SUVs arriving: Seat "Ateca XL" and Skoda Coupe Kodiaq

SUVs arriving: Seat “Ateca XL” and Skoda Coupe Kodiaq

We have new recreations and data on how will the new 7-seater SUV Seat and Skoda Kodiaq Coupé: two models that promise to revolutionize their categories in the coming months.

7-seater SUV Seat and Skoda Kodiaq Coupé: new pictures

7-seater SUV Seat and Skoda Kodiaq Coupé: new pictures

7-seater SUV Seat and Skoda Kodiaq Coupé: new pictures

7-seater SUV Seat and Skoda Kodiaq Coupé: new pictures

The new ones large SUV preparing and Seat and Skoda They are already two of the most anticipated models that are generating more excitement in the market. And they are so much promise and, above all, because in reality no longer derivations two SUV who they are having great success: the new Seat and Skoda Kodiaq Ateca. Both proposals are at the expense of final confirmations: the Seat “Ateca XL” on its final name, and Skoda Kodiaq Coupé on arrival or not Europe, once China confirmed. But both will roll road in a few months, and in 2018. And you can anticipate images … and more data.

Seat 7 seater SUV: more practical … yet

Which is certain to land in Spain in 2018 it is to be the third SUV range SeatHe who christened as “Ateca XL”. This was confirmed himself president of the brand, Luca de Meo, during the presentation of the latest economic results of the company. “This car will bring us new customers, boost brand image and have a very important role in our ability to generate margins effect,” he said.

Seat SUV silhouetteEast New Seat SUV, from that moment the name is unknown but, as always on the mark, will associated with any term of the Spanish geography, will complete a range above and then formed by the current Ateca Seat and Seat Arona new small debuting this fall. The new SUV will feature an interior with 5 or 7 seats interiors will be designed in Barcelona, ​​but will Made in Germany, particularly in Wolfsburg.

Seat the new big SUV is developed on the -engineering and construction platform MQB A2, the same on which already hit the market the new Volkswagen Tiguan Allspace a Tiguan along with up to 7 seats. This new SUV can also confirm that it will be important for the brand to brand new front Seat image, which then will be the main feature of the new Lion identity once and generation change.

Seat has not confirmed although many more facts about this SUV in less than a year will be on the roads, we can confirm that measure around 4.70 meters long, which should offer a large luggage compartment, with 5 seats, clearly exceed 600 liters and mechanically waive the smaller engines Ateca. That is, its range could start with the 1.4 TSI 150 hp petrol to also offer 180 and 220, while the 2.0 TDI diesel with 150 hp and open reach higher versions of 190 and 240 hp. This, at least, is the proposal that from the second half of 2017 Volkswagen Tiguan will arrive Allspace.

Skoda Coupe KodiaqSkoda Kodiaq Coupé: the sportiest general

Assured since the arrival of the new 7-seater SUV Seat also Skoda already confirmed the launch of its Kodiaq CoupéBut for now … for China. However, given the success that this type of vehicle begins to have, it is not unreasonable to think that also reach Europe. And more will be seen how attractive your body.

The new Skoda Kodiaq Coupé is well located in the Czech range between the new Skoda Karoq (the replacement for the Yeti of that this week we’ve spoken) and current Kodiaq, an SUV with up to 7 seats marked by unparalleled space and performance that make it almost on a scale Q7. To top it off, Skoda has also just presented at the Shanghai Motor Show its vision and a concept that will be your first electric car … also SUV.

It will take a starring role in its new range Skoda SUV, where this Kodiaq Coupé should point to more emotional format. From between 4.50 and 4.60 meters, also start from the MQB platform group, betting on a very good dynamics and a low weight. As for engines, it should not come up with surprises, highlighting the 1.4 TSI and 2.0 TDI in the middle of the range. It only remains to wait for Skoda and present it in Asia … and it definitely confirmed for Europe.

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