Food trucks: regulations, prices and all information

Food trucks: regulations, prices and all information

Food trucks have invaded our streets: takeaways prepared by chefs at the wheel fully adapted to the stove vehicles. Are trendy.

Food trucks

Food trucks

Food trucks

Food trucks

They take decades to feed people who need to fill this vital need without investing too much time and money. Very popular in USA, food trucks They have been extended to the rest of the world They have come to Spain to stay.

“Chefs al Volante” food trucks became a cult object: even in the most remote village of the peninsula spoke of those ‘rarunas’ vans, equipped with kitchen, having little space and with good food, they were able to satisfy the hunger of those who approached their desks thanks to the ability of its chefs.

How to have a food truck

If you are thinking to a culinary twist to your life, it may be a good idea to make a food truck. Have some experience in the world of hospitality, do a market study to find out what triumphs and have, if possible, a “real” establishment in which you have previously tested your recipes, It is most recommended.

In the web you will find all the necessary information, both to adapt a vehicle to rent. They also provide a calendar with dates of upcoming fairs throughout Spain.

But if what you dream is to as an adaptation, Feel free to visit Food Truck Systems (, a start-up specialized in the sector making fully customized jobs; It also has a food legal advice and are specialists in culinary design.

What standards must a food truck

Depending on the vehicle although, if you go to foof -there truck driver transported in grúa- have to have driving license B (If less than 3.500kg) or C (If surpasses 3,500 kg) and a transport card. any modification you make must be approved, so you have to do it in a specialist workshop or not pass the ITV, which you must attend annually until the food truck has ten years and six months when met.

Also, you have to fit you to General health regulations, established by Regulation 2004/852 / EC, and governing in the Autonomous Community where you want to cook and sell your products. Of course, you have to be holder food handler card and have a veterinary certification of food truck.

How much a food truck

A van -type Renault Master or Fiat Ducato – secondhand, equipped and ready to function as a food truck can cost between 30,000 and 35,000 euros. The vintage style -a Citroen HY, for example-has a price that part 4,000 euros and can reach 18,000 euros, if it is restored. These rates provided by Food Truck Ya, are approximate because they depend on the state of the vehicle and the changes you want to achieve.

Where can you bring a food truck

Not in all countries selling food adapted vehicles allowed. In Spain, it is only possible in confined spaces: commercial premises, exhibitions or private celebrations. You can not place anywhere: you have to respect the Bylaw of each place.

Despite having such a narrow window, fashion food trucks is gaining increasingly popular and there are events in which the most pintonas adjustments and cutting-edge culinary offerings is. MadrEat in the capital, and Van Van and Eat Street Market in Barcelona, are three good examples.

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