Cars for remembrance: VW Golf VR6 (original proof)

Authentic “Pace Car” in its class, the Volkswagen Golf set guidelines since birth. In full golden age of multi-valve GTI, VR6 came to break this mold in the 90s.

mythical tests: Volkswagen Golf VR6

mythical tests: Volkswagen Golf VR6

mythical tests: Volkswagen Golf VR6

mythical tests: Volkswagen Golf VR6

Again, in We turn to our great hemeroteca of Iberian Motorpress to approach one of the sports cars that, on this occasion, he did history the early 90’s. We recall that marked the Volkswagen Golf VR6 and we leave you with the original full proof that we published in number 180 of the Automobile magazine, in 1993. The gallery will also find extracts from official records and data extracted by our Technical Center at the time. Let’s enjoy it as much as we do!

“Crouched in a harmless outward appearance, like his predecessors, Volkswagen Golf VR6 shares with them a philosophy: the constant anticipation of their own time and to their environment. Observe the course of this both atypical and highly popular model very interesting. It seems incredible that a discreet car and almost exorbitant price compared to its direct competitors reaches record breaking sales. The secret of the Golf to reach far exceed the barrier of sold 12,000,000 has always been the same units: break with the established breaking new ground in the technological evolution of multipurpose sports.

If he VW Golf GTI He marked the birth of a new era and 16 valves He followed the same path. Surely that the VR6 will become the lighthouse guide for the last decade of the century. Thus it is not surprising that in 1991, the beginning of this decade, the third generation Golf creditor became the coveted award “European Car of the Year“. At first glance there are few outward signs that mark the true spirit of this aggressive version. Only the excellent footwear and logos touting the peculiar characteristics of the engine on all four sides, it apart from the rest of their brethren in range.

VW Golf VR6At Inside, however, the differences increase significantly. Both the three-spoke steering wheel and gear knob and handbrake lever are leather, with a delicious touch. Find a comfortable driving position is no problem with a seat that has almost all kinds of settings, including height. The steering wheel is adjustable in height and pedals are well placed allowing the production maneuver heel tip without major problems. The dashboard, new bill, like the rest of their brethren in range is less spartan than previous generations. It features an instrument cluster excellent reading although it is true that could be more complete.

VW Golf VR6: engine

But the newest is hidden under the hood: he muscular V6 2 8 liters, It is incorporating the same Corrado VR6 but with 1 mm less in diameter in each cylinder. In order to incorporate it into intermediate models front-wheel drive, including Golf, Wolfsburg engineers have resorted to ingenious solutions. Cylinders, abutted together, form a narrow V of only 15 °, which allows to mount a single cylinder head for both banks. This way you can locate transversely, resulting in extremely striking its compact size. A heart that increases the power of Golf, in our bank, above 175 hp at 5,800 rpm, marking a new and clear off over their closest rivals, who stay in the best case, below the border of 160 hp. Also the torque curve is excellent, with 24.0 mkg at 4,200 rpm.

Once verified that indeed at Volkswagen have managed to successfully introduce this vigorous drive in vain Golf Limited, the immediate question one asks is whether, with such a load on the front axle, the car will continue to behave with the same nobility than their predecessors. But it is seen that the Golf never stop surprising us. He VR6 retains excellent guided that flaunted the first GTI, combined with the same nobility that has always characterized model. In fact, only it has reviewed and updated suspension system, without seeking new and revolutionary solutions. Therefore, it continues to draw a McPherson in the front and a semi-independent wheels lying on the back.

VW Golf VR6: InteriorAt the slightest hint at the wheel, the front end falls freely in cornering, without threatening to follow the impulses marked by inertia that can be assumed in a car carrying 65 percent of their weight in front. Moreover, thanks to a Similar damping tared that the Corrado VR6, but most travel, Golf is much more noble and Easy, rightl drive. Rear works in perspective to register the car with ease in corners, but the abruptness that characterized the Corrado. Contrary to what was happening with it, not to be a consummate volantista to go very quickly with the Golf VR6. Just keep an eye speedometers to avoid surprises when the end of a line. Because that’s impressive.

He 2.8-liter V6 engine works at low revs like a real runner, but suffice to keep the pressure on the accelerator pedal to be transformed into a pure sprinter willing to lower the established brands. In response to any regime, the brilliance of the V6 is accompanied by a very successful exchange ratio. Accelerate from 0 to 100 km / h in 7.6 seconds and overcome the barrier of 225 km / h They are more characteristic of benefits sports higher categories.

To prevent loss of traction, The VR6 has an effective anti-skid system, he EDS, which is responsible for comparing the rotational speed of the front wheels, slowing reaching higher speeds. Contrary to what happens with other similar systems, the best thing you can say about this is that their presence is barely noticeable, equivalent to touch perfection. And while it is true that you can go very quickly with the Golf, is a problem not stop. The four discs -ventilados the front-work indefatigably at all times and have the cooperation of an ABS that comes into play only occasionally limit, allowing much rush braking smoothly.

Volkswagen Golf VR6: imagesWhen speak consumption, Nor can one say that the VR6 is out of bounds of decency. A leisurely pace, cruises 120 km / h, nor it is precisely one of the most gluttonous vehicles of those who have passed through our hands. True, when really every march is squeezed into the red zone of the rev counter, the numbers soar. But it is that we have a true thoroughbred, capable of averages that cut the hiccups; and every car that runs, spend. This is an axiom still unsurpassed by any manufacturer.

Unfortunately, in this life you can not have everything. He Volkswagen Golf VR6 would be just perfect if not for the price, at least it has put in our market. Nearly four million pesetas for a car four meters is too even if it is so sophisticated and special as this creation. But if we consider that in Germany it costs little more than the GTI 16V. But it was also much more expensive than its rivals GTI when he reached Spanish territory, and the same happened later with the GTI 16V. It is the price we have to pay in Spain-at least for now for exclusivity, for the prestige it brings a vehicle ahead of its time raising the bar beyond what anyone had come to expect. “

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