Infiniti Q30 Sport 2.0t, the Q30 more powerful with 211 hp

Infiniti Q30 Sport 2.0t, the Q30 more powerful with 211 hp

Infiniti Q30 shows the weapons, a new premium compact car to fight Audi A3, BMW 1 Series, Mercedes A, Volvo V40, DS 4, Lexus CT200 ….

Infiniti Q30 Sport 2.0t, the sportiest variant of the Japanese compact car

Infiniti Q30 Sport 2.0t, the sportiest variant of the Japanese compact car

Infiniti Q30 Sport 2.0t, the sportiest variant of the Japanese compact car

Infiniti Q30 Sport 2.0t, the sportiest variant of the Japanese compact car

The new Infiniti Q30 measured 4.42 meters of length, 12 centimeters more than a Mercedes Class A, 11 centimeters more than an Audi A3 Sportback -the model from Infiniti has been taken as a reference to nine centimeters batir- more than a BMW 1 Series. The three rivals Q30 are much lower than the Infiniti, which clones, in its standard configuration of suspensions, the Mercedes GLA height, 1.49 meters. This is not the case of our Infiniti Q30 Sport variant of what loses a couple of centimeters for the sportiest versions of the new compact luxury brand of Nissan. This couple of centimeters result in the Infiniti Q30 Sport in about 1.5 centimeters lower suspensions and harder to focus on a tared sportier performance. Thus the ground clearance is for this Infiniti Q30 Sport 19 centimeters while in the rest of Infiniti Q30 the ground clearance is 21 centimeters. Infiniti Q30 also highlights the Sport for a different front and rear bumpers what we found in the Infiniti Q30 standard, like larger wheels.

Infiniti Q30, a lot of design

Infiniti Q30We like forms Infiniti Q30 with the two volumes with some Campero air thanks to fine wheel arches in dark plastic material, with a Infiniti Q30 for this height above average in a compact and robust, powerful, with bulges on the sides of the hood that from the driving position make you feel more in an SUV look. Infiniti Q30 in the ups and downs, the result of a driving position If you look at his other rivals something less compact Infiniti Q30 in Sport-. Infiniti Q30 This He enters the eye, will make heads turn. Its design is more conservative in its interior, perhaps not as flashy and yes sleeker, paragraph more than we thought of the Mercedes A and Mercedes GLA. Synergies within the collaboration between Daimler and Renault-Nissan Alliance translate into a solid foundation for this model which mechanically Mercedes puts all known mechanical except 1.5 dCi Renault factory in Valladolid. He change DCT dual-clutch seven relations also borne by Mercedes, As numerous witnesses pushbuttons and the Infiniti Q30. Of course, quality something that works, why touch it? Yes, Infiniti, once taken all these elements He has worked much and good to refine and give personality to the new Infiniti Q30 in suspension, steering and sonority to achieve a much more open to more potential customers product. Infiniti engineers have worked on 50 configurations suspensions for the ideal look more comfort than sportiness, so that address guide us with effectiveness where you mark with the steering wheel so that the level of Interior sound is better than its rivals.

Infiniti Q30 Sport 2.0t, the most powerful

Infiniti Q30We started the more potent variant Infiniti Q30, the driven by a motor turbo four-cylinder 211 hp we already know in the Mercedes A Mercedes and GLA with a key same manner as in Mercedes-no start and stop by button-. Our unit is associated with all-wheel drive and change DCT seven relationships Mercedes source and operated by paddles on the steering wheel. We have the option on all Infiniti Q30 a normal driving mode, echo and other sport where only it varies the engine electronics and can be managed via paddles on the steering wheel. Having led the 1.5d and 2.2d, here it is mandatory to see how far sport mode comes in this Q30 of Infinti. Car pushes very linearly to blow right foot but decisively without overwhelming in terms of acceleration feeling or sound He has worked much noise to get into the minimal mechanical noise, rolling and aerodynamic, although in this Sport and this engine also associates a system that provides a sporty sound without being annoying inside the Infiniti Q30 Sport 2.0t -. Suspensions seek maximum comfort over sport hardness. Good result for most users. direct and effective, with just 2.5 turns between stops, which takes you where you without you demand corrections address. Good braking capacity thanks to brakes Infiniti Q30 in this Sport 2.0t see their front discs up from standard 295 mm to a diameter of 320 mm, while behind the solid discs give way to a ventilated. Car moves with agility despite its more than half ton of weight and all-wheel drive prevents parasites movements unless flirt with the laws of physics on twisty roads. Our consumption in the test conducted around Lisbon, at a fairly leisurely pace, well above the 6.4 liters approved by the Infiniti Q30 Sport 2.0T –mark 8.9 l / 100 km without Glad we approximate to 230 km / h advertising as maximum speed or have had an opportunity to seek official 0-100 in 7.3 seconds-.

Infiniti Q30 Technical data Sport 2.0T

Motor: transverse front. 4 cylinders in line. 1,991 cc (92×83 mm). Aluminum cylinder block and head. Compression: 9.8: 1. 4 valves per cylinder with double overhead cam shaft. Direct injection, turbo and intercooler.

Power and torque: 211 hp at 5,500 rpm and 35.7 mkg 1,200 to 4,000 rpm

Transmission: all-wheel drive with dual-clutch seven relations.

Frame: McPherson front suspension and rear coil springs multilink

Brakes: ventilated discs, 320 mm front and 295 mm rear.

Weight: 1,545 kilos.


Maximum speed: 230 km / h.

acceleration 0 to 100 km / h: 7.3 s.