3 DS Performance, tried a sport even more effective

3 DS Performance, tried a sport even more effective

With Performace level, DS 3 gives a quantum leap in efficiency. Updating chassis and engine are responsible for the good performance of this small sports car.

3 DS Performance, a small sports radical

3 DS Performance, a small sports radical

3 DS Performance, a small sports radical

3 DS Performance, a small sports radical

Until a few months ago, the sportiest car DS3 Racing family was with the 1.6 THP engine and 207 hp. Today, no longer formally the chevrons Citroën linked him to the front wheels, etc, more performance based version of the DS3 changes name and renamed performance. However, there is much more than a mere change of name in this utilitarian, now with 208 hp (Yes, the contribution to this is irrelevant), it grows exponentially with regard to efficiency. The key is, among other technical aspects, this very special DS 3 receives one Torsen differential with five satellites that precisely saves one of the difficulties was in the previous DS3 Racing when trying to squeeze the full potential of its engine: the lack of traction in acceleration in the slower corners.

With this mechanical self-locking is solved, suddenly, we found the problem and the new SD 3 Performance a Superlative ability to transfer power this engine 1.6 liters direct fuel injection and turbo to the ground. By the way, their best is provided by this engine if we keep between 4,500 and 7,000 rpm, an area that makes adrenaline driving not only how pushes, but also by how it sounds.

SD 3 PerformanceDS3 Performance, a new engine

This is not the same 1.6 THP, strictly speaking, he had the DS 3 Racing, but the latest evolution with many changes. Proof of this is that in addition to variable valve timing in the intake valves, the DS 3 Performance now also has in exhaust; and variable-lift of the valves. He Turbo, meanwhile, it is twin scroll type, with double entry, and it is set to bring a bar of overpressure, but may reach 1.4 bar in the phases of overboost, for about eight seconds at which it is continuously at full throttle. Thus, although very little power increases significantly, it does so sensitive torque: They are reached 30.6 mkg, representing a 11 percent more than before.

In the new DS 3 Performance helps change always and manual six-speed, stay in the area that pushes the engine better, but they do the relations elected its handling, because sometimes difficult to insert the third speed (at least it happened on the drive that I could drive) to try to do it quickly. Clearly, the box does not seem to need such a sportier version like this, although it is also true that not tarnish the result being able to bring this superb engine 1.6.

With this technical argumentario, the 3 DS Performance is more than fast, very fast, and enters full in the club most explosive utility, those with more than 200 hp make cars like the Audi S1, Mini JCW, Renault Clio RS Trophy, Opel Corsa OPC or the same Peugeot 208 GTI, especially the by Peugeot Sport, which this DS 3 receives much of its improvements dynamics.

Rate your car for freeAmong them are also some chassis adjustments. On the one hand, on the brakes, with discs 323 mm in the front and Brembo; while back are 249 mm in diameter. On the other, as to pathways, which expand significantly front (2.6 cm by 1.4 on the rear axle). Retouching also affect damping, while mounted 1.5 cm shorter springs approximating body to the ground. New loses stiffness and damping, for example, DS 3 conform better to the ground than did his predecessor, so that its effectiveness is increased when the soil does not have the perfect conditions.

SD 3 Performance: Sports sensations

Thus, it is now even more responsive to the DS 3. Performance indications the driver with a rear axle even more willing to round the twists, while the brakes show remarkable effectiveness: both mordant makes it hard to get used to dispense that power. The truth is that, along with a ESP recalibrated to be more permissive, all this contributes to the DS 3 to be particularly effective, especially on mountain roads, where can more easily express their full potential.

That has been the case closed section in which we could try this DS 3 Performance, about 8 km, round trip, and we were able to make two passes, leaving us with the impression that, with considerable frequency, skills this SD 3 They will be well above those of most of its pilots, such is its effectiveness and rapid change management as a single point for improvement. Yes, because even here they miss seats with more lateral support, since they are fitted as standard bacquets spectacular leather upholstery and Acantara effectively they contain the body. Even then, that those of larger size may need an adjustment period by the size of the side petals. This version also shows a distinct aesthetic, either by the twin exhaust, alloy wheels 18 inch black or also in the same color front clamps.

SD 3 Performance 2016DS3 Performance: also convertible

He Performance DS3 is for sale both body type sedan, coupé metal roof, as rafter, with soft top. Among the most powerful SUVs, only the Mini JCW has a convertible in its range and is substantially more expensive. East DS3 Cabrio Performance, sold only with special version Black Special, is, compared to the sedan, 1.800 euros more expensive with the same level of equipment. This implies a painted finish in matte black body that, in the case of the sedan, combined with a roof of gold. Inside this same tone used on the dashboard or change. They are also standard on Black Special items like the browser, reversing camera, etc. He DS3 Performance Black Special sedan costs 30,290 euros.

He DS3 cheaper price Perfomance It is without promotional rebates, 27,290, which puts it just below cars like the Renault Clio RS220, Mini JCW or Audi S1, the most exclusive among these truly explosive utility. Its price is smaller than the DS3 Racing since elements have been removed carbon fiber or matte paint. Additionally, premieres DS3 Performance and makes a BRM special edition surnamed. Only 39 cars will be produced, all numbered, of which only two will reach the Spanish market. Outside unprecedented combination of colors, which involves using the Gold Pearl matte for the roof and a shiny black for the body, this version is supplied with a clock of the French brand BRM valued at 4,000 euros. BRM is a manufacturer of luxury chronographs, highly customizable and high technological load.

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