Audi Q6, first photo and data

Audi Q6, first photo and data

The Audi Q6 will be the new SUV Q family of the German firm, which will provide much luxury and technology. It will have a hundred percent electric Q6 version e-tron.Audi Q6, first photo and data

The ultimate Audi Q6 production will be presented at 2017 to start marketing in 2018, although earlier in the 2015 edition of the Frankfurt Motor Show to be held from 15 to 27 September, we see an initial advance as prototype (The original name for this shuffling concept It’s of C-BEV).

Size and philosophy, new Audi Q6 will occupy the natural rightful place in the range of the German firm between the Q5 and Q7. The new Q6 It will be based on the second generation MLB Group platform (he current Q7 It is the great cornerstone of this technology). In its design, the Q6 adopt a style "aerodynamic end"Which has not been seen before in any Audi and cosmetic dyes already seen prototypes as the Prologue Prologue Allroad Concept or Concept. It will have different mechanical alternatives, including a 100 electric version 100Q6 e-tron-, whose initial estimated range could exceed 300 km, and a plug-in hybrid variant.

He Audi Q6 It will be built at the new factory of the German firm located in the vicinity of the Mexican town from San José Chiapa in the state-region of Puebla, a place that will also see the birth of the new Q5.

Ultimately, the goal of Audi with the development of new Q6 It seems clear: to offer the market a car warranty and a tough opponent against opponents of the caliber of the BMW X6 and Mercedes GLE Coupe.