Michelin Pilot Sport 4: new high performance tire

The Michelin Pilto Sport 4 is an exciting new high performance tire specially designed and developed for mid-range sports cars.

Michelin Pilot Sport tire 4 in pictures

Michelin Pilot Sport tire 4 in pictures

Michelin Pilot Sport tire 4 in pictures

Michelin Pilot Sport tire 4 in pictures

He Michelin Pilot Sport 4 is the high performance tire but with a broad spectrum of use. In fact the hard core is found in BMW models 3oVolkswagen Golf, not supercars type Porsche. And is that, so far rim 17 “ is the most universal measure market ‘Premium’ replacement and fastest growing market sector will grow in the coming years. Proof of this is that 25% of consumers is customer potential of this tire model.

The Michelin Pilot Sport 4 replaces the Pilot Sport 3 and some measures Super Sport, but with significant improvements in manufacturing and services. This development has been developed through different studies and programs like Roads Usage Lab, where they have installed various sensors to 3,000 cars across Europe to learn first-hand, real-time uses and customs of motorists.

Among the technological improvements tire Michelin Pilot Sport 4 found the Dynamic Response, It is consisting of a belt reinforcing hybrid aramid and nylon ensuring optimum steering control. It is a high strength fiber (Five times more than steel) and light. This results in less tire slip when inertial forces into action. This is supported by a more rigid, similar sculpture to that used in tires formula E.

Another interesting development is the hydrophobic compound (repels water) which it is mounted in the rubber compound. This is a more functional elastomers silica leading to a hydrophobic compound and therefore repels water naturally, so it is not necessary to draw as many channels to evacuate water. This allows more sporty designs and more contact with the asphalt rubber. Perhaps this is one of the most pronounced characteristics and differentiating from competition because it gets braking distances much less water.

And to round out this profile high performance tire and guaranteed security, we must also talk about a Very high durability, with calculated by the independent body Dekra certified more than 30,000 km average. And it should be noted deep tire protector to ensure the life of these components, in the case of profile vehicles to whom it is directed, often of considerable value.

Finally it is worth noting that the sides are highlighted with “velvet” brand name and other important symbols, and that the energy efficiency certification has been considered as C **, a very good rating when their competence is valued as E.

As for the number of measures that are available (currently nineteen options) begins rim 17 “and ends at 19”. In all actions the code is the maximum speed, or the And, to shoot at +300 km / h. All but one which is W, the ZR18 225/40. Because the measures 205/45 ZR17 depart from and highlight that all measures are with maximum load capacity “Extraload.”

With the Pilot Sport 4 sports range Michelin tires follows remains structured: Sport 4 rim 17 “, 18” and 19 “; Super Sport rim 18 “to 23” Sport Cup 2 rims 19 “to 21”. Anyway, at the end of the year, they will begin to introduce new measures for the Pilot Sport 4 with rim diameter of 20 “and 21”.