh and attractive style that Opel He wants to give their new SUV models 2017, Crossland Opel to be the Opel Grandland X and X, both as part of the seven new models that will come from Opel factories throughout next year.

If the Opel Mokka X, already available on the market, we found a length 4.28 meters, halfway between an urban SUV and a compact SUV, for Opel Crossland X these dimensions are reduced more, and touches itself and the segment of small SUV. In fact, the Crossland new X replaced in the range of the Opel Meriva, a minivan that will occur. Like the two generations of this people carrier, the Opel Crossland X is manufactured at the plant in Zaragoza (Figueruelas) and begin to marketed in June 2017.

To the new Opel Crossland X what we see with mechanical and pmore accessible tough the Opel Mokka X, since the latter offers engines Diesel between 110 and 136 hp and of gasoline between 140 and 152 hp, the latter being the only 4x4 associated with the automatic transmission standard. He Crossland X is positioned as a clear rival Juke Nissan or Renault Captur, among other options available in the market.

Opel Crossland XOpel Grandland X: the compact SUV

By Opel above Crossland X (Segment B), will arrive a few months later, specifically in November 2017, Opel Grandland X, segment C and an estimated length of 4.45 meters: a compact SUV and full. With this model, will share platform and components the Peugeot 3008 (PSA), Opel looking for a link between its models Opel Astra and Opel Zafira, with the possibility of reaching even replace the latter in the future, leaving aside entirely the segment MPV. The new Opel Grandland X (Which we offer exclusive computer recreations of how it will be, like the Crossland X) will compete it directly with Ateca Seat, Kia Sportage and Nissan Qashqai, among others, waiting to be offered (considering the platform you use) with engines gasoline between 130 and 165 hp, The first trincilíndrico, and mechanical Diesel 100 to 150 HP.

And with three SUV end 2017, year 2018 it's time to release another top model, and SUV segment, which in this case will share a platform with the new Opel Insignia and will have a length expected to approach the 4.8 meters. Very soon you will be able to give more details of this SUV from which the name is still unknown ... but insurance also take an X in its name. This new range SUV promises.

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