Seat Ateca, Skoda Vision S and VW Tiguan, the three SUV group VW

Heart, different soul. And the VW Tiguan about, Seat and Skoda deploy their weapons to compete with future SUVs. So the same? So different?

The three SUV Volkswagen Group: Ateca Seat, Skoda and VW Tiguan S Vision

The three SUV Volkswagen Group: Ateca Seat, Skoda and VW Tiguan S Vision

The three SUV Volkswagen Group: Ateca Seat, Skoda and VW Tiguan S Vision

The three SUV Volkswagen Group: Ateca Seat, Skoda and VW Tiguan S Vision

Is it same Volkswagen Golf a Seat Leon? And a Volkswagen Passat a Skoda Superb? Yes. Or not, depends on the glass we look. It is true that currently the VW group is the manufacturer with more common platforms, and as you know, with many more elements identical to the structure. Twins, not twins. It is in the territory SUV where I see more freedom of movement and, beyond common elements, I can differentiate more products a priori so similar through its commercial positioning, personality and, of course, price and options.

But to the point. At year's end they will agree dealers of the same apple A VW Tiguan (Available from the Month of May), a Ateca Seat, fair market before summer, and the new Skoda SUV, more than likely called Snowman. Take the pen and as if it were the classic pastimes, Do you think you'd know tell us where the differences are? I assure you that there is, technically, a lot in common, but let's see.

Volkswagen Tiguan

Ateca Seat, Skoda and VW Tiguan SUV: three sizes

Skoda is who, by his more family counseling, more practical and versatile, it detaches as compact SUV and comes directly in format XL, capable seven passengers. Paves the way later it will take VW with its Tiguan and probably also Seat with its model Ateca. So, while anticipating the final SUV concept Skoda Vision S, whose photographic recreation skin of the final product can see in this article, will measure 4.70 meters, the other two models are significantly smaller and have capacity only for 5 people. 4.49 is the length of VW; a little less, specifically about 4.36 m, will be outside Ateca Seat size.

Ateca snowman and Tiguan: three SUV, 9 coachwork

Having said that, it should be noted that in addition to bodies long and up to seven seater battle, there will be a bypass coupé, BMW X4 on the line. A VW Tiguan more premium, a Seat Ateca more emotional... ¿And where Skoda plays? I return the question, Can you imagine the future Skoda Snowman Coupé was done on the long version and maintain capacity for seven passengers? Here there is no product like, and if what is is to occupy market segments, the strategy is not at all far-fetched. So That may be the great differentiator.

Skoda Vision S

Line three SUV It will also be great divider of opinions. Clearly, from a common base, will be like, but VW Tiguan, Ateca Seat Y Skoda SUV They will be an extension of other product lines of the brand: VW, balance emotional; Seat, more nerve and wit; Y Skoda, an aesthetic more traditional. If you were to put one beside the other, you have the perception of being in three different cars, especially against the Tiguan Off-road online, with different attack -Angle bumper 24 degrees, 16 degrees off normal bumper) plus body height 20 mm higher (200 mm in total).

Platform: MQB architecture for the three

Yes, but not at the same point of production. Skoda and Seat share Kvasiny Czech factory Meanwhile he VW Tiguan will be produced in factories in Hannover and Wolfsburg (Germany). As we have seen, two will be the declinations, one with 268 cm battle for 'short' versions of the VW Tiguan Y Ateca Seat which will go on sale this year, and long for the Skoda SUV, with more than ten centimeters extra-wheelbase. And yes, it's common architecture and modules, so is its flexibility to adapt to different factories. VW Tiguan and finished with one of the confirmed qualities of this powerplant: Being the VW Tiguan largest before, announces 50 kg less weight and greater efficiency. The Seat Ateca even lower, for the same engine, the nearly 1,500 kilos nailed the VW Tiguan 2.0 TDI 150 hp 4x2.

Ateca Seat

Engines and transmissions: the (good) Family

Here too. Rather than similar reasonable clones in the making, with exceptions. Skoda is more than likely not reach the top, I mean the more powerful engine bearing the VW Tiguan, Bi 2.0 TDi 240 hp. But the rest, it is assumed that the range is articulated exactly like the VW Tiguan: 1.4 TSi 125 hp (Only 4x2), 1.4 TSi 150 hp with disconnection of cylinders (4x2 and 4x4), 2.0 TSi 180 hp / (Automatic 4x4), 1.6 TDi 115 hp (4x2), 2.0 TDi 150 hp (4x2 and 4x4) and 2.0 TDi 190 hp (4x4). Similarly, manual or automatic dual-clutch transmissions are also common. The efficiency of each model will mark therefore size, line and weight, which is more than likely that the Seat Ateca, although tenths is the model stand out.

Cockpits: Seal Seat, Skoda and VW

What you do not seem sufficient differences? When you step on board the discover. I am also convinced that you be amazed products Skoda and Seat; one Czech, by an increase in quality and design load important; another, the Spanish, because it consolidates the excellent materialization X-perience Lion, currently its most exotic product in the range. But here VW stands out with something more quality in the Tiguan, and also more gadget, with optional control box with 12.3 inch TFT display replacing the classic analog clock. The three bet for a rear row (the buffer in the case of SUV of Skoda) with longitudinal travel of 16 cm in the case of the VW Tiguan and somewhat less in the Seat Ateca. For its part, while the cargo volume Seat exceed 500 liters, VW has confirmed 615 liters of total volume for Tiguan, 145 liters more than the outgoing model. In its 5-seater configuration, you can imagine that Skoda brand will again impose distances in capacity and versatility.

Volkswagen Tiguan

Driving profiles modes Eco, Comfort, Normal, Sport or Individual will be common for all three cars while at the moment, is a Skoda will also unknown if the 4Motion Active Control premiered at the Tiguan, the new roulette strategy to adapt force distribution between axles of the total traction (and other parameters) depending on the terrain, with modes Road, Snow, Off-Road and Off-Road personalized. In short, three brothers of blood, but distinguished and distinguishable by a unique personality.

cheaper version VW initially will sell Tiguan 2.0 TDi will be a 150 hp, with a price of 29,650 euros. I bet you will not have trouble finding the differences in favor of either mechanical equality.

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