Fiat Tipo 2016: the first of the new family

Reborn with the Fiat Tipo sedan body, but will not be the only version because later there will be five-door variants and family Station Wagon.

Fiat Tipo 2016, now in sedan format

Fiat Tipo 2016, now in sedan format

Fiat Tipo 2016, now in sedan format

Fiat Tipo 2016, now in sedan format

Fiat reuses one of its historical denominations to give life to a new car, in this case a rechristened Type with body sedan from four doors.

He New Fiat Tipo 2016 will reach Spain early January, although in a few days and orders are welcome. And the price? The version Opening Edition, for only 10,990 euros (Official discount brand, helps PIVE Plan and special financing conditions included). This is not the cheapest variant, because of access to the range, it gets Sales 9,900 euros.

this body sedan of the Fiat Tipo 2016 not the only, as the family Type It will also feature versions 5 door Y Family Station Wagon. In all three cases, the technical platform that will leave be called Small / Wide Arquitecture of the group FCA (Fiat Chrysler Automobiles), So they share certain elements with the Jeep Renegade and Fiat 500X.

2016 Fiat Tipo enginesFiat Tipo 2016, their engines

He Fiat Tipo 2016 It is available with three engines: an atmospheric gasoline 95 hp 1.4 Multijet II 1.3 and two turbodiesel of 95 hp and 120 hp 1.6. In other markets, you can also choose a 1.6 petrol engine 115 hp. In our first contact was the Diesel engine 120 hp 1.6 Multijet which could drive.

2016 Fiat Tipo, impressions inside

He Fiat Tipo 2016 welcomes us in his external image with a style Elegant Y modern. and while car manufacturers are making efforts to make their aesthetic sedan type vehicles does not result as "boring" and simple at the same time, and precisely examples like Opel Astra Sedan, he Seat Toledo / Skoda Rapid, he Citroen C-Elysée and this new Fiat Tipo They try to have some appeal his point.

With 4.54 m long Y 1,79 m width, the new Fiat Tipo 2016 is slightly larger rivals direct (4.42 m long and 1.75 m wide Citroen C-Elysée, 4.48 m long and 1.70 m wide both Seat Toledo as the Skoda). In terms of capacity trunk approved by the manufacturer for the New Fiat Tipo They advertise 520 liters loading, by 506 liters Citroen C-Elysée and 550 liters Seat Toledo and Skoda. In real terms, the trunk of new kind We found it quite deep, which facilitates the loading of long objects (depth can be increased further by folding the seats, they can be folded 60/40). For its part, the boot loading mouth we thought something close.

Interior Fiat Tipo 2016Walking into the inside of the Fiat Tipo 2016, the general feeling of visual quality is good, with plastic soft and pleasant touch at the top and other harder on the rest. The hole in the front seats is loose and wide, with a central armrest whose position can be moved forwards and backwards and that never disturbs the driving or inserting any gear. In the rear, two adults of a certain corpulence and height traveling in comfort (we did a test with three grown from 1.75 to 1.85 m tall and the two people behind both ends of the seats almost touching their heads with the roof and the top of the window).

The practicality and the functionality It is one of the main virtues of the new Fiat Tipo 2016, with several storage compartments spread over the front and rear areas (in total have 12 liters).

2016 Fiat Tipo 1.6 Multijet, behavior

He performance of the Diesel engine 1.6 Multijet 120 bhp We felt good at all times. In our view, it is the best mechanical alternative in its range. In movement, We appreciate improvements in terms of loudness and isolation, management manual six-speed gearbox is pleasant and effective management and found it correct.

A dynamic level, the tuning chassis of the Fiat Punto 2016 It has resorted to a scheme suspensions McPherson independent front and the torsion bar on the rear train axis. Up, these techniques result in an entrails comfortable car nicely absorbing the uneven surface, even in areas tacks and little to increase our walking pace, comes out a slight body roll, which becomes more pronounced in the rear seats.

Interior Fiat Tipo 2016Fiat Tipo 2016: its relevant equipment

He Fiat Tipo 2016 in its Spanish range will be available in two trim levels –Easy and Lounge-. Palette colors abroad since the launch includes seven alternatives: pastel ‘White Gelato’ and metallised ‘Gray Colosseo’, ‘Red Passione’, ‘Black Cinema’, ‘Gray Master’, ‘Bronze Magnetic’ and ‘Blue Canal Grande’. As for types of alloy wheels, you can choose one of 16 and 17 inches, according to trim levels and engines.

Chapter security of the Fiat Tipo 2016 Serial includes the following elements and systems: six airbags (front, side and curtain), ABS with electronic brake distribution (EBD) control and tire pressure (TPMS). In terms of connectivity and entertainment and according to reports, highlights the UconnectTM system Bluetooth hands-free device, streaming audio, text reader and voice recognition, auxiliary jack and USB port. This equipment can be supplemented with TomTom navigator UconnecTM integrated into the multimedia system and a series of more practical elements that facilitate the parking maneuver as Rear View Camera and the parking sensors front and rear.

2016 Fiat Tipo 1.6 Multijet


No. cylinders: 4 in line

Power: 120 hp at 3,750 rpm

maximum torque: 32.63 mkg at 1,750 rpm

Displacement: 1,598 cm3


Front-wheel drive

Transmission: 6-speed manual

Dimensions, weight and capacities

Length / width / height: 4.54 m / 1.79 m / 1.50 m

Battle: 2,63 m

Empty weight: 1,345 kg

Fuel tank: 45 liters

Porter: 520 liters

Performance and consumption

Acceleration 0-100 km / h: 9.7 seconds

Maximum speed: 199 km / h

Average consumption: 4.2 l / 100 km

CO2 emissions: 110 g / km

antipollution standard: Euro 6