BMW 216d Gran Tourer vs Volkswagen Touran 1.6 TDI, minivans classy

The new Volkswagen Touran aims to remain as reference medium MPV. Front today with its unprecedented BMW Series 2 Grand Tourer. 7-seater family battle.

BMW 216d Gran Tourer vs 7 seater Volkswagen Touran 1.6 TDI / 110 CV 7 seats in photos

BMW 216d Gran Tourer vs 7 seater Volkswagen Touran 1.6 TDI / 110 CV 7 seats in photos

BMW 216d Gran Tourer vs 7 seater Volkswagen Touran 1.6 TDI / 110 CV 7 seats in photos

BMW 216d Gran Tourer vs 7 seater Volkswagen Touran 1.6 TDI / 110 CV 7 seats in photos

Spotlight, Volkswagen: the generalist brand plus recognized for him pragmatic and functional character their cars. Today, in addition, here represented by a new VW Touran, built already on the lightweight modular platform group MQB, the same for the last VW Golf or Passat who takes much of its technology. It is always safe, but how far it might evolve even today almost round family with more than 13 years of business experience?

In the background, start, BMW: the premium famous brand, Conversely, for historical philosophy emotional about cars always with sporting genes. Yes, now championed here by his family car manufactured to date. Yes, because neither the new BMW X1 and, above all, also minivan BMW 2 Series Active Tourer represented an extreme challenge: despite sharing BMW unpublished same architecture transverse engine and front wheel drive, This new Grand Tourer up to 12 centimeters expands its Battle adds extra 2 seats (7 total) and configures the serial tuning focus more comfort its entire range. I not look bad, but to what level of comfort would BMW in its first major attempt at family level? Questions posed in the duel for top it off, most distinguished segment and starting even from the price: the two are around 30,000 euros. And so it will be as Audi and Mercedes renounce enter.

Highway invites you to test the BMW 2 Series Active Tourer and Grand TourerBMW 216D Gran Tourer vs VW Touran: space

As you see, are not two minivans more, so that excellence becomes almost a requirement in this comparison. First open a BMW 216d Gran Tourer that start, convincing. With the best quality finishing class, very bright and with more interior height memory in a car: up to 99 cm measured. Almost it seems to have been created for basketball players, also for very good legroom in the 2nd row, accompanied by large doses of access and good modularity to rebuild their space and sit even in the 3rd row.

BMW 216d Gran Tourer vs Volkswagen TouranHowever, it is rolling, start "scratch" and You will also see gaps in this new BMW Series 2 Grand Tourer. First, the great pillar striker driving conditions curved and city remains much visibility. The second one seat series with the narrowest sidewalk I also remember in a car in recent years: mandatory checkout to get your hands on optional seats (from 559 euros). While some elements not entirely well resolved, such as aircraft type trays after very bulky and flimsy front seatbacks (steal five measured centimeters hind legs) or handles located in and not out to pull more comfortably and lift from the trunk 3rd row, show that need some background work. Especially by comparison.

We jump now to New Volkswagen Touran 1.6 TDI / 110 CV. The most practical elements of the BMW 2 Series Gran Tourer has them, and improved: as multiple holes up in the roof drawers or longitudinal displacement of the 2nd row passing of 13 centimeters in BMW, 20 in Volkswagen. But it is also It has more functional solutions (there are 3 separate seats in the 2nd row, drawers, trays and curtains or serial) and, except for height, also more space. With 13 centimeters battle before, This VW Touran offers same legroom than the BMW, but vital greater width Y a trunk record, up to 100 liters top (Between 515 and 705 liters, according to the slider row, compared with 430-575 liters Grand Tourer). Wherever you look, VW imposes trade, also in an elegant design that benefits the visibility, a loading between 6 and 10 centimeters wider and low for easy loading ... and even details as ingenious as a sound amplification system for loudspeakers to the 3rd row. There is no doubt: the Volkswagen Touran playing at home.

BMW 216D Gran Tourer vs VW Touran: Diesel engines

So bring grief and quetoca BMW usual field: dynamic. Of course, recognizing that here also acted the Series 2 Grand Tourer completely at home, and not only for that familiar point made above and front-wheel drive: also sDiesel versions ubirnos their access, in his case, a 3-cylinder engine only 1.5 liters and 116 hp. Second question resolved: what good is always making BMW engines.

With more than the maximum torque 1.6 TDI 4 cylinder Volkswagen 110 hp Touran, the average rate of this BMW 216d Gran Tourer it's amazing, feeling faster also for its remarkable more stretched to nearly 5,000 rpm and at a very fast manual transmission, even with double-declutching function. Further, with a great efficiency, As it is usual in BMW (middle 5.3 l / 100 km measured against the 5.8 of VW Touran), And one of the Stop / Start also finer, which is not usual in the brand.

Volkswagen Touran and BMW 2 Series Gran TourerUnachievable for this BMW 216d in performance Grand Tourer for the 1.6 TDI still reeling from a scandal Volkswagen emissions: either by software or being already Euro6, this engine seems in recent times to lose forcefulness. Something the Touran masked by its extreme fineness and softness throughout his regime and for shorter developments BMW to finish saving his face in overtaking. Oh that ebullient 2.0 TDi 110 hp! As we cast today and less ... In any case, these bodies on family, do not expect any response so bright in none as not ask you if you can upload a step power If you plan to use the car with full load. Even in a BMW 216d Gran Tourer whose first impression of sportiness, also in a very direct way, then it left on that, just an impression: is the least effective and agile BMW I've tried. To some extent, normal, but this commitment does not translate comfort certainly not more ride comfort.

BMW 216D Gran Tourer vs VW Touran: Behavior

With always safe reactions, the body of the BMW 216d Gran Tourer goes loose, to feel a minivan with higher cabeceos to step speed bumps or mass transfer phases of start / stop as well as with more traction problems to sudden changes or shifts in city support accelerating in lower gears: here, even, you feel like acting the "self-locking" electronic leading with slight pulling direction.

Although this BMW 216d Gran supported Tourer offers a high grip, conditioned by its flexibility also you perceive on expressways continuous body roll which is exacerbated by an address without central neutral point, which implies the minimum support wheel forcing correct. Yes, you can change betting on the sSports USPENSION M (388 €) or, above all, a adaptive suspension (572 €) without which, frankly, I would not buy me.

And it is that, before the BMW, returns to show off a Volkswagen Touran 1.6 TDI that if your adaptive suspension (935 €) It does not withdraw almost a VW Golf, standard reactions and already has close to those of tourism skills. Smoother and progressive in its movements, wheel always more poise and a suspension, being comfortable, body holds much better in all situations. Throw in a more stable and rapid braking, better insulation and from idle and feel more natural driving, by which is even more agile, and get a minivan that emerges again as a perfect family exercise. Like today I do not expect Volkswagen to enjoy myself like a BMW M3, BMW I think he still has family travel as alternative. And more in front of a Volkswagen Touran with too much office today.

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