Ford Transit Custom Sport Van, a van proof "racing"

Ford Transit Custom Sport Van, a van proof “racing”

The Ford Transit Custom Van Sport presents an aesthetic “racing” incorporates a powerful engine and equipment of the highest standard for its segment.

Ford Transit Custom Van Sport in pictures

Ford Transit Custom Van Sport in pictures

Ford Transit Custom Van Sport in pictures

Ford Transit Custom Van Sport in pictures

Some years ago that Ford prepared another striking Sport version, in this case on a van Transit low ceiling. A model that, as in this case, without any add it become a striking vehicle did not go unnoticed, especially among the “furgoneteros”.

In this case Ford you versioned specifications Sport Van Transit Custom model, which it is incorporated basically a metallic color stripes vertically on the hood, a spoiler under the front bumper and a stripe across the space separating the two axes, elements further reinforce the feeling that It has lowered the vehicle suspension.

To cap a striking they are mounted alloy wheels 16 inches on which a no less attractive fit low profile tires that enhance the sense of competition model.

These aesthetic features have been added to the Transit Custom version of 4972 mm with a height of 2056 mm body, while the interior can accommodate nearly 6 cubic meters goods with a weight in this case 885 kg, which can have a height of 1,972 mm, while the length can reach 2550 mm to the bulkhead separating the cabin.

In this version there are provided respective sliding doors to each side, while on the back two traditional hinged opening 180 degrees are mounted.

Ford Transit Custom Van SportFord Transit Custom Van Sport: the best, is not

Well, this is what you see, because under the hood a powerful engine lurks EcoBlue two liter with an output of 170 hp, which it is the argument that gives meaning itself to the denomination Sport, as his condition Van maximum highway speed remains limited to 100 km / h.

Legal issues aside this Custom Sport Van It has a maximum weight ratio and very advantageous power because it has 17 hp to move the 2,900 kg of MMA. But the momentum is not just a question of the available cavalry, because if we do not have adequate developments correctly linking effort between each of the marches, we must use the change over the account.

Something which in this case is well resolved, as have a first rather short in practice will not many drawbacks to start using the second relationship. It is a manual gearbox six relations While administering rhythms without stretching the counter above 2,000 rpm for the link to the next sprocket not involve an effort to motor.

Ford Transit Custom Van Sport: force is with you

This bench is supercharged by a VGT with electrical activation and injection common to 2,000 bar pressure and piezo injectors eight holes. Docile when what you want is to save the most changes just before reaching 1,500 rpm, rate above which the response becomes especially vigorous to 3,000 rpm, although exceeding 2,000 turns the drive is already considerable.

After reaching cruising speed will ride to 100 km / h to approximately 1,400 revolutions regime, with some means fuel consumption slightly above 6 l / 100 km.

Ford Transit Custom Van SportIn the controls the driver It is in a dominant position in height and quite upright, almost like sitting in a lounge chair, but here he settles into a leather upholstered seat has an adjustable electrical regulations and multifunction steering wheel height and depth.

He dynamic behavior of the Custom Transit Sport Van is nice, although the low-profile tires and a fairly straightforward direction in response confer a touch “racing” according to the model.

A van medium in size with a wheelbase of 2933 mm that provides some sobriety response between the front axle with McPherson suspension and mild tared and a rear axle to beam once receives light ballasting maintains poise minimum path without hesitation.

Moreover, the front-wheel drive It is already a guarantee of good manners that allows hasten turns with power spurting by tires with a grip that reaffirms security at the controls.

A scheme disc brakes on all four wheels, Highly ventilated in this case by designing 16-inch wheels, insistently support a deal without showing signs of fatigue and fainting.

We are facing a version of “whim” Ford only offers finishing van and so we have seen seems to have good acceptance with bodywork glass Tourneo for transporting passengers, which also justify a mechanics with this power, because at least could roll at 120 km / h on the highway to have approval as tourism.

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