Audi A1 2018 and will be the new "Ibiza" premium

Audi A1 2018 and will be the new “Ibiza” premium

The second generation of the Audi A1 is ready. 2018 will see its complete renovation, taking advantage of the development of the latest Seat Ibiza … but adding quality and superior range.

Audi A1 2018, first pictures of the new premium utility

Audi A1 2018, first pictures of the new premium utility

Audi A1 2018, first pictures of the new premium utility

Audi A1 2018, first pictures of the new premium utility

Something is changing between the premium manufacturers. Under the motto, Mercedes He redesigned a few years ago its entire range … and it has worked really well. It has rejuvenated its image, presented all kinds of new product and even changed his philosophy. BMW It is now on the same line: with the release of its next SUV X2, promises a revolutionary change in terms of design, always betting on the sport known gene. As well, Audi has also been released … and big. With the big event Audi Summit has made it clear this week that immerses himself in technological progress, digitization, autonomous driving … In short, in the car of the future and the new A8 is its best.

However, below Audi also strong bet to renewal. The new A3 and Q3 also premiering soon important changes that we’ve been already talking, so today we focus on other big news coming: the second generation of its smallest car, Audi A1. A glance at computer-generated images of our illustrator Schulte (always very reliable) will suffice to prove that, start, aesthetically much more attractive.

He new Audi A1 is scheduled to arrive the market in fourth quarter of 2018, so it could be disclosed officially at the upcoming Geneva Motor Show to be held in March. more sharp lines, much lateral rib body and new optical groups preside new image, more powerful and sporty. As well They earn much more presence inlets.

Audi A1 2018Audi A1 2018: Goodbye to 3 doors?

Developed and from the A0 MQB platform, from where all small cars of the Volkswagen Group and has released the latest generation Ibiza, the new Audi A1 grow something in length. Of 3,97 meters will present about 4.04 meters long (And next to the new Ibiza) and is also up 20 mm wider and offering 90 mm wheelbase also superior. It therefore appears that one of its weak points so far, interior space, should improve markedly.

This increased functionality of the new Audi A1 will also have correspondence in the trunk. According to the information we collect from our sister magazine Auto Motor und Sport German, its carrying capacity is now around 350 liters, that is, between 70 and 80 more in the current generation. The tailgate also promises to be more practical and larger.

But maybe one of the most important changes which will register the new Audi A1 is that remove in this second generation 3-door version: As just announced the new Seat Ibiza. Something that every day we see more from new vans and compact.

The engines of the new Audi A1

In mechanical, the new Audi A1 will also premiere the latest Volkswagen Group engines, giving a major leap here also about the Seat Ibiza. In gasoline It is expected to open the last engine range 3 cylinder 1.0 TSI 115PS (Giving up the smallest 1.0 of 75 and 95 hp), while above should show the 1.4 TSI 125, 150 (And system cylinder shutdown) And till 190 hp power.

2018 Audi A1 InteriorBut if you have not left you yet clear difference concept of the new A1 with respect to Ibiza, it says that the power will be even greater. From Germany we filter as it will also 2.0 TSI with more than 250 hp for the Audi S1 ​​version (So ​​far he stayed in 230 hp), and of course and will feature adaptive damping; and even a RS1 even more radical variant with 300 hp and power, nothing more and nothing less.

respect to Diesel, at least in its launch is planned that the new Audi A1 bet on a single engine: the known 1.6 TDI 110 hp that is giving as good performance after a somewhat hesitant early years. It does not seem that the A1 wants to bet much diesel mechanics.

From 17,500 euros … in Germany

The new Audi A1 also bet a much more complete equipment. Enhancing assistance systems such as lane departure warnings, pedestrian detection, automatic parking attendants, assisted braking and even new LED lighting functions even at the level of indoor environment, will be a fact.

And speaking of the interior, the new Audi A1 also bet a digital instrumentation to 6.5 inches, and a system of information and training edge, yet in connectivity. And, of course, and as the new Ibiza also equip cInductive arga for mobile phones. In Germany and to give us their prices: will depart from 17,500 euros. We will see in Spain.