Cars for remembrance: Mini Cooper 1300

The 1300 Mini Cooper was one of the most desirable cars of a generation. It was in the 70s car fashion. This is the story of sports legend.

Mini Cooper 1300: the story of a legendary sports

Mini Cooper 1300: the story of a legendary sports

Mini Cooper 1300: the story of a legendary sports

Mini Cooper 1300: the story of a legendary sports

The Mini what Authi manufactured in Spain at its factory in Pamplona since 1968. But it was 1973 when Mini Cooper appeared 1300, the sportiest version built in our country. It was offered by 156,000 pesetas, a fairly high price at that time and placed him on the market as a real treat. Very close to my house, in fact, there was a dealer of the brand and remember perfectly the hours spent watching me Cooper in his shop window. My father was even thinking of buying one, but eventually opted for a more practical car: the Seat 124.

Mini I liked everything: aesthetics, habitability huge relative to the size, He too engine sound and, above all, the possibilities offered to compete in rallying. The Mini was surprised by his success in international competition, getting even victory in the Monte Carlo Rally in 1964, while in our country Authi created a single brand trophy.

The Mini Cooper 1300 Authi

He Mini Cooper 1300 built by Authi was distinguished from the other Mini by vinyl roof, the front grille and wheels wider, while inside had sport seats, leather wrapped steering wheel and a precious instrument panel studded watches. As options the front headrests and rear window wiper offered. But the real novelty of the car was hidden under the hood.

Mini Cooper 1300He 1300 engine fed by two carburetors SU announced some optimistic 68 hp, although its performance was far from the English Cooper, who declared for 76 CV. Certainly the English engine was much finer and efficient and, for this, among other things, had a higher compression ratio of 9.7: 1 versus 8.8: 1 Spanish Cooper. Also he mounted a camshaft larger cross allowing superior performance in the upper cuentavueltas.

The British model was also much more reliable and robust, because although the 1300 Cooper engine manufactured in Pamplona and rode a nitrided crankshaft, the quality of materials was not the same. The owners also complained that repairs and maintenance were not particularly cheap.

The original proof of AUTOPISTA

In the test conducted at the time by Arturo de Andrés in our magazine FREEWAY, veteran tester highlighted the excellent cornering performance 1300 Mini Cooper and agility on the most winding roads, but complained about the lack of engine performance and also the consumption exceeded widely road 10 l / 100 km. The engine lacked character at the top of cuentavueltas and also drew attention to some problems warming road trips foot table, hence the choice of oil cooler outside than recommended. Obviously the Mini did not like too travel by highway, he was much more comfortable on twisty roads.

Mini CooperRemarkable was also in the Mini Cooper 13000 braking capacity. To do this, he mounted brake discs on the front wheels and a brake booster, which surprised by its smooth operation. For its part, the driving position was very sporty. The precious instrument cluster was full of clocks, while the three-spoke steering wheel was leather-wrapped. In the small trunk it was located on fuel tank with 36 liters capacity. If something surprising in the Mini was his great habitability interior, where four adults could travel without too many scarcities.

Unfortunately the Mini Cooper 1300 production was only three years, Authi since the oil crisis suffered serious financial problems and had to close its doors in 1976. A real shame.

Over time and during my early years of driving license, I was able to climb on occasion to Mini Cooper 1300 a friend from college. The car was enthused at the time for its dynamic qualities and, above all, offering fun driving. The management was very direct and somewhat heavy, but the car boasted an impressive efficiency, making him a true giant-killing in the winding paths.

Life takes many turns and eighteen years ago, the opportunity arose to buy a 1300 Mini Cooper in the second hand market. It was very original, well-preserved interiors and sheet metal, not so much the mechanics I had to take a good look. Change the plugs of the suspension, clutch, transmission and a good set. The car worked relatively well, although in summer motorway had to be careful and not demand too that the temperature did not rise; The engine also consumed enough gasoline and some oil. The suspensions were also very hard and the Mini was quite uncomfortable on bumpy roads.

The Mini Cooper 1300 enjoyed a few years until a beautiful Alfa Romeo Guilia 2000 Bertone crossed my path. For a while I kept the two cars, but lack of space forced me to sell my beloved Mini Cooper 1300. As a consolation, I can say that I had bought from a specialist classic car with which I keep since a good friendship and its current owner, also good friend, keep it in top condition. Every time I have clearer than cars like the Mini Cooper are not just pieces of collection are artifacts, somehow, have their own life.

Mini Cooper 1300 data

engine displacement: 1.275 cm3

68 CV

Length x WIDTH X HEIGHT: 3.05 / 1.41 / 1.35 meters

640 kg

Maximum speed: 165 km / h

0-100 km / h: 14.7 seconds

Consumption: 8 l / 100 km

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