Opel Corsa 2015, qualitative progress

It will arrive in January, but we have had the opportunity to drive the next generation of one of the best-selling utilities in our country. This is the Opel Corsa that gives, not quantitative leap in this fifth installment.

Contact: Opel Corsa 2015, qualitative progress

Contact: Opel Corsa 2015, qualitative progress

Contact: Opel Corsa 2015, qualitative progress

Contact: Opel Corsa 2015, qualitative progress

Opel Corsa, prices, photos, information and videoTo give you an idea of ​​the importance of this model for Opel, you should know that almost half of the cars sold by the German brand in our country are Corsa. The city of Opel, which is already below the Adam and Karl future is the second most sold in its segment, only surpassed by the Seat Ibiza. If you say that we are nothing patriots when buying car does not seem to be so in the car segment, where in addition to the Ibiza and this Corsa, also performed at our borders the VW Polo.

Opel Corsa 2015Returning to the Corsa, the protagonist of this article, this fifth generation gives major leap forward. The makeover is not radical, there have been noticeable changes enough to make it look different but keep the 'air' to Corsa. If you look a little, Lighthouses are more stylized, more Adam, with a lower grill and a dynamic line on the hood. Back, also newly designed headlights and boot opening under the brand logo. All with a very similar dimensions, only with an increase of 2 cm length, due to a more marked on the enrollment of the rear projection.

Nevertheless, the most marked change is found inside: Has been rejuvenated and has become edgier. It is chosen combination of more cheerful colors with even upholstery and also mix colors materials have greatly improved both in appearance and touch. softer and reducing the use of 'bad' plastic surfaces are the dominant trend in the dashboard, except the glove material. Venial sin when evolution has been so good.

Opel Corsa 2015Connectivity and Infotainment are one of the sections in which manufacturers are giving the 'C's', especially in the small car segment and media: young people and digital natives are usually purchased.

Opel hopes this section to its Intellilink system, which, like the Mirror Link Volkswagen Group, Use your phone as a basis, ie your device is charging the applications (browser, online radio and Podcast repository for the moment) and the car only displays on the dashboard display, although you can drive through the voice. It is available for all Android and iOS phones. Our experience with the BringGo navigation system It has not been as satisfactory could be: the navigation was not accurate, sometimes crashed and needed mobile, in this case an Apple device, was always unlocked and therefore should always be charging to avoid running out battery and, thus, without navigation.

Opel Corsa 2015also it reinforced with the Opel Corsa new features active safety, optional, as the second generation front camera system Opel Eye which it incorporates traffic sign recognition, warning lane departure, assistant high beam, indicator safety distance and collision warning frontally, the automatic parking assistant.

In the section of space, taking into account equal dimensions, no things to add that we do not know. There is room height for tall people, but spare, and recommended, for convenience, it is to travel only two in the back. As for the trunk, more of the same: is the Calcan 285 litersof the previous generation, which translates into a pair of trolleys and some other things and extra space under the floor if we choose not to incorporate spare wheel.

Reference engine

One of the most notable improvements in this new generation is the introduction of new petrol engines and improvements in existing diesel engines. The big news is the arrival of a 1.0 Turbo 115 hp. It's about a tricilíndrico we was pleasantly surprised. Despite its three-cylinder character, It is not seen inside the car so no noise and draws attention betray also the absence of vibrations. Notable for Opel in this section, although the German brand has always stood out for making petrol engines.

Opel Corsa 2015The performance of this engine is very good. Is a very elastic engine, from low revs that already has achieved push and stretch up pretty high, with a resilience that surprises with its low displacement. All this is complemented by more than adjusted consumption. Opel declares a average expenditure of 4.9 liters per 100 km in the combined cycle. We, in a journey that mixed city and highway mountain road obtained a consumption of 5.8, which is not bad.

Also debuting in the range of gasoline by 1.4 Turbo 100 hp, noted for its maximum torque of 20.4 mkg between 1,850 to 3,500 rpm-their consumption stays at 5.2 l / 100 km- and kept the 1.4 atmospheric in variants 75 and 90 CV. As for diesel, the offer focuses on the 'veteran' 1.3 CDTI, which they will have made improvements, in variants of 75 and 95 hp -the latter will more late. Both engines are noted for their low power consumption of 3.8 liters

best behavior

Opel Corsa 2015This new Corsa receives chassis new specifications and in which we have sought to place the center of gravity -5 mm-, the suspensions have modified their configuration and it has chosen to incorporate Two types of damping, Comfort and Sport, to convince all kinds of potential buyer.

As well direction opens, focused, according to Opel, to improve comfort and precision, incorporates a New 'City' role increasing attendance in urban journeys up to 35 km / h. As for its influence on driving, the fact is that touch is improved compared to what we were used to in the current Corsa, still it continues to give us the feeling that not transmitted faithfully what happens under the tires.

The Opel Corsa 2015 will reach dealerships in January, but you can already pre-order a price from 13,450 euros, corresponding to 1.4 75 hp 3-door (5-door versions have a premium of 525 euros).