New SEAT Leon Supercopa LR, Long Race

New SEAT Leon Supercopa LR, Long Race

SEAT Sport has launched an interesting variant of the successful Seat Leon Supercopa, it is the LR, or Long Race, an evolution of powerful and sporty SuperCopa now with 330 hp and sequential change.New SEAT Leon Supercopa LR, Long Race

In SEAT do not stop. The official team WTCC It is already in Brazil to debut this weekend as World Champions, and SEAT Sport They do not stop working and launch now Two new variants of the Leon Supercopa, the “LR” and “SuperCopa MK2” . Based on the Leon Supercopa, SEAT Sport It includes such major changes as a new electronic control unit with which develops 330 hp . To properly digest the increase in power is essential to have a new brake kit with new discs and brake calipers larger than allow the use of pills thicker so you can work longer, more kilometers with the same tablets, a particularly suitable solution for endurance races or 24 hours.

Perhaps the most important change, and also the most anticipated by the usual pilots SEAT Leon Supercopa is the sequential gearbox. Lion features a sequential manual gearbox Hewland with traditional shift lever, not with steering wheel paddles. The new gearbox includes a reduction in weight of the vehicle in the front region of 40 kg. Only thanks to this modification the car and wins many integers in competitiveness, because the “set up” by having less weight change over the previous train, which makes the car even more nimble in the curve. The sequential gearbox helps retain much better the car under braking, so that the pilot does not punish both the brakes, another determining factor for distance running factor. Additionally, the box includes numerous potential change ratios, and each driver / team can determine appropriate developments for each path. At the moment, technicians SEAT Sport will provide the gearbox with two possible developments, one long providing a top speed of 240 km / h, and another short stay-at 170 km / h.

The new SEAT Leon LR will initially be sold in two versions, called V8PS000000 SUPER COPA LEON 2009 LR, which is the full version and includes three kits: engine, brakes and change, and will be priced at 83,100 euros. And the so-called V8PS000001 SUPER COPA LEON 2009 – 330. In this version, the Leon Supercopa has the power kit and brake kit, but retains the DSG, that if, with 330 hp under the engine. Its price is 68,400 euros.
SEAT Leon Supercopa MK2
The MK2 is the model that completes the new range, and is nothing more than the ability to transform any of the “lions” and marketed by SuperCopa SEAT Sport . SEAT technicians require that motor kit with brake kit, essential to sustain the increase in performance is incorporated, while retaining the DSG. Similarly you can also perform the complete transformation in “Long Race” with sequential shift, always linked to power kit and brakes. In these cases, the kits and their prices are as follows:

– New switchboard enhanced.
– Injectors.
– Fuel pump high pressure.
– Intercooler tubes for installation.
– Front brake calipers supported.
– Rear brake calipers supported.
– Rear brake discs.
– Pads front and rear brake.
Approximate price: 7,300 euros

KIT SEAT León LR Long Race
– The kit includes power and brakes described above.
– Hewland sequential gearbox (short or long developments)
– Drivetrain, press and flywheel.
– Lever set of changes
– Pedalier clutch.
– Cut-off wiring
– Bolts and pipes.
Approximate price: 26,800 euros

In the course of performing the transformation of a SuperCopa a LR, SEAT Sport recommends a standard engine overhaul for cars exceeding 4,500 km, with a price of 1,557.31 euros. With this revision, the assembly of engine components would be free. Interested, contact Xavier Carrasquilla, Tel. 34 937731875. [email protected] or Laura Brullas Tel. +34 937 733 399, [email protected]