Cars for remembrance: Alfa Romeo 75 V6 QV

Cars for remembrance: Alfa Romeo 75 V6 QV

In 1990 he saw the light the unforgettable Alfa Romeo 75 V6 3.0 Quadrifoglio Verde, an even more powerful than the American version 75, and remains in the memory of every motorist.

Alfa Romeo 75 V6 QV, an unforgettable classic

Alfa Romeo 75 V6 QV, an unforgettable classic

Alfa Romeo 75 V6 QV, an unforgettable classic

Alfa Romeo 75 V6 QV, an unforgettable classic

As the coffers of Alfa Romeo did not walk too buoyant, when develop substitute Giulietta saloon they decided to harness its structure and retaining the same wheelbase. Instead, the new model would have overhangs longer and since its launch would have not only the biárbol traditional engines brand, but also the powerful V6 2.5 liters and a turbodiesel sacrílego 2 liter and 95 CV, provided by the Italian company VM.

Alfa Romeo 75 V6 QVTo highlight in side view the front and high rear downward, Ermanno Cressoni used a aesthetic detail that personalizes the style of this Alfa Romeo 75, with added in the range of a strip of gray plastic material along the body. But in his initial series this model ran into a setback, since it was conceived as could not export to the US market appetizing. Had to create for a bumper that complied with US law, reason others diseñasen bulkier and provided with side gussets that increase the length of the body by 90 millimeters and, in turn, absorb without buckling shock produced at speeds up to 8 km / h.

Alfa Romeo 75 V6 QV: technical

In addition to these bumpers installed since 1987 in the units destined for the United States, where it was marketed as Alfa Romeo Milano Verde and only sold with the V6 engine, this modification proved ideal for distinguish Europe as the most powerful model in the range: the Alfa Romeo 75 V6 QV. Thus, the hallmark of which was accompanied by a aletines and a supposedly aerodynamic running boards made the difference, because it served to highlight the brilliant 75 America, much as luciese in the trunk lid denomination 75 6V 3.0, rather bland. Instead, the salt put his melodious V6 3 liter getting 188 hp and rasped 220 km / h speed, even though the body had a loose drag coefficient Cx 0.40.

As if that were not enough, America Alfa 75 had a frame level requiring mechanical. Next to Dion rear axle effective, She wore then generous tires measuring 195/60 VR 14 and incorporating a rear springs stiffer, harder dampers and a thicker stabilizer bars, 22 mm forward and 21 backward. They completed the whole a 3.2 turns direction between stopper and cap, attendance down as the speed increased, and installation based brake Brembo four discs, with ventilated front and optional ABS system. Also in the transmission to the rear axle it had changes since incorporated a ZF limited slip differential to 25 percent and a rear group 11/39, which for colleagues who tried in our magazine MOTORWAY seemed too long for beyond 1988, even with few highways and the case of a sports sedan approach.

Alfa Romeo 75 V6 engine QVAlfa Romeo 75 V6: engine

Looking ahead to 1991, when binding engines of 2 liters catalyst tuviesen empleasen and unleaded petrol, the Italian Alfa Romeo engineers were forced to modify the V6 engine. And the result was impressive, as the propellant obtained catalysed 192 hp, added to a maximum torque of 25.5 mkg at 4,500 rpm. At the same time, the rear group was replaced by a shorter 11/41, to take advantage of the increased power and high torque slight decrease in low.

East V6 3 liter, somewhat less elastic and more powerful, it is the leading version Alfa Romeo 75 V6 Quadrifoglio Verde, presented in autumn 1990 and to which the copy of the images belongs. Its first owner was an engineer at INTA (National Institute of Aerospace Technology) in Madrid, who treated him carefully and sold soon the brother of a mechanic who worked on the official workshop Povedilla, located in the Madrid street of the same name and deep knowledge of the mechanics of the model. Twelve years ago he sold it to Alexander, who immediately proceeded to clean it in depth and to replace fluids lubrication circuits, brakes and cooling and lubricating the gearbox and differential.

Copies like this V6 Alfa 75 QV show that when a car is cared for and makes the maintenance required, can serve for many more years and kilometers than usual. At time of testing, its odometer showed 367,710 km, a respectable figure that looks amazing seen overall. In fact, its owner had been the previous weekend in a alfista rally in the Kotarr circuit, near Aranda de Duero, where he shot the fast pace that allow its engine and chassis.

Contemplated still motionless, shine in contrast with the body the Speedline wheels of 16 inch diameter and 6.5 inch throat. His feet carry some shoes tires measuring 205/45, retaining the same development and its lower profile provide grip the asphalt. Already installed before the leather steering wheel, touch adjust the position of the steering wheel height and depth, as well as the seat distance and backrest angle, while Alejandro points above the rearview mirror to indicate that there, as in aircraft, the switches are interior lights and front power window controls.

Interior Alfa Romeo 75Instrumentation, as is usually generous in Alfa Romeo, prone to optimism and more legible script in white tone, is composed of a speedometer graduated to 260 km / h, a cuentavueltas red stripe which starts at 5,800 rpm, Coolant thermometer, oil pressure gauge and fuel level whose needle not to still on winding roads. And, in the central area adds a digital clock and a central check.

Alfa Romeo 75 V6 QV: up

Contact, start and the musical sound of the engine and V6 takes the baton. With the calm idle, the first gear goes without scratching, handbrake release the aeronautical style and the party begins. Although the change requires some calm to move from one speed to another, the continuous thrust of the engine makes moving quickly the speedometer needle in the three figures. In a long straight, 75 is packed and the sound of air is heard against the windshield and mirrors. However, want to reduce a third that can reach 140 km / h, to send the V6 bestial music and acceleration capability.

Similarly, in the fast corners the frame of this Alfa Romeo 75 V6 QV obeys what is ordered from the steering wheel and it shows that this final version the seat held in strong support. But if the turn is more twisted, comes out a slight understeer tendency, the body leans and just turn the wheel a tad to follow the path. And if we take gas in that situation, the rear axle is responsible for holding the rear and helps to complete the turn. In this regard, also involved a cast of balanced masses and generous equipment tires. We tried to brake energetic plan and were impressed, because the answer is strong and easy to dose.

Further, This Alfa 75 V6 QV has a complete equipment and its termination is quite carefully, especially compared with the topic in those years characterized the Italian cars. And always keep the honor of be the last saloon Alfa Romeo before the brand was absorbed by the Fiat Group. In short, a marked sporty car, which enjoys driving pleasure almost as if it were a true coupe but has a comfortable and spacious rear seat and trunk presentable.

sheet Alfa Romeo 75 V6 3.0 QV (1991)


6 cylinders in V to 60 degrees


2,959 cm3


DIN 192 hp at 6,000 rpm


rear-wheel drive


5-speed manual


4.42 x 1.66 x 1.40 m


1,250 kg

Maximum speed

222 km / h

average consumption

10.4 l / 100 km

Manufacturing time



2000-8900 euros

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