Vs Ford Escort RS Cosworth Lancia Delta HF Integrale (original proof)

Vs Ford Escort RS Cosworth Lancia Delta HF Integrale (original proof)

Our ‘Cars for remembrance’ are today protagonists of exception and Ford Escort RS Cosworth Deltona: two sports rival in his time without. We leave the full comparative 1992.

Cars for remembrance: Ford Escort Cosworth vs HF Integrale Lancia Delta

Cars for remembrance: Ford Escort Cosworth vs HF Integrale Lancia Delta

Cars for remembrance: Ford Escort Cosworth vs HF Integrale Lancia Delta

Cars for remembrance: Ford Escort Cosworth vs HF Integrale Lancia Delta

A week, stop time in one of our most beloved sections: Cars for remembrance. Today we also do so with special affection, with a comparative we remember most in Motorpress history of our editorial Iberian. undisputed king of the winding sections of the World Rally Championship, the Lancia Delta HF Integrale (Or Deltona) either in its standard version had rival when shooting fast on all types of roads. However, the arrival at the time of Ford Escort RS Cosworth Untouchable put into question its hegemony. In December 1992 we decided to meet them to know what was best. And this is complete, the comparison that once published. Let’s enjoy it!

“In recent years, the Lancia Delta has made clear superiority virtually absolute against its rivals in the World Rally Championship. In his last series configuration it has demonstrated extraordinary potential and easy to move fast unmatchable, especially tortuous paths, but generally you can not say with absolute supremacy. The Ford Sierra Cosworth, as we saw in the comparative test last June, it stood almost at his level, without ever match him in pure acceleration and agility, but besting under certain circumstances thanks to its more power at lower weight and a streamlined achieved.

On paper new Ford Escort Cosworth It promises to be even higher than the Sierra. With smaller, more power and a more weight content It has more than enough arguments, although its smaller battle could be a drawback in fast paths. To see how far the Escort It was a step forward, we have not stood the temptation to face with Delta, but this time we have done it in a special way.

Given the difficulty of bringing these equipment to the limit on the open road, given its tremendous potential, we decided perform this test closed circuit, in order to draw more precise conclusions. In our country there are several speed circuits, but any of them is too fast and its layout is quite different from a mountain road, land for which have been specially designed. For this reason We turn to facilities Driving School Can Padro and the invaluable help of its director, Salvador Cañellas. Can Padro has two tracks. The longest, with 2.2 km long, has a path virado, similar to a road second order, with slow curves and average radius in which hardly exceed 145 km / h. The second track is only 400 meters and has been specially constructed to learn the technique of controlled skidding, being very slippery. On this track, driving closely resembles that could practice on land. To get even more decisive conclusions, the Cronus became our best ally, although it should be noted that not about racing cars, so the final results must be taken into account only for orientation.

However, although this test we have focused basically towards a analysis of the behavior and feelings transmitting both models when we drive to the limit, it is not more remember some technical issues, which they are key to drawing conclusions.

Ford Escort CosworthHe Lancia Delta HF Integrale, the “Deltona” as is known in the world of rallying, it is an old acquaintance of all our readers. Still, you can be novel, because for the time we have resorted to version “Commemoration“Belonging to the limited series of 400 units made on the 50th manufacturer’s title earned by the firm in the World. This variant has as the only differences exterior decoration with the colors of Martini and the adoption of a Recaro exceptional baquets, plus an indoor specifically topped.

As we mentioned in last # 176, the Escort Cosworth was born in response to the Oval to the need to gain agility in the twisty sections of World Rally Championship. The Sierra was fully competitive motor and general behavior, but its size and especially its wide battle conditioned their handling. For the construction of this new Ford no party has a frame Escort which they will adapt the mechanical and transmission elements of the Sierra, as initially might have thought. The process has been completely different. The body has been Escort (only part) which is adapted to the configuration and the mechanical elements of the Sierra, located on a platform specifically designed for this version of the model. As an example, suffice to say that the motor is located as in Sierra, it ie longitudinal position and not cross and the Escort great series. Thus, we find a completely new frame and with a silhouette that although has the image of the original model, uses very few of its components. The Escort RS Cosworth therefore can not be classified as a simple version; It’s about a brand new car.

If striking is the Lancia already and even more with the Martini decoration, Ford can not say less. His oversized wheel arches, with enormous spoilers give it a really aggressive look, we would say even too bizarre. The manufacturer announces a significant improvement in stability at high speed with these spectacular elements but from the aesthetic point of view, the size of the “tray” rear seems absolutely unconscionable. Inside we find a proper finish both one and the other, although the quality is slightly higher for the Ford. Both have a dashboard very sporty design and well equipped, even in the case of Lancia, which mounts even oil thermometer and check control. The amplitude is less than the versions available in large series, since the interior space and, above all, the reserved the trunk are reduced by rear transmission elements and spare wheel

Lancia DeltaSuch an important aspect as is the driving position as sporty models porte unfortunately it is not well resolved in either. In the Delta we have said on previous occasions that, with a layout of controls Italian, legs are very shrunken us if we have the steering wheel nearby. Moreover it is very horizontally positioned, thus not finished finding the ideal position. Fortunately, with the adoption of the Recaro seats it gets better enough, being higher than the standard. Contrary to what one might expect, in the Escort something similar happens. The seat is positioned very low, so that the wheel is left in an awkward position to be very high and have no height adjustment. A transmission tunnel dimensioned very very difficult maneuver point-heel (pedals are also quite separate) operation, moreover, perfectly realized in the Italian model. With regard to the seats, although Ford could qualify outstanding, in the case of Lancia would have to give them the honors. Its Recaro bucket type are undoubtedly the best I’ve ever tasted.

Vs Ford Escort RS Cosworth Lancia Delta HF Integrale: engines

On paper we are facing two cars identical approach and mechanical characteristics very similar. both use Turbocharged engines tetracilíndricos, from 2.0 liters and multivalve distribution with power and torque levels quite similar, though with a slight advantage for Ford model. It should be clarified that the latter uses a turbo larger than the old Sierra, with getting more power, but at the cost of response at low engine speeds. Apparently, once built the necessary approval units (5,000), will be re-mount the turbocharger type Sierra, much more appropriate for street driving.

The four-wheel drive is common feature, central and rear limited slip differentials Torsen (only rear) in the Lancia, and Ferguson in Ford type. The suspensions have a similar design and the brake system also significant variations. Where they are clear differences it is in footwear. while the Ford mounted an impressive 225 / 45ZR16 tire 8" throat, the Lancia It complies with a 205 / 50ZR15 tire 7".

Having seen this, we can take action. From the outset the Both show an impressive efficiency and ability to move fast any sporting elite envy. His driving high rate is extremely rewarding because both are easily tameable. The first significant difference is seen with regard to motor. With a few horses less, Italian propeller impresses. However, from the beginning its response to midrange is stronger with a strong power delivery and continuous progression, and excellent resilience. Using a larger turbo is felt quickly in the Cosworth. With poorer performance in low, their response is always slower, requiring more speed to show all its character because despite its greater power, does not convey the initial feeling of power of Italian motor. Table of benefits you are clearly reflected these impressions. Simply check that the acceleration figures are always better in the Ford, while the Lancia recovery is imposed on all measurements also helped by a slightly shorter final developments of 4th and 5th.

Ford Escort and Lancia DeltaVs Ford Escort RS Cosworth Lancia Delta HF Integrale: Behavior

The stability is exceptional both in one as in another. While they are taken to limit behave very differently. In the Lancia we find similar reactions to a classic front-wheel drive, with a clear understeer at the limit, which can be converted into a lightweight sliding rear if we modulate the gas and inertias correctly. In certain circumstances, particularly in terrain with poor grip, if we continue to insist with the accelerator, the effectiveness of the Torsen rear side can take it lightly with confidence and accuracy, as we saw in the sliding track.

He Escort, thanks to its larger section tires and a zipper with a more direct ratio, It is much more alive, responding immediately to the minimum request the wheel. Overall its behavior is always much more neutral, more tendency to slide to the rear. Only slow curve shows that slight understeer congenital inclination with virtually all-wheel drive cars. Virados to paths is always more effective than its rival, although fast curve is more demanding on the driver. With regard to braking, it is virtually inexhaustible in both cases. He HF Integrale however has a firmer pedal and operation of the ABS is much higher than its rival. In the Ford into action more quickly than desired (the tire size becomes here against) and when this happens the brakes are extended over the account.

However, the clock is always the best and most selfless judge in every race of this type. By the time we have obtained, it is clear that Ford is faster than its rival in the two circuits, although certain aspects should be clarified. On the fast track, takes around 2" the Lancia, Unlike a priori very important but easily explainable. As root cause we have a relations Escort gearbox that fit much better with the layout This particular circuit, through a 2nd slightly shorter. While the Lancia 1st should use two tight bends uphill, with the consequent loss of time that this implies, in the Escort addressed in 2nd smoothly. One should also take note that Escort has a higher power and more generous your shoes It allows a faster pace by slow curve. The Lancia recovered some ground on the brakes, but not enough. To get an idea of ​​the potential of these two cars, suffice to say that, for example, in this circuit, a Porsche Carrera 4 inverts nearly 3" more than any of them.

INTA timesOn the sliding track, although again the Delta is harmed by a staggering change worse adapted to the course in question, brings out the advantages of better handling and above all a more evolved transmission system. Time differences regarding Ford are negligible. It is also much easier and fun to drive, allowing long and constant skids. Ford on this track is more awkward and especially less docile. It is therefore evident that Escort asserts his youth, beating his opponent both in performance and capacity tourer. But as we said at the beginning, that we can hardly prove objectively on the open road. Clearly, as are standard, Escort is more effective but less exciting. Fortunately, in this world is not all figures and, of course, which does not transmit the spectacular Ford model is the pleasure and the driveability that characterize the Italian sports laureate, at least for the moment. “

Test Salvador Cañellas

Well, here’s unique comparative Juan Collín. But we could not conclude without letting article before, too, with a column of opinion on this test, and these two cars, we also wrote the very Salvador Cañellas, who also pilot. We reproduce here also in full:

“The test has been short but sufficient to draw conclusions. First I led the Lancia. It was a car I already knew, even he had tested at this circuit. The first sensation that has given me is that It is a fair bit of gums, tending to float a bit and go constantly drift. Also it is penalized by a 2nd more open, forcing in this circuit twice to resort to the 1st speed, representing wasting much time. He behavior is very noble, lift support and rear slides, corrected at the time of acceleration. Is a very nice, fun to drive and highly effective, as shown by the time the sliding track. The brakes are wonderful, with ABS works flawlessly.

He Ford has impressed me. It allows a very fast pace curved with a first strike much livelier steering wheel, although I think this may be due to the tire. In fast curve fill a nervous rear, but very effective if we take this circumstance. I did not like anything the ABS, as when in operation, the pedal starts to rebound very disagreeably. With a 2nd shorter leaves very benefited on this track, hence the significant time difference. Ford is far more effective in the fast circuit, but equal and tire change, the two would be quite up to par. I have I found more comfortable driving the Escort, as Delta’s position is very uncomfortable.

As regards the engines are pretty evenly matched. The Ford is more powerful and that always noticed when taking time. I think they are cars that have to drive in a relaxed manner. The typical driver who is always very high laps in lower gears is wrong. They get more for them and are safer in high gears, braking and accelerating quickly before. “

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